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  1. phone number generator1
  2. strange problem
  3. Reading Race Results from a text file in Java
  5. how can i do that? plesss
  6. regarding file
  7. Pathing algorythem
  8. how to delete first letter of string
  9. Writing Java code that can interact with a webpage
  10. Phone Number Problem
  11. Java Help
  12. I'm a beginning Java student and really struggling with this assignment. PLEASE HELP!
  13. [SOLVED] Changing text on JButton
  14. Java help
  15. Help with Client Program?
  16. Can anyone help me construct a Java program that plays TicTacToe without using Arrays?
  17. Trying to get user input to work correctly
  18. Methods and passing variables
  19. Turning the letters in a character array to integers.
  20. If/else statement working incorrectly...
  22. Embedding java code into XML code
  23. calculate sin(x)
  24. cos(x) program
  25. Java help
  26. Multidimensional user defined array question
  27. Readable array from another method
  28. Help with simple applet.
  29. True False Bitmap Program
  30. Getting trouble using IO
  31. parseInt method
  32. Java timer issue.
  33. Constructing a threaded pipeline using buffer to sort a list of integers
  34. the values of my array are totally modified by an affectation
  35. [SOLVED] Sorting
  36. Java socket
  37. Problem with String (and integer) conversion!
  38. Cannot call method because it is non-static
  39. Saving number into integer in java program!
  40. exception
  41. What Is Wrong With This Code
  42. question
  43. Using args level arguments
  44. Formatting my output
  45. nested array loop
  46. [SOLVED] XML parser and writer not working.
  47. Java BitMap Program
  48. [SOLVED] Do-while loop help
  49. Struggling with Java counter
  50. How to interact with an application and extract information from that?
  51. Getting height of binary search tree without using recursion
  52. get value from jtextfield and set it to jtable in netbeans
  53. Pangram Question (All the letters of the alphabet in a sentence)
  54. Modify a class and test
  56. how to make sure backend code is working when it doesn't have UI
  57. Can Java Read What A User Types In And Complete A Specific Parameter For That Certain Sentence. Word.etc
  58. how to convert rgb to a grayscale image??
  59. I need helping figuirding out why this program will not work. Due Tonight (11/08/13)
  60. Problem with method
  61. Help with Arrays (Java card game)
  62. binarysearchtree traversing
  63. Need some help with a couple errors in one of my methods, thanks in advance!
  64. Need help with debugging
  65. converson from mysql database into xml directly using java
  66. Help to remove error ...
  68. help me with my code
  69. Help with a calculator
  70. GUI inter face
  71. In an RSA Encryption program....
  72. Logic error help
  73. Stock price of a symbol
  74. IF with strings?[Solved]
  75. Java while loops and switches
  76. question on inheritance
  77. Writing an encryption program, and keep getting this exception.
  78. Database Connectivity
  79. Assign variable to coordinate pair for GUI
  80. [SOLVED] saving a jTextPane input
  81. ArrayList value to another ArrayList
  82. Moved thread
  83. how to enforce loop to wait
  84. information on main method
  85. [SOLVED] shuffle array items?
  86. ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
  87. Could someone give me some insight as to how to do this?
  88. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 0
  89. Anyone know how to do this game of life problem
  90. Help with Java code
  91. [SOLVED] Completely clueless as to how to do this assignment.
  92. problem with java communication api for gsm modem port
  93. [SOLVED] How to implement REST in java?
  94. Hello
  95. Agent-Smoker output error help needed
  96. My JPanel-form doesn´t show up
  97. Quiz program with if and else
  98. Help needed for string index out of bounds exception
  99. StringIndexOutOfBounds exception
  100. Caveman
  101. Would someone please help?
  102. nested for loop
  103. Basic string question
  104. [SOLVED] Priority Queue Null Pointer Exception
  105. problem with toString and boolean operator
  106. problem - insert negative value to mysql database.
  107. JEditorPane doesn't load html file when jar executable run
  108. Bridge Card Game.
  109. Excel data to an array
  110. Array table question
  111. How to compile java code on server side and then send back result to client.
  112. How do I convert a char into a BigInteger and vice versa?
  113. convert numbers to text?
  114. StudentQuizzesObject
  115. error?
  116. Ask Drop Down Button?
  117. Mocking objects ,testing my class and interfaces
  118. Minesweeper Game Need Help!
  120. How to capture or save the output given by java program.
  121. Please help wih JAVA!!
  122. suggestions required on Jlabel(ImageIcon) and Jbutton for mouselistener
  123. Confused on Arrays
  124. Error ? Jgrasp ...
  125. Help with creating classes and sub classes
  126. Help getting current time to start
  127. Patterns!! Please help!
  128. programming codes
  130. hi, guys help me to write code in applets for below questions
  131. hi friends
  132. Why is this code not returning me content of JSON?
  133. type mismatch problem
  134. Tree Making in Java
  135. Struggling with answer to question
  136. Priority Queue Heap Incorrect Output & No File found Scanner
  137. Assignment Problem. Please help
  138. "Help with answer to question from java 6 practice exam book!
