i have a problem with t:dataTable. this table is in a page. when i enter the page sometimes i see the datatable twice and connected. only the fields of the data table are duplicated. not the headers.
i erased the all page and checked only the datatable alone. still it was duplicated sometimes.
there is no logic to the duplication. it sometimes duplicated and sometimes not.
the columns are shown twice. like this:

description name description name

the code looks like this
<t:dataTable id="phases" binding="#{bean.phasesTable} var="phase" sortable="true" value="{bean.someList}"
sortasceding="false" rowindexVar="rowindex">
<tutputText value="#{phase.name}"/>
<tutputText value="#{phase.description}"/>

this is not the exact code but it represents the important stuff.

some worth mentioning points:
1.the bean is in session scope.
2.the binding is to UIData
3.in my project i have hundreds of this kind of tables and it never happened.
4.the id is unique in the all project.
5.the binding is unique in the all project.
6.the var is unique in the all project.

i tried few things:
1. change the binding to HtmldataTable from UIData.
2. take the binding out of the bean and put it in a request scope bean and then use it
through the the original bean.
like this: bean.requestBean.phasesTable.
3.remove the binding - i think it helped. i couldnt see the table duplicated again but i'm not sure if it actually helped because it is a very random bug... even if this is the problem i need this binding in order to press a button and getRowData(get the selected row).

the problem is in the t:datatable for sure because it's the only thing left on the page.
what can i do?