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  3. Information on Java with C++ Back end. Usage of this and how difficult it is to integrate a Java module that includes a Java function that is called by a C++ API?
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  9. process control
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  20. accessing
  21. [SOLVED] UnsatisfiedLinkError
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  26. Duplicating array in C code
  27. HI can some one tell me the size of the below structure.
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  44. That old JNA NoClassDefFound Error
  45. Determining JVM bit version (32bit or 64bit) at runtime
  46. Problems with JNI and currentTimeMillis function
  47. How to call a C sort function to sort a Java Array.
  48. Malloc fails after 3.8 GB when jvm is loaded on SunOS 11
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  50. C coding symptom in Java
  51. java JNI help required
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  62. Please help to diagnose this java core dump on AIX
  63. aray print
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