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  1. how to add adt(android plugin) to eclipse from zip file ???
  2. What is the best SDK for creating new Android applications?
  3. After an introduction to 'mobile game development'
  4. Did anyone write a video player for Android? Where did you get video codecs?
  5. Starting Android Application Development
  6. How to use Android in (Eclipse || NetBeans)
  7. picking a server setup and database help
  8. Problem regarding Android SDK and ADT update in Eclipse: Emulator response problem.
  9. error when switch activity in android
  10. Would like a simple how-to on making a theme for GoLauncher Application on Android OS
  11. how to use OnWindowFocusChanged method
  12. ERROR - The method setTypeface(Typeface, int) is undefined for the type String
  13. Process conversation within an app
  14. A screen touch sensor
  15. Resume Application in Original State
  16. OpenGL Texture won't draw
  17. 3D Space Ships for mobile games.
  18. Which files do I ignore in my version control?
  19. Best Tools for developing in Java/Android
  20. neiboringcellinfo SAMSUNG GT-S5830
  21. Hello World Android App
  22. Activities.
  23. MediaPlayer.
  24. My app audio sounds different when running the app?
  25. Help with my code?
  26. android button tasks
  27. Events in Android
  28. Errod in R.id, cannot find symbol variable id
  29. Android ProgressBar with threads
  30. Using Google Calendar API
  31. Add and manage a layer over a canvas using SurfaceView
  32. Game Programming Question?
  33. Simply error; can't quite fix it.
  34. custom in app keyboard
  35. The Fibonacci sequence
  36. search string in a text file
  37. Android - SurfaceView flickers - Double Buffering
  38. "Pro Android 3" Book Example Code Question
  39. neep a very simple app (in eclipse)
  40. Converting Java Code to work with Android
  41. File in android
  42. Send some arrays via network
  43. Android Mobile GPS
  44. android using java JDBC
  45. Looking to hire someone to create a simple android application
  46. Emulator not working
  48. App needs to exec script
  49. Book
  50. Edition March 2002 -J2ME IN A NUTSHELL-O'Reilly
  51. 3D Space Stations for Mobile Games
  52. android application to dial numbers and view call log
  53. Android Camera app
  54. Retrieve pixel array after an image is taken
  55. I Can't Run Anything
  56. Looking for testers - image recognition API
  57. Testing JavaScript on an Android device.
  58. 3D Battle Cruiser for Game Development
  59. Yet another level format issue...
  60. Using resources on Android?
  61. Android Developer and Advance java
  62. helpp MEEE!!
  63. android programming vs game programming using java
  64. 3D Missile Cannons for Game Development
  65. What Android is not?
  66. Setting a spinner from Shared Preferences
  67. Time In Time Out
  68. Blank screen on startup
  69. Need Help with Referencing Dynamically Created Inputs
  70. Upload live android webcam video to RTP/RTSP Server
  71. [Asking] Icon Menu doesn't appear
  72. [Asking] Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder!
  73. 2 thread classe improve code
  74. Optimize code Java in activity and long operation
  75. How to get info from ListFragment
  76. file
  77. OutputStream to String?
  78. My spinner is empty
  79. Please give the solution
  80. What is these menus and How to build them
  81. run as start up
  82. problem withchat
  83. Trouble Porting my Java File Reading Code to Android Code
  84. android screen scraping error
  85. Assign layout_width programmatically
  86. emulator
  87. button android
  88. Get main phone number (and call it)of a contact programmatically
  89. Rest client
  90. What steps are needed to upload a Java game to tablet/phone (android)??
  91. Android code is crashing.
  92. Eclipse and Android SDK
  93. How to integrate Java SDK in HTML5 based apps?
  94. Android Character.getNumericValue returns -1
  95. Help creating an AVD
  96. Calculator Aplication
  97. Making a Better Tip Calculator
  98. How to use data from obtainMessage in Runnable?
  99. Getting ID3 tags from Streaming URL
  100. Android to Pc usb communication
  101. Trying to fix my code but I keep failing :(
  102. Industry Phone Statistics
  103. Accessing the location manager of a device?
  104. Java DialogFragment
  105. [B instead of byte[]
  106. problem with @Override in onDraw
  107. playing sound by pressing key
  108. Wordsearch game - How to select multiple buttons/textviews in one swipe?
  109. Size of App
  110. Google maps v2 issues
  111. I having problems adding the value into the list as viewlist after input name and submit ok
  112. I having problems adding the value into the list as viewlist after input name and submit ok Hi guys, i'm currently developing an counter app however i was having trouble Working with ListView in Android. Customize ListView, Add item via a Button Clic
  113. Java for Android Developement
  114. Android processing .md2 model java.lang.outOfMemoryError
  115. When I try to debug.. it says Your (app name) has stopped.
  116. A problem with return.
  117. Gallery view and image aspect ratio.
  118. help with google maps starter
  119. Application & Data base
  120. paint brush not leaving trail?
