We would like to invite you to the alpha testing of our program ClassGenerator.

Our website is classgenerator.net you can get the most recent testing build and in the future the release builds.

ClassGenerator is a program that let you generate code for Classes, Database Objects, Database Queries and a simple Admin Panel to help you develop web applications (and programs*) quicker.
*Currently the functionality in limited to Java, NetBeans, MySQL and GlassFish combined together.

Currently implemented features:
Simple interface that allows you to name variables, select type, size and limits (for integers min<x<max and for string min<x.length<max).
Generate validation functions that can output either boolean or error message as String.
Insert, Select by ID, Select All, Update MySQL queries(using Database Objects that return and accept the generated Classes as input).

As of now we are not accepting new feature requests, we have plans to include more frameworks/languages (PHP, NodeJS) and standard Classes.
The purpose of Alpha Testing is to make sure it works with Java, NetBeans, MySQL and GlassFish combined.
During beta testing we will provide tools and documentation to allow custom templates to be generated.
We want to get rid of all of the possible bugs before we continue the development to avoid unnecessary work if one of the main components of the program is bugged and will have to be redone.

Development cycle:

Alpha Stage
Internal Alpha Testing [done]
Alpha Testing [in progress]
Alpha Release (once the alpha version will be stable)

Beta Stage
Internal Beta Development (new features will be added)
Beta Testing (new features will be added)
Beta Release (once the beta version will be stage)

Release Stage
After Beta Stage will be done, we will be providing testing versions only on our forum.
Testing versions will either add new features or fix bugs.
Stable versions will be then released to the public.

NOTE: every version is tested by us before release to make sure it runs and basic functionality is working.