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  1. Implementation of search function for Patricia Trie
  2. Java program to find the minimum and maximum values of input data
  3. Java program problem in identifying longest match sub string between two string
  4. Proper output for Non preemptive scheduling problem
  5. Detailed and specific ways to improve the efficiency of the code for 2D Boolean Array based implementation for Job Conway's of life
  6. [SOLVED] Problem with Grading calculator in java program
  7. Fixing of bug for simple GreenFoot game.
  8. How to solve NullPointerException in runtime?
  9. How to use for loop for movement of points in a picture display?
  10. [SOLVED] How to narrow down the range of input in java?
  11. How to delete and add elements to an array dynamically?
  12. Problem in AWT and IFrame implementaion
  13. [SOLVED] How to call string in another class in java?
  14. [SOLVED] Facing java error "cannot be applied to (java.lang.String)"
  15. Why output is displaying 0 for calculation in java?
  16. [SOLVED] Prime number generator program in Java
  17. How to display the contents of my queue?
  18. [SOLVED] Java error "Another <identifier> expected"
  19. Java bug while deleting a contact from a variable with error "it does exist or has not been declared"
  20. [SOLVED] Java program to generate 10 random integers and then sum computed
  21. [SOLVED] How to make a integer negative if it meets a certain criteria?
  22. Java password generator program to generate 8 random integers
  23. Java error in password generator program
  24. MP3 Player: ID3 Tag Image Retrieval Problem for the Applet from internet
  25. [SOLVED] Java program to convert and compare integers
  26. Java program to take input from a file as a string of 3 integers separated by a space
  27. Generation of Palindrome number in Java
  28. How to implement the logic of Mastermind game into the GUI?
  29. [SOLVED] Java program to find which of the three is the highest number, which of the three is the lowest one and to show how many odd and how many even number
  30. Cracking password in less number of Trials using brute forcea
  31. [SOLVED] minesweeper game creation problem
  32. Design of class named Fan to represent a Fan
  33. "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" error while converting an Image to Buffered Image
  34. [SOLVED] Fixing of bug for Pong game
  35. Connect 4 involving minimax.
  36. Error of "class or interface expected" at Mylong class for problem of API's
  37. How do we navigate to a page with the anchor link in Web Crawler program?
  38. Error of "Class has no return statement"
  39. [SOLVED] Is "Public void closeFile()" a problem in the program for AS-Level computing project
  40. [SOLVED] Java program to write a code to detect divisibility of any number by 11
  41. Java program to display single and plural words
  42. send image (logo) and text & barcode to the Zebra Printer
  43. [SOLVED] Type casting error in Voting java program
  44. Program of creating and printing a random phone number that takes only 8-9 in first three digits
  45. Simple java program to calculate wall covering of a room
  46. Error of "cannot access InToPost" in 3 and 5 code
  47. Error while creating Gym member database through Java programming
  48. [SOLVED] Java program to invert a string and display the last enter key in uppercase
  49. [SOLVED] GregorianCalendar
  50. adding main method to a code
  51. Error of data types and type casting in java program
  52. Java coding for writing telephone bill calculator program
  53. Prime number generator program missing return statement
  54. Problem in import com. in eclipse
  55. Mini Sudoku game 4x4 ( four 2x2 grids) program
  56. Java error "cannot find symbol variable frame" while using in showMessageDialog
  57. Scanner class error "java.lang.Error"
  58. String and int problem in swing program
  59. How to compile and run java program?
  60. How to take input dynamically and display?
  61. Error in printing method as always it prints the last value
  62. Dont laugh at me
  63. whats wrong with this one....
  64. help whats wrong
  65. Stumped?
  66. Java Comparator Error:unchecked call to compare(T,T) as a member of the raw type java.util.Comparator
  67. cannot find symbol variable radius?
  68. any help is much appreciated
  69. SumAndAverage Program Help
  70. Basic Java Program Help
  71. Breakout Game
  72. Homework help
  73. help me out with the following code to solve the error
  74. Values of Input
  75. Strange Compiling Error
  76. string to double
  77. Novice with java methods, please help!
  78. GPA calc code... HELP
  79. my run program does not work
  80. help!! quadratic program
  81. Hi, I'm new here. Need help bad!
  82. Help me this code! Someone please explain strings!
  83. Where am I going wrong? :)
  84. Substring program, not working
  85. lucky draw.. (pls help)
  86. PayCheck class... percision error.. help!
  87. First string is a substring of another
  88. Converting temperature program
  89. Icon change and lib folder problem
  90. Reset the value of each variable
  91. Cummulative Sum prob.. need some help!
  92. Euler integration
  93. Method for Cedit card check, help!!!!1
  94. Possible regex problem?
  95. Repeating program issue
  96. A little help
  97. Parameter's value is never changing
  98. Question on my math
  99. Validate in server side..
  100. In a bit of a pickle, unsure of what I should do
  101. Delay/Wait/Pause in Java + AirBrushing
  102. How to handle quadratic roots that don't exist?
  103. Convert CHAR to STRING
  104. Calculate primes help
  105. Triangle Question
  106. Calendar help
  107. Post variable set to non-null vlaues
  108. Pretty new to Java can someone help with an addObject() problem?
  109. help with code plss
  110. error cannot find symbol-constructor Person(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,Date)
  111. Help starting program, need done by Nov 4
  112. Football Results
  113. new program (lotto.class)
  114. Please help me with my program
  115. I'm stuck
  116. 1 error???