  122. Read Textfile from server, memory issue
  123. Just starting
  124. How to start mobile programming?
  125. I need Latest Android Themes.
  126. is it possible to zoom layout in android
  127. Creating an app that allows customization for notifications such as led colors, vibrate ... ect.
  128. adb shell - installing or moving apk from /data to /mnt/sdcard
  129. Issues with undo functions
  130. Game: Sheep in Space
  131. Android Development Career!!
  132. Beginning an app which needs to be run with a server including backend database, need some expertise advice
  133. Partitioning Memory of an Android Phone
  134. Puzzle game for android
  135. Arduino/Amarino LM35 temperature regulation + simple Android APK
  136. suggest me the api
  137. Help with broadcasting android:key to activate mods inside smali code
  138. Unable to click buttons on running android app
  139. Mobile Navigation System in Android
  140. Update widget by changing text
  141. Could someone help me with the Seekbar control, I'm getting errors..
  142. Any good android boot camps?
  143. database
  144. android
  145. UI hangs while sending data on bluetooth.
  146. Linking Java to a website for android app
  147. Windows Calculator.
  148. Seeking Developer To Port Our Program To Android!
  149. Creating a Login System
  150. draw trinagle in android openGL 2.0
  151. Android image processing
  152. 4 Pics 1 Song.
  153. Very basic app to create a socket
  154. How can i start doing web service in java using eclipse
  155. Fundamental steps to create a database program in java
  156. Wen Service in android
  157. usb hid about communication
  158. guideline do android development
  159. Cocos2Dx programmers needed to finish a game demo
  160. simple sms app for android
  161. Application with webservice
  162. Infrastructure for Instant Messaging
  163. Android programming Thesis Concept
  164. Question Regarding Android Emulator
  165. Ecplipse Java: using radio buttons to bring new screen for diffrent options.
  166. Website with aditional functions using WebView
  167. classdef not found error in uiautomator test app - eclipse
  168. how to call string from a different class
  169. extract specific text from a string
  170. Cannot be resolved into a variable
  171. What do I need to know to program this in Android?
  172. Drawing a rectangle
  173. Malware detection Application bytecode based
  174. Creating an android app.
  175. android development using netbooks
  176. Android Programming - Weird Problem
  177. CheckBox/Spinner error Error
  178. hexadecimal code to text
  179. How to center ListView text
  180. Trying to download page source in android but code requires a minimum of version 3 SDK but rest requires minimum 11
  181. Vibration Analysis on Android
  182. Cralwer in android
  183. Strong typed dataset - EMF - converting between XML-streams, datasets and vice versa. How and where to start ?
  184. unfortunately myapp has stop this error come when i run the java (android) prog in eclipse
  185. Creating Second File after specific length of First File
  186. QA for Android app
  187. whats wrong with this xml
  188. Cant use seekbar within android app(navigation) drawer from a fragment?
  189. I've created a slideshow using ViewPager, need to make a 3 small changes but stuck
  190. Use of GraphView apenddata
  191. How to identifie my own box (ADT)
  192. hii
  193. android sipmanager throwing nullpointer
  194. Problem to get hour and minute
  195. helouuu ERP
  196. java
  197. Passing data between activities in android
  198. Qusetion in android development
  199. how do I rewrite this program to android program? and what am I doing wrong ?
  200. External XML to embedded
  201. I need add java library
  202. Can't get emulators working after downgrading graphics card
  203. Android Eclipse: Populate the ListView with dynamic Array
  204. Animations doesn't start at the same time (Alpha and Translate)
  205. My First Game
  206. How to prepare a framework for making payments? how the class structure should look like and what major points we need to take care?
  207. New to programming and starting to learn Java. And need adivce on which IDE to use. Android Studios or online IDE's?
  208. Android Application wont launch on AVD in Eclipse
  209. How much java skills are required to build a simple Android app like calculator?
  210. How can I make image to move on java for android aplication?
  211. How to change from one page to another using a text
  212. android.telephony.PhoneStateListener - Start and Stop
  213. Screen item not appearing when routine called
  214. android programming
  215. ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in Android - help with debuuging
  216. Error when loading the SDK
  217. Beginner To Android App Development
  218. Problem with App and new communication Protocol
  219. Best way to port a Swing Application to Android
  220. [SOLVED] how to use a phone to test app in juno?
  221. Robot Game; Few errors (help)
  222. Android question
  223. no launch activity found
  224. Drawing and Scrolling
  225. Reset on counter?
  226. Single Instances of Activities
  227. How to use a query result to match an image resource?
  228. Best way to implement Ad-Supported and Paid app versions
  229. Integrate Android studio with lwuit
  230. importing java librarys
  231. Using FileOutputStream to save array of bytes
  232. Java Android Front End help!
  233. Android: How to deal with App being closed in the background?
  234. Free Android App Host
  235. How to fix problem regarding error message "Installation failed due to invalid URI!" in time of running an android trial application.
  236. Looking for free android emulator
  237. [SOLVED] Android Native Development Kit Cookbook
  238. android app connected to a server
  239. Retieving Values using HttpURLConnection - Help
  240. PBAP 1.2 features
  241. browsing SDCard
  242. image segmentation on android
  243. Some help with looper
  244. How to draw a color rectangle when I tap on android phone screen???????????????????
  245. Converting a Desktop App to Android
  246. What is a good book to learn Android programming?
  247. Java for Android App
  248. How can I call special VPN username and password prompt in Android VPN setting?
  249. Structure of Android Development
  250. Dating app architecture