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  1. [SOLVED] Help me please.
  2. How to write this without
  3. Every token to a string?
  4. [SOLVED] Problems with Sockets
  5. Exception in thread "Launcher:/Whiteboard" java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to load
  7. What the heck is wrong with my code?
  8. Help please with array...
  9. Login website using Java
  10. Array Code Help
  11. my FileReader(i think) isn't performing properly..
  12. Broken JPanel?
  13. Has to be a simple error, but I can't find it.
  14. Problem with digits/letters
  15. [SOLVED] GuessingGame problem
  16. Testing if dates are real or not.
  17. New to Objects...
  18. Button Won't Stop Animation.
  19. can any one plz find the error.
  20. Square Game (a half solved, please help with the rest!!!)
  21. About the ackermann function...
  22. Applet clear
  23. ClassLoader and inner classes
  24. Search for number in array and return index
  25. Extracting the " (Double Quote) character from a string
  26. Adding entered text from one GUI to another
  27. Applet doesnt show
  28. [Y/N] Option
  29. [SOLVED] issue with Character.isUpperCase class
  30. Reading a File in Java
  31. Pls explain me the code logic
  32. JavaScript pic puzzle
  33. Having trouble returning the right out put.
  34. help with loops
  35. whats wrong?
  36. anagram program wont compile please help
  37. set Background Excel cell color using POI API
  38. Assigning an 'int' from a JTextField to a variable...
  39. returns all suggestions
  40. PDE(plugins development environment)
  41. SOS
  42. ReadWrite program advise
  43. [SOLVED] adding to a multidimensional array.
  44. Switching letter-cases from user input; why is not working?
  45. Tictactoe problem
  46. Why does it get smaller when it's suppose to get bigger
  47. Help here!!
  48. server client upercase
  49. HELP
  50. Calculating average of an array
  51. [SOLVED] InetAddress worn't work :(
  52. [SOLVED] Reading integers from a file, but it's only displaying the first number repeatedly..?
  53. Can anyone help me finish creating a GUI for my program
  54. Methods and Exceptions
  55. Grid bag layout inside grid bag layout
  56. Help please!
  57. How to remove the last comma
  58. Tic Tac Toe Java Application Help w/ Importing Text Field
  59. Need help with program that checks requirements
  60. How to use PrintSteam and BufferedReader Simultaneously
  61. advice for an Odd, Even, Zero counter from input.txt file
  62. JFrame Question
  63. Issue with code. Does not detect duplicate names in file
  64. Polymorphism test
  65. Binary Search Help
  66. java applet program question (on getting path fails)
  67. need help as soon as possible
  68. button action problem
  69. HELP
  70. iterator help needed
  71. Need help with instantiating a class
  72. Breakout Game
  73. stuck on Iterator
  74. [SOLVED] Faster Run Time - Scanner(file) and Arrays
  75. help please with code for inverse radon transform
  76. [SOLVED] Bank Simulation - Null Pointer Exception
  77. What's wrong. Compile Ok but error when execute.
  78. GUI errors
  79. Help with an array please!
  80. help with user selected section has no available seat applet
  81. [SOLVED] Servlet cant perform sql after second button click
  82. how to read a text delimited file using 2 dimentional array in java ??
  83. Storing radiobutton into file
  84. Java Bar graph takes user input to create graph?
  85. [SOLVED] Embed a Jar into a website/Exception handling
  86. [SOLVED] this.something = something - problem with "double"
  88. .Jar Help
  89. Help with class program!!! STUCK! Program not doing what I Want!!!
  90. Bowler calculate project, two errors
  91. [SOLVED] JFree chart Exception
  92. User Interface Problems
  93. Javascript function window.onload cant run
  94. Help with method plz..
  95. Need help with checking passwords
  97. [SOLVED] Quick method/array question...?
  98. Ok, Notepad class has returned!
  99. JavaCompilerobject giving an error WITHOUT ide
  100. null pointer exception problem
  101. Unchecked or Unverified Warning
  102. Re: null pointer exception problem
  103. Array of strings Null Pointer error
  104. Issue with beginner program
  105. changing GUI
  106. finding the end of ram
  107. (URGENT) Plz help me with the black jack program.
  108. Problem in reading image file
  109. Trouble Reading Line in File
  110. acessing variabloe outside loop
  111. BufferedWriter Problem
  112. OS Specific Java Error
  113. error in HashSet
  114. [SOLVED] Help with getting user input for my factorial method
  115. .gif image becomes black and white (against my wishes)
  116. Using Vector, data get duplicated
  117. Issue with setting up different class with arrays
  118. ERROR using Runtime.getRuntime().exec("arp -a");
  119. How to add scrollbar to a JPanel with Graphics
  120. Help with creating random circles
  121. PigLatin translator help
  122. Python code to Java, Incorrect answers returned in Java. Did I type something wrong?
  123. Array question. Stumped!
  124. Java PhoneBook
  125. creating GUI using java, need help?
