My first post but desparation has overcome vanity.

I inherited a large workspace with several projects and interweaved dependencies. Took a while to get the Eclipse environment set up but eventually, I found the jar files necessary. I had to integrate a new web service into one of the projects. That went fine. There was a build.xml file for the ear project. I ran it, cleaned then packaged, and got a nice ear file to deploy. Put the ear file in the jboss deploy directory and lo and behold, the application was running.

Got to where my new classes were being instantiated and it would fail without a runtime error, perhaps I didn't catch it but there was no notification at all from the UI point of view. I had to use the server log file and put in some debug messages to find that the application was failing when it called the constructor for one of my new wsdl classes. No code in the constructor at all.

I looked in the jar file and the classes are in there. I really don't know where to go from here. Please help.

Hope this is in the right forum. Any thoughts would be appreciated.