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  1. serial communication from arduino to java
  2. help with coding dice game
  3. Number in words java proram
  4. Write a Java program to calculate the modules of two numbers without using any inbuilt modulus operator.
  5. How to get better at java?
  6. Retrieving data from biometric attendance
  7. Tutorial on how to use OAuth 2.0 in a web application.
  8. java 8 split stream into collection with separator
  9. Workflow implementation
  10. QR Code qzestion
  11. Months of the year []
  12. My code doesn't show the right output
  13. Problem with the output
  14. BMI Calculator, problem with output
  15. Amazing code
  16. Clarification
  17. Text formatting problem
  18. denomination
  19. String out of bound exception
  20. hmac sha256
  21. Unreachable statement problem
  22. What the h#$% does this mean
  23. Jain sip Api
  24. anchorpane sliding annimation
  25. Design to create a functionality for calculations
  26. SELECT statements Java
  27. Why does my java unit test keep failing?
  28. Moving JPanel with Keylisteners
  29. REFER method- JAIN SIP API - JAVA- Call transfer
  30. What can I use in java instead of "ref" in C?
  31. Java Admin and user level privileged java project
  32. app exe get error can't connect db server
  33. How to exit while loop
  34. Printing out to two decimal places
  35. Closest to 10
  36. Returning wrong value without modifying!!
  37. map with duplicates - sort by value (duplicates disappear, but I need them)
  38. Java Pattern
  40. Tax Calculator code error when prompting user for annual income.
  41. System.out.printin isnt working
  42. Sorting a text file into an array
  43. Variable length arguments and Ambiguity
  44. Arrays not compile
  45. Kerberos ticket validation - GSSException: Defective token detected (Mechanism level: GSSHeader did not find the right tag)
  46. Netbeans auto change image with conditions
  47. Help with Java word problem
  48. Java read in + print to a file
  49. Generate digital signature from a string
  50. Problem with simple keystroke/executing code
  52. Help me with java game programming
  53. Can I allocate more memory to Java if I update a property?
  54. what's the wrong this code?
  55. 9's Complement Source Code
  56. How remove empty space
  57. function FindClass blocked
  58. How to call a self created method from an object stored in an ArrayList ?
  59. Java Arrays problems with method invetir Not compile
  60. HELPPPPPP Java Program With JButtons and JFrames
  61. Incorporating a search dictionary
  62. constructors
  63. calculating number of checks
  64. Beginner program w/ file, arrays and binary search algorithm - HELP!
  65. Every java programming reading material?
  66. inheritance - why its not working?
  67. java compilation error
  68. What is wrong with my code?
  69. Solving the Quadratic Equation
  70. Simple Table output program trouble
  71. constructor in class cannot be applied to given types
  72. Java Homework Help
  73. I'm relatively new to programming and suck at printf() please help me understand
  74. compile time error
  75. Getting new objects to appear after running program
  76. Class method followWallsRight- formatting and compile errors
  77. 3 questions
  78. loop
  79. Load objects of a sample game from a LVL file
  80. Event Sourcing with Kafka
  81. Checking if input value is in an array
  82. Can an int array contain a short or byte?
  83. reversing number without using while
  84. java question
  85. Big Calculator , import* problem.
  86. date problem
  87. Use of Java to output non-zero values to Excel
  88. Integer type conversions
  89. erron code
  90. Problem with Replacing the Integer Value
  91. Understanding how to make a countdown
  92. Trying to make a largest divisor solver.
  93. Help required with Java program
  94. Switch Statement
  95. Trying to sort the values of a two dimensional array in ascending order.
  96. Beginner Objects
  97. [SOLVED] java Method '' is too complex to analyze by data flow algorithm
  98. [SOLVED] Dialog Bug in java
  99. An absolute newbie looking for Java JDBC code/query help ?
  100. How to limit the input numbers?
  101. Need help with my code (Unreachable code error)
  102. How do i change the Name of Application in Bowser Tab and in Header?
  103. [SOLVED] Brand-new to Java please help with project!
  104. wrong code?
  105. [SOLVED] Magic 8 Ball Program please help with loops!
  106. throws Exception error
  107. Help with a Java Methods Program
  108. How can I determine what day of the week a given month falls on in Java without using the Calendar Object?
  109. A very very simple 3D rendering routine (Almost) - Seeking Help with my code
  110. I'm new and I'm Stuck
  111. Convert Expressions to RPN format using tree
  112. InfiniteInt and Doublely Linked List, trying to add two together
  113. Between 100 and 200.
  114. problem with Array (Java Beginner)
  115. Calculator Using JOption
  116. java code for a cement making process
  117. XHTML Populating a selectOneMenu from an internal DB
  118. Can anyone help with this question
  119. How do I Show one record from the database at a time?
  120. Java : For Loop gets an unexpected 700.000001 result.
  121. I tried to make a cash register code for my school project, but my "moneyback" section in faulty, please help.
  122. Dixons factorisation implementation issue
  123. anyone can tell me how this code works?
  124. [2ND largest number] Type everything in one line (without arrays).
  125. Unbalance Tree to Balanced Tree
  126. DiceGame - Saving Values Of Rolled Die In Int Array
  127. Arrays
  128. getting my timer to run multiple times
  129. [SOLVED] Problem with returning integer values
  130. Write a program called Random50 that fills an array with fifty random values between 1 and 999. can anyone help me write this program??