  126. Something wrong with my programming, please help
  127. Search Word puzzle game
  128. Default system look and feel does not work
  129. Java TCP multiple clients
  130. orphaned case
  131. Help with making the user input to store in file
  132. Problem reading correctly from a file
  133. jbutton on applet
  134. Whats wrong with this Pig Latin code?
  135. problem with choice for airline reservation
  136. Reading from ResultSet to Object and from object Object Array
  137. [SOLVED] PigLatin Program Help
  138. Reading data from a text file into an object
  139. update query is firing first then insert query
  140. Trying to add text from a string to the name of a JPanel (is it possible?)
  141. JOptionPane problem
  142. need some help with an 2-d array project
  143. Iterators and lists and oh god my brain hurts!
  144. Java graphic coordinates out of bounds?
  145. Adding strings to an array dynamically, how can i do it?
  146. [SOLVED] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  147. [SOLVED] Asynchronous Imaging Problem
  148. [SOLVED] Finding deepest node of tree??
  149. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  150. probleming writing multiple items to text file
  151. Loan Payments
  152. Help with Identity matrix!
  153. Possible Loss of Precision
  154. Applet problem with MouseEvent
  155. Help with Graphics class and keyPressed method
  156. Savings account balance comparison code.
  157. Created simple game applet but wanting it to access a DSN on the server
  158. Directing JButtons to functions?
  159. [SOLVED] List problems
  160. Can't Find what is wrong with my Code
  161. problem in my code
  162. Java sliding block puzzle issues
  163. problem with File Stream
  164. [SOLVED] I have a problem with this Joption programme.
  165. I dont see why this program is not doing what it is supposed to
  166. Sorting date using BeanComparator
  167. [SOLVED] Please help with this... I think I have a minor coding error
  168. Laugh parking garage
  169. Writing a very simple "Poker" game in Java
  170. Terminal Tamagotchi
  171. question about my applet
  172. instantiating class objects from an array
  173. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. Class company, class Employee and tester (Having trouble with my computepayroll() met
  175. how to create a JTabbedPane java?
  176. please help with simple program!!!
  177. Help me with My Game.
  178. NullPointerException error
  179. [SOLVED] modular programming, converting to degrees
  180. Right so who is a Guru at BreadthFirstSearch ?
  181. Methods Help - Unreachable statement error
  182. Can't fix my own errors
  183. Incremental image drawing in Java
  184. [SOLVED] Problem with ActionEvent not doing anything
  185. [SOLVED] Please help me with this payroll program
  186. Implementing a priority queue using a max heap
  187. Help with looping etc THANKS ALOT IN ADVANCE
  188. [SOLVED] Gap between GUI elements
  189. [SOLVED] Can't add a method without getting errors
  190. Maze Game
  191. [SOLVED] Circular Linked List---Need Help ASAP (before midnight)
  192. Paint program adding classes to main method class
  193. Trying to output color....HELP PLEASE!
  194. Start application, and return process ID (PID)
  195. How do I call a class in a main class
  196. Need help with my standard deviation code.
  197. Need help with emirp problem.
  198. [SOLVED] Java assignment, concerning Arrays and Loops
  199. Simple java method problem
  200. How to add buttons on this code
  201. TemperatureConverter Return Problem
  202. java email program
  203. GUI - calculate BMI (need help asap)
  204. NullPointerException ... and does it work?
  205. I still have errors. Can you PLEASE correct my code?!
  206. Java 6.0 Compiler Error
  207. Problem with thread.sleep()
  208. Cannot get to compile
  209. Cannot get to compile
  210. contains method not working?
  211. Quicksort algorithm displaying strange behaviour
  212. Sliding puzzle Restart button(same exact game)
  213. Write methods and constructors from Javadocs
  214. Help me organize my code
  215. will pay 10$ for a netcom.no API application
  216. Please....Help.
  217. No errors but just won't print out the first element of an array list
  218. [SOLVED] Could someone help me find my errors on this program?? (homework)
  219. Beginner java programmer!
  220. Need help, please.
  221. What's wrong with simple Scanner program?
  222. Another beginner to Java!
  223. Scanner code won't work
  224. HELP! Cant pass my input values to the paint component
  225. Prime Number Program for class
  226. Adding a Panel from a different class
  227. Problem with apache xml-rpc lib
  228. Need help with changing color of JOptionPane
  229. method not working outside of class
  230. StackOverflowError when using quicksort
  231. [SOLVED] Taking a square root in Java, answer appears as 0.0. Why?
  232. Reverse Number guessing game
  233. switch statement not working for JFrame Calculator
  234. [SOLVED] Cumulative array
  235. unclosed string literal
  236. GregorianCalendar problems
  237. Copy Constructor
  238. Student Programs
  239. DFS in Graphs
  240. Using the fileReader?
  241. HELP with sending data within text file to client with printwriter
  242. File Reading code doesn't work
  243. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  244. Keystoke Problem :-(
  245. Have Problem with if condition...Please Help me...
  246. Some much needed help, and questions.
  247. Help with code outputting wrong info
  248. Abstract class
  249. TicTacToe
  250. recursive program to find median