  139. Help understanding Objects and Constructers
  140. Bringing an image in front of another
  141. Java Programming Problem Help pls!
  142. Exception in thread "main" java.langStringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  143. How do you store attributes for a java text file in the file itself?
  144. Re: ActionListener help
  145. Need help with a recursion..
  146. IO Questiong
  147. Lab 11.2; trying to shorten code
  148. ArrayList problem, getList and returning. help wanted
  149. please assist me to run this code in a java Graphical User Interface
  150. Keyboard Driven Automation using Java - Store Vector data into variable
  151. Help with a class (only receiving the last value instead of all)
  152. [SOLVED] Compress DNA sequence using recursion
  153. Problem with executing data from CSV file
  154. [SOLVED] Is this coded properly?
  155. Hi everyone-new here!!!i need some help:]
  156. Creating grids in windowbuilder
  157. Trouble inputting values into a 2-dimensional array
  158. Stanford CS106a Assignment 2: Pyramid Blocks
  159. IntegerParseInt Trouble
  160. Draw tree, clouds, leaves with recursion
  161. Code guessing game, need help with arrays
  162. ATM simulation
  163. ArrayList question
  164. Cannot add values
  165. Terminated with code 0 but cannot run.
  166. Java Exercise: Tables of squares and cubes
  167. CosonantVowel
  168. How to input exam score using for loop statement
  169. HELP
  170. HELP
  171. File structure
  172. something is wrong with if-statement?
  173. what is wrong with this code?
  174. Java Concurrency
  175. Very new to Java
  176. Iterator problems
  177. [SOLVED] Generics
  178. Hi everybody i have a little test and i need to ask something
  179. Word Seach puzzle
  180. Collision Detection
  181. Method to solve a word search in Java using 2d arrays
  182. I need to run a Pseudo code to get the range of both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses.
  183. Logical errors
  184. how to link html files to java program
  185. Need help with my findMin method. Code included
  186. [Asking] Response Serial Conection
  187. Fetching the document mode of IE in java
  188. Whats wrong in my code?
  189. Problem Encrypting a secret key
  190. [SOLVED] Java Swing Application
  191. Send encrypted class to other class
  192. Could someone explain this to me?
  193. Setting up a loop for a SHA-256 hash for multiple outputs
  194. GUI, textarea help, line by line string
  195. AlphaChop Problem
  196. How to set value of double to 2 decimal places
  197. Issue with calendar project
  198. connect 4 with minimax algorithm...Please help me..my algorithm is "stupid" and i dont konw why...
  199. Deck of cards
  200. Splash Screen with NetBeans
  201. How do I create a tester for my StatsArray with exception.
  202. Object Oriented Programming
  203. GUI Layout - Does anyone know how to set a layout?
  204. How do I export an JLabel image with my game?
  205. File Processing- Command Line Arguments
  206. Question on using JFrames and ActionListeners
  207. How to do a collision test with two JLables?
  208. Row is column and vice versa?
  209. What's wrong with my code?
  210. Help! I don't understand InFix to PostFix conversion.
  211. Sudoku
  212. Java Code Not Doing What I Want It To Do!
  213. [SOLVED] Help wit regex
  214. cant rotate image
  215. [SOLVED] What am i doing wrong?
  216. getText() with a black line across it?
  217. I have a question.
  218. Help on simple easy program
  219. HELPP!!!!!!!
  220. Help with application
  221. I am a new Java user, I can't use "javac" in my computer
  222. Types of MVC Framework?
  223. Help! Error with a save and load feature of a java chess game
  224. Inheritance[HELP!]
  225. Scanner problem
  226. Why won't my program run?
  227. how to Download/Copy files from a remote (virtual) location to your local system
  228. need help with bubbe sort
  229. java: need help to rotate an oval please
  230. Do while loop skipping method 3 times
  231. Object type casting in java
  232. Return type of converting integer to string for linked list
  233. Storing/Retrieving Data with Shared Preferences
  234. Does Networking(TCP/IP, Sockets, etc.) on Java require libraries or extensions?
  235. Writing a class - class not found
  236. Could someone explain this to me?
  237. Few Beginner Questions
  238. JavaSQLException - ORA-00933: command not properly ended
  239. Problem with arrays
  240. Something wrong with my code.please help!
  241. One fast question
  242. Why isn't this grade averaging working?
  243. public expect statement error
  244. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException.
  245. Calculator in eclipse
  246. Help with Printf statement
  247. Analyzing Input Files, Code Runs Forever
  248. class and check method
  249. [SOLVED] Won't display its Location for Linear Searching.
  250. Performing operations without using ARithmetic Operators