  131. Finding predecessor and successor
  132. JAVA Memory usage
  133. Cannot make static reference to a non-static method?
  134. recursion to find a solution for K queen problem (variation)
  135. Programming assignment
  136. How to use time?
  137. Datatype comparisons in do while loops
  138. Static in a non static
  139. How to put a code to sleep?
  140. How do I set an Entity to read in another Entity which has a List<String> in Servlet?
  141. Methods in a class
  142. How do confirm the tomcat process running state from the Java Code
  143. Array definitions
  144. java switch and if issue
  145. Sort method not getting the right value back.
  146. [SOLVED] Null pointer exception when attempting to load file from inside jar file
  147. Applet Error
  148. initialization vector question
  149. More classes
  150. problem: calling a function in Intellij (Beginner)
  151. multiplication table java 2D array
  152. Problem calling
  153. Enumeration
  154. Where to begin?
  155. From txt file to array.
  156. Memory Leak
  157. java: do not want to share code but functionality
  158. (almost off topic) Can't run java logical parser software
  159. import my text file to JTable by using JFilechooser
  160. Odd Integer Output
  161. [SOLVED] What is wrong with this code ( an exercise )
  162. Scatterplot using Java GUI
  163. Cannot covert boolean to char.
  164. An annoying problem in netbeans
  165. Vowels
  166. [SOLVED] BlueJ inheritance Issue. Please Help.
  167. Call static method from another class - SPMF library
  168. [SOLVED] Exercise 5.1 in (intro to javaprogramming 10th edition)
  169. Need help with ideas
  170. If statement not working
  171. how do i fix the error?
  172. What difference does an additional constructor make to your program?
  173. Reading txt
  174. Need help with replace function
  175. Runtime error? Case issues? it seems to remember commands?
  176. Trouble calling static methods from another class
  177. Starting with Java application
  178. How can I check to see if a file ending with a certain extension exists in the current working directory
  179. GUI Drawing shapes (The shape doesn't appear in the window.)
  180. Constructors that play at the same time.... ?
  181. [SOLVED] I cant figure out why this code isn't doing what i want.
  182. Bad Operand for Binary Type Error (Can't figure this out)
  183. What wrong with my code
  184. SOAP/REST
  185. Don't understand the error
  186. Question about 12 years old source code
  187. My first functioning Try Catch program
  188. Passing several files to another java program.
  189. Method takes parent class as parameter, realized I can't enter it's subclass as a parameter
  190. [SOLVED] I can't get classes to work.
  191. For/Array Problem: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
  192. [SOLVED] Please Help!
  193. Output of 2 identical two-dimensional arrays print their tables differently
  194. need infos please
  195. Accessing another abstract class's variable?
  196. Help we with the program
  197. Coding a MVC applciaiton without a scenebuilder
  198. I don't understand how to use methods
  199. Eclipse: The import com.ms cannot be resolved.
  200. Model won't go to the coordinates I specified
  201. InvocationTargetException when using Graphics2D#drawString
  202. Policy Class
  203. Console skips first input in a function and goes forward to next input.
  204. getting the intersect value of x and y axis of a 17X17 matrix
  205. Create Timestamp and append it with existing input date field
  206. Can the same scanner input handle more than one datatype?
  207. Am I doing something wrong?
  208. How to store the contents of string array to 2 dimensional character array
  209. Sudoko grid conversion from 9*9 to all grid size
  210. Method in hangman game not working
  211. How to subtract from the total length of an array
  212. [SOLVED] Text file load to TreeMap Get Problem. Should be Very Easy to correct BUT, I am very New to Java
  213. 2 Beginner Dev ?'s:
  214. The getAccount method returns the reference to the Account object.
  215. java program to count characters
  216. Please help with correcting error "NON STATIC METHOD CANNOT BE CALLED FROM STATIC CONTEXT"
  217. Need assistance with creating CONTROL STRUCTURE for a recipe program
  218. My first adventure for working with inheritance
  219. CompoundPredicate hibernate to support XOR operations
  220. Three dices problem, stuck at extracting biggest occurence to return frequency
  221. [SOLVED] Robot Invalid KeyCode from Constant
  222. Iterating through an ArrayList to view its contents
  223. How to print in TextField windowbuilder?
  224. Java Array Program Help
  225. Java - Library & Books Program ( ANY HELP IS USEFUL )
  226. Java aplication
  227. Pass variable to HttpURLConnection
  228. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Yelp!
  229. Get .jar file running in browser
  230. Enter E to stop the programme
  231. Pizza Class
  232. First program
  233. Collect all words in a Trie with a prefix
  234. Calulating Quaterly On Quaterly Growth.
  235. Re: Beginner programmer here
  236. How to change JPanel color from another class?
  237. compiler error "Cannot make a static reference to the non-static field TextArea1"
  238. Help with Simple Text-Based Hangman Game (No Arrays or Object-Oriented Programming)
  239. JOption
  240. Verifying a String
  241. Apache Ant doesn't compile all of my files
  242. error: cannot find symbol IOEXception
  243. Can't seem to understand how this output came
  244. Java text file read & write Code ....
  245. Java matching colours game (second click not working)
  246. How to develop a class MonthDate to print out the following output ?
  247. Subtracting arrays in switch case adds them instead
  248. REQUEST : Making a Basic program which creates two method and calls them in main method
  249. How can I add a user input into a 2D- array and print it?
  250. How to fix InputMismatchException?