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Thread: Why am I getting StackOverflow errors?

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    Default Why am I getting StackOverflow errors?

    This is the letter-searching part of a Java Boggle program. Boggle is a game where you have a 5x5 board (in my case) and you try to find words by joining adjacent letters on the board.
    For my assignment, I had to use recursion rather than an iterative approach. Here goes:

    boolean findStart (String word, int x, int y){
    found = false;
    String firstLetter;
    if (firstLetter.equals(letters[x][y])){
    found = findWord(word, x, y, new boolean[5][5]);
    else {
    if (y > 4){
    y = 0;
    if (x > 4)
    return false;

    return findStart(word,x,y);

    boolean findWord (String word, int x, int y, boolean[][] visited){

    if (word.length() == 1){
    found = true;
    visited[x][y] = true;
    List<Point> adjoining = getAdjoining(x,y,visited);

    for (Point p : adjoining){
    found = findWord(word.substring(1), p.x, p.y, visited);
    if (found)
    return true;
    visited[x][y] = false;

    return false;

    Here are the errors:
    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-1" java.lang.StackOverflowError
    at Assignment1B.getAdjoining(Assignment1B.java:117)
    at Assignment1B.findWord(Assignment1B.java:103)
    at Assignment1B.findWord(Assignment1B.java:106)
    at Assignment1B.findStart(Assignment1B.java:80)
    at Assignment1B.findStart(Assignment1B.java:92)

    I didn't post my getAdjoining method, but it was just a method to find the adjoining letters on the board.
    Where did I go wrong?
    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Why am I getting StackOverflow errors?

    StackOverflowError occur when you pile up method calls in the stack - in other words, the recursion goes so deep it overflows the java stack. You can increase the stack size using the -Xss <size> command line parameter, but I would say you might be better off trying to fix the underlying problem.

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