I have a simple client/server application that I've run for years and years on different platforms (Redhat, Fedora, Windows 7, XP, etc.) and under different version-levels of

Java. The client and server threads (in this case, reminder-messages being displayed at the appropriate time) communicate via a port and socket.

The socket connection uses one of the available ports on that desktop machine.
(And that port number can be assigned to an environment variable or to an init file)

socket = new Socket(address, int-port-number);

And also, the address is not assigned or used.
It's just a new String().

I'm dragged kicking and screaming into the new age we all live in, and thrust into virtual desktops.
One is Windows and one is Linux, but neither can use a socket/port like this anymore.

Do I now need to use a COM-port-redirector/Virtual-serial-port like socat Project?

TIA, Matt