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  2. Snakes and Ladders
  3. Calculator layout problem
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  7. problems getting past the out of bounds error
  8. disable a button ?
  9. Trouble with my applet
  10. [SOLVED] JSCH Auth Failure
  11. please help to analys Javacore analys
  12. Strange problem printing Unicode characters
  13. Deep copy of ArrayList?
  14. Input output file help
  15. [SOLVED] Confused about string that I think shouldn't be null
  16. Loop conditions not working
  17. Why do these things fail sometimes? Annoying program!
  18. Recursion issues.
  19. Card Game help....
  20. Need Help Getting A Simple Stop-Watch Working?
  21. .add(j, i); not updating array
  22. What am I doing wrong with this stack? Java Programming?
  23. Need help on Java program
  24. Beginner. Need Help finishing a simple Shoot em up game ASAP!!!!
  25. Seraching through files in a folder for a pattern match inside the files.
  26. array problem
  27. JFileChooser frustrations!
  28. Error using a structure to obtain information of an specific array
  29. Programming assignment using inheritance
  30. Display Image (png)
  31. Multi-Threaded Chat Server
  32. Applet ClassFormatError and magic values
  33. [SOLVED] Working on Win 7 and not on XP
  34. Need help converting Pseudocode to java
  35. Simple linked list problem
  36. What is Wrong With My Exception Class Code?
  37. Having Difficulties With a Multi Thread Code... Help?
  38. Newbeginner - Something wrong with my GUI chess pattern
  39. Guess Number (Frame & btnHandler)!!!! HELP
  40. I have an error and need help.
  41. GridBagLayout display problem
  42. Learning Java
  43. Array code not producing, thoughts?
  44. Checking Blurbs
  45. [SOLVED] Make it stop looping! please. :)
  46. get GMT Offset when latitude and longitude are inputs
  47. What's Wrong With My Code?
  48. Parsing many Ints from a user input String.
  49. [SOLVED] Get data from HTML file
  50. Array problems...newby...confused?
  51. Problem with GMT offset.
  52. Missing return statement
  53. Java Array
  54. Help with non-blocking thread that runs an external process
  55. [SOLVED] Towers of Hanoi Algorithm Error once i get to 3 disks??
  56. Help with some code format
  57. How to display a Java method using Java Swing
  58. Parsing a string to an int while receiving user input?
  59. how to solve the constructor problem? " return new Accounts
  60. I dont understand why this happens....
  61. [SOLVED] New to Java Help with Clipboard
  62. My JFrame won't repaint correctly please help me out!
  63. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do
  64. bandwidth calculators
  65. New to Java Can not figure out how to create a table with my codes outputs!
  66. BlackJack Game can"t figure out how to finsh it.
  67. Issues with writing to text file
  68. Radix sort Issues??? Help
  69. Hangman game for JAVA Beginning class
  70. Military time converter
  71. Weird ActioListener problem
  72. [SOLVED] Difficulty with string passing...
  73. file reading & writing
  74. Display Array on another class after extracting from txt file and into array problem
  75. Need Help Creating a Loop.
  76. Quick question with throwing and catching an exception.
  77. JButton listener trouble...
  78. Storing data from a file in array and setting it to textbox
  79. Graphics class NullPointerException Initialize Graphics Class??
  80. MeteorDodger Game JPanel Help (Timer?)
  81. Simple while loop exercise but problem with stopping when empty line is typed.
  82. Monopoly program help!
  83. While loop not iterating correctly
  84. Triangles problem - creating triangle objects
  85. Keyboard imput not working!
  86. How to add card images to Blackjack game??
  87. Really need some help with Objects inside an ArrayList
  88. Calculator Using AWT
  89. Reset button.
  90. Dynamic JComboBoxes ?
  91. Link Grabber
  92. Output not coming through properly
  93. [SOLVED] Student grading application
  94. Java Frame Buffer Line drawing
  95. Compile Error, tried everything please help
  96. Can't get lines to cut at 60 characters and continue on next line right
  97. Unsolveable?!!?
  98. Can't get a JToolBar, JMenuBar, and a JTabbedPane to all be visible at the same time.
  99. Two-dimensional boolean array?
  100. Copy Method screw ups
  101. help for noobs
  102. java
  103. Adding another related combo box ?
  104. Collision Detection difficulties
  105. [SOLVED] Problem in File Reading...
  106. Decimal to binary conversion
  107. mp3 sound effect makes my computer generate an FFS audio decoder simultaneously
  108. I Cant seem to get my sort routine to function
  109. help!!!! needed!! please
  110. change JTable column name, gui does not update at once
  111. Help Please!!!
  112. Java Dice Program
  113. problem with interface
  114. Trouble getting an image to display.
  115. Newbie Java Question
  116. com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLIntegrityConstraint ViolationException:
  117. whats wrong with my if statement
  118. A headache!
  119. Can anyone help me out?
  120. generate priority queue from hashmap help
  121. I need help in finding the max and min value of total of 2d array if possible please
  122. This is my code and i would like to ask a question..
  123. Using jbutton to write to jtextfield values to database
  124. First, simple, two-classed tax program
  125. help im a begginer
  126. Java Basic - explanation of for loops
  127. Collisions... working but not.
  128. need to figure how this thing will work
  129. Need Java code to be used in Selenium Script
  130. Code require for Drag and drop
  131. I have problems with my 2d car game.
  133. 1st Java class assignment, and having some difficulties. Little help please.
