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  1. How to Read user input from the console with InputStreamReader in Java?
  2. Java program to validate an email address using Regular Expressions
  3. How to Navigate to a URL with Runtime.getRuntime().exec()
  4. How to Sendkeys to an application in Java using the Robot Class
  5. Reading user input from the console with the Scanner class
  6. How to Sort an Array using the java.util.Arrays class
  7. Java program to contol computer mouse using the awt Robot and events
  8. Program to populate all array values using the java.util.Arrays class
  9. Generation of random number using random class
  10. How to use an ArrayList and what is its advantage over array?
  11. How to reverse a String using java.lang.StringBuilder
  12. How to Use Timer in Java
  13. How to Send emails from Google Mail using JavaMail API
  14. jSSC library - for easy work with serial ports
  15. Building your own Date class.
  16. Java Console American Football Simulation Tutorial/Example
  17. How is HeapHero different?
  18. Micrometrics to forecast performance problems!
  19. Buggy App Simulates performance problems
  20. Load Average indicator for CPU demand only?
  21. Chaos Engineering Simulating OutOfMemoryError
  22. How Java program executed? Heap, threads, stack, GC
  23. Benefits of setting initial and maximum memory size to the same value
  24. Simulating & troubleshooting StackOverflowError in Scala
  25. Simulating & troubleshooting BLOCKED threads in Kotlin
  26. Java synchronized block
  27. 16 Artifacts to capture when your container application is in Trouble
  28. How to aim for High GC Throughput