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Thread: Need help with simple class and demo program

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    Default Need help with simple class and demo program

    Ok, this is an assignment in my beginner java class. No I'm just posting so that I can get someone else to do my work for me. I've been working on this for about 15 hours in total and I can't get it. I've
    asked my instructor for assistance and she's been of no use what-so-ever.

    Here is the problem from the book:
    Write a class named UpperCaseFile. The class's constuctor should accept two file names as arguments. The first file should be opened for reading and the second file should be opened for writing. The
    class should read the contents of the first file, change all characters to uppercase, and store the results in the second file. The second file will be a copy of the first file, except all the characters will be uppercase. Use Notepad to create a simple file that can be used to test the class.

    My instructor gave us a design to help with the problem. This is her design:

    Create a class, where UpperCaseFile is the class name, whose attributes would be Scanner inputFile; PrintWriter outputFile; and whose methods would be
    public UpperCaseFile (String iFile, String oFile)throws IOException // constructor opens the files
    public void UpperFile()// reads input file, converts to upper case, and writes to output file
    public void CloseFiles()throws IOException//closes files
    Create an "InputFile.txt" in NotePad, with all lower case characters. "InputFile.txt" must be located in your Eclipse Workspace. To see the location of your Eclipse Workspace,
    File>Switch Workspace>Other, note the location, and then Cancel.
    Create a program to demonstrate the class, which uses each of the methods.

    I don't necessarily have to follow her design but I suppose that would be the most beneficial. Attached is a notepad file of the current code I've generated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    chapter 5.txt

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    Default Re: Need help with simple class and demo program

    Post your code here and use highlight tags. Do not link to it. Ask a specific question and get a specific answer. "I don't know what to do" is not specific.
    Improving the world one idiot at a time!

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    Default Re: Need help with simple class and demo program

    And post SSCCE

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