  134. function timeDiff
  135. Looping an inputstream
  136. Return the rgb values from a jpg image
  137. [SOLVED] How do you get this fountain to animate with paint method?
  138. how two create two 8*8 button border
  139. Java 3D Problems - Canvas 3d and QuadArray rendering
  140. Apache POI
  141. Text file to text area and Radiobuttons?
  142. JTextField ActionListener
  143. When I press on "new" in the menu in my GUI the program doesn't initialize (reset)
  144. Help with a simple question
  145. Shortcut key to java JFrame
  146. Stop receiving packet from motes
  147. How to make my Program always run with dimensions 1350 x 650?
  148. Link From A Driver Class To The Subclasses
  149. Can't form a simple POST or GET http request. No data returns.
  150. Homework assignment (beginner)
  151. could not create audio stream from input stream
  152. Retreiving the RGB values from an image
  153. The java-output doesn't give the right result?
  154. Problem in code of artificial neural network
  155. [SOLVED] Send File (path) as argument to method
  156. Package does not exsist
  157. Problem in a web that uses javascript in his login form
  158. Making a pacman game having some problems with drawing
  159. i dont know why i cant see the output nor enter input
  160. error related arrays outputting wront data...
  161. [SOLVED] Trying to learn and I'm stuck
  162. JButton preforming an action
  163. Sync movement with sound?
  164. Null Pointer exception
  165. Word Search Help
  166. How to perform operations on arguments with type OBJECT?
  167. Beginner question on where to put an array
  168. Jumps over one scanner in if else loop
  169. Porting from Processing IDE to Eclipse
  170. investment interest display problem
  171. [SOLVED] How to make a more than one line JLabel or drawString for more than one line.
  172. Card Game Problem.
  173. Socket problem
  174. regarding nested queries in jsp
  175. [SOLVED] Java Noob: Coin Toss Simulator (no GUI)
  176. Bubble Sort help
  177. [Compile Error] Whats wrong with that ?
  178. Beginner trying to write Java code, has issue w/ printing result and 2 decimals
  179. [SOLVED] Performing Division with Double Variables
  180. black jack game
  181. [SOLVED] no sound from executable jar file
  182. Retrived data is showing null string
  183. ok i have tried everything but identifier expected keeps popping up!
  184. Connect Four GUI
  185. Button Text into Label text
  186. counting mouse button clicks
  187. Can't edit JTextField from within a popup window
  188. [SOLVED] What's wrong with this boolean?
  189. [SOLVED] Calling methods from other classes
  190. More getResource and Eclipse question
  191. Insertion Sort on a Doubly Linked List
  192. Dragging and Dropping Rectangle - GUI
  193. Cannot Find Variable/Symbol Errors... why?
  194. HashMap Shuffle Card
  195. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  196. [Paypal] Blackjack basic java help.
  197. Help with assignments Methods Java
  198. [SOLVED] Timer Class (How to reschedule)
  199. how do i make 'variable' + 1 a statement
  200. Whats wrong here?
  201. I do not know how to fix this.
  202. how to merge java objects with effective dates
  203. ERROR OCCURED :org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:
  204. Result set is closed
  205. [SOLVED] Problems with Try/Catch Catching Wrong Exception
  206. [SOLVED] Update Values Globally
  207. Having trouble with Jpanel design view forms :(
  208. Adding JButtons to Frame
  209. AVL Tree. root not changing from rotations
  210. need help with array
  211. how to position gui components
  212. [SOLVED] confused
  213. is it impossible to make public javax.swing.JTextField Rank; hold a double value?!!!!
  214. Problems with incrementing/decrementing in a for loop..
  215. Error in setting node value
  216. Programming USB Relay Board
  217. how to make program of Depreciation using if statement and loops
  218. Java Web Start app exiting with access denie (java.lang.RuntimePermission
  219. just one more error that i cannot figure out please help me.
  220. insertItem method
  221. please help super new to Java
  222. specify native library in java command line
  223. jre version in command line
  224. Tiny problem with arguments.
  225. Java Newbie - Sorted Linked List not inserting properly - please help!
  226. [SOLVED] Help with nested if statements.
  227. java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException
  228. Drawing 2 images of a the same Sprite
  229. Data is covered by latter data
  230. Help adding non repetition.
  231. Programming help with java assignment!
  232. non-static variable
  233. QuickSort method
  234. Help with a Game that's gone wrong.
  235. char to int cov problem
  236. Speech Recognition: javax.speech.recognition
  237. Freezing on bust (BlackJack)
  238. all objects in array the same?
  239. How to convert java executed pgm in eclipse to excel sheet..
  240. Help with Scanner class - Reading Data from a file
  241. Get out of loop to finish program?
  242. [SOLVED] NullPointerException
  243. String[] and Int[]
  244. JFrame Minimize/Maximize Refresh Issues
  245. Cannot get values from hashmap
  246. Not sure what is wrong
  247. [SOLVED] Java run time error: 'java.lang.NullPointerException"
  248. Help with accumulating sum values in do while loop
  249. JButton Auto-changing Reference Variable
  250. ParsingTo Interger Issue