  117. a persistent error
  118. McGeeLotto?????
  119. GuessWhat- same errors repeated 4 times?
  120. Convert C/C++ code to Java
  121. astros vs. rangers- can someone help me with this?
  122. Binary Search Tree
  123. Grade averaging program with array and multiple methods.
  124. Creating a class file
  125. I have algorithm problem
  126. Need Help With Project
  127. Urgent Doubts
  128. Having Issues Past this
  129. Election Java Problem
  130. pls tell me where the problem is....
  131. Please help! Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  132. Object Oriented program, no output
  133. ';' expected?
  134. Having problems with String out of bounds errors
  135. centering a label inside a rectangle
  136. Static method
  137. runs once only
  138. OutOfMemoryError (Java heap space)
  139. Help!how to get a graphical display of this game
  140. Help wih implementation...
  141. Help With Odd/Even number program
  142. Help with an assignmen please.
  143. Please Help Me Fix
  144. maintainability
  145. Help - Return to menu screen
  146. i neeeed help in tictactoe in java !!
  147. Sudoku
  148. my program. Random number generater.
  149. Funny NullPointerException
  150. Hey, I'm new to Java and just have a few queries
  151. Problem with condition
  152. Roman Numbers
  153. Illegal Start of Expression Error. Any help is appreciated.
  154. help help, ... :) "game of life"
  155. Tic-Tac-Toe program problem help
  156. I need extensive help with my java assignment
  157. Can Define what is this error
  158. No Percentage?
  159. Newbie needs help in simple servlet program
  160. How overloaded paint() works?
  161. duplicating output
  162. unable to move xls file(file name has space in between) from input folder to back up
  163. i'm new to java. whats is wrong in this code?
  164. Help: Num to words
  165. Need help with my code
  166. Craps- GAME fine tunning.
  167. bounding box collision
  168. Help With Java - Changing a File
  169. Beginner needs help with simple java assignment.
  170. how do i use point 3d?
  171. Need some help
  172. Creating a class for points in three dimensions.
  173. servlet and socket plz HELP
  174. The character '' is an invalid XML character exception getting
  175. Java is resetting my variables to zero, and other mysterious things
  176. "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main" and "fatal exception occured."
  177. Java Webservice problem (Array)
  178. Fibonacci Spiral Help?
  179. My Clear Info button is not working with Screenshot
  180. Please help me with this Java programming
  181. Jsp source not found
  182. i do not know how to solve this issue
  183. [SOLVED] Java Newbie Code Problem
  184. Blackjack program runs excrutiatingly slow.
  185. Newbie Programming problem
  186. Re: Java Newbie Code Problem
  187. Desparate for Help
  188. Javax.Mail Query Help Me Please
  189. my menu doesnt work can u tell me whats wrong
  190. Mixed Fraction JAVA
  191. applet fail
  192. Question...Key bindings
  193. Need help :(
  194. Process Builder Issue
  195. [SOLVED] A little help needed..
  196. Need help with setting multiple font styles in jTextPane
  197. help with a error message
  198. How do you set an object in array to null value?
  199. annoying error.
  200. Streamtokenzier help
  201. Im getting 1 Silly error can someone help please
  202. [SOLVED] How to Put Spaces in the Output of Passed Arguments?
  203. [SOLVED] Web Service Schema input parameter is null
  204. Help setting a private static class variable
  205. Re-using methods?
  206. help me plz
  207. my Hex
  208. Exception (payword protocol)
  209. my programs- Card and CardTest
  210. Java heap space error
  211. Card and CardTest
  212. Problem with a waitFor() executing a script
  213. Converion question by new guy
  214. [SOLVED] why does this code print 0.0 for the value and "F" as the letter grade?
  215. Java Locked Class
  216. hmm for some reason the char.At isnt working
  217. [SOLVED] Help Converting to an Acronym
  218. Can someone please tell me why my code doesn't print out anything?
  219. Need help compiling java class files
  220. Unsatisfied
  221. Code not printing correctly
  222. Rounding screwed up?
  223. im no getting
  224. Monitoring program
  225. Keypress simulation problems
  226. Music player problem
  227. Question about my coin toss program
  228. another problem
  229. revalidate() JPanel outside of class it resides
  230. need help
  231. I can't find out what is wrong with my code. Please Help!
  232. Checkbox - Change Font Color
  233. Validating fields in a js shopping cart
  234. how to make a program take time...
  235. need help prog skipping method
  237. Merge 2 Sorted Text Files into a Third
  238. doubt in hibernate
  239. need help quickly plz!!!
  240. don't know what's wrong
  241. Key Listener not working in jinternalframe
  242. JSP Troubles
  243. thread sorting
  244. Game of Craps: won't compile
  245. Just Need Some quick help with code
  246. Http post to login to forum
  247. Base Conversion
  248. Inputs not being applied.
  249. Help Calling Method From Another Class
  250. Imitating a JFrame extended program with JPanel; help needed...