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  1. Help with the return concept
  2. Help with Ration Program on JAVA
  3. How to make the output side by side. I need HELP!
  4. NullPointerException when comparing string in binary tree
  5. java Error: NullPointerException
  6. AVL tree confusion, syntax confusion, just general confusion really...
  7. browser support problem
  8. XML Parsing
  9. Distance not being calculated properly
  10. Is this even a valid way of getting Ticks Per Second?
  11. Hopefully a simple question!
  12. [SOLVED] students marks coding
  13. Array Looping
  14. need help constructing get method
  15. Controlling a platform game character with the mouse.
  16. help!!
  17. Help needed with array
  19. [SOLVED] Switch
  20. creating files and folders using GUI
  21. Package Importing Help
  22. Problem with Looping...
  23. [SOLVED] incompatible types
  24. absolute and relative path
  25. Program not printing anything II
  26. Arrays, BigInteger's and a bunch of for-loops. Welcome to a huge mess! [Do not view if you do not want any hints on Project Euler]
  27. HELP: If-Else Statement
  28. Help for my codes
  29. Help with method to check if two rectangles overlap
  30. Can't declare Variable in new method
  31. Simple Employee Class Not Passing Tests
  32. What's wrong in my installation package for Nokia 6600 using CLDC 1.0 & MIDP 2.0
  33. Please, help me out in calculating guest number of stay in a hotel
  34. Java GUI Calculater
  35. [SOLVED] reading a file line by line
  36. [SOLVED] Newbie question, simple program
  37. 2d array Game
  38. Why I populate 2 times the same jtable
  39. Print a letter of the alphabet based on a number that is input
  40. Why I populate 2 times the same jTable
  41. [SOLVED] to replace a word in file
  42. How to draw a small square(handles) on the edge of a circle at each quadrant?
  43. one variable in a third class is being reported as holding different values when references from objects in two different classes! please help!
  44. Factorial loop help
  45. Draw same image in random position with time delay
  46. Cannot find symbol error in my java code
  47. Check for larger num problem
  48. Workshop 6
  49. ActionListener problem...please help
  50. Working with a constructor class.
  51. Help with assignment
  52. Static factory method
  53. chat system
  54. Need to use mod operator to complete printSquare program
  55. need help with an assignment
  56. JFrame Freezes
  57. Linked Lists and Nodes
  58. Problem with calcylator.
  59. storeing 2d array in arraylist?
  60. Method Help
  61. help with when the for loop is met and i want to run the while loop again
  62. [SOLVED] Problem with return and 2D array
  63. Calculating Fuel After Distance
  64. [SOLVED] Creating an array of objects
  65. LinkedList with user defined types
  67. Subclass/Interface problem
  68. concurency
  69. There's an arrayoutofbounds, but my partner coded this and he doesn't know whats wrong.
  70. User defined classes and loops
  71. [SOLVED] My loop skips index[0] of my array
  72. Can Someone PLEASE help me
  73. HELP! java code without using Scanner
  74. Help with class, interface, enum
  75. java
  76. Code not working
  77. Storing random numbers into a String field
  78. dice game problem
  79. quicksort and bubblesort comparison
  80. paintComponent error
  81. Stuck, anyone care to help. Thx
  82. Need help with error message!!
  83. string index out of bounds exeption when attempting to read a string char by char
  84. Image manipulation program help
  85. Need help with creating method for Array.
  86. request
  87. Need help with my code
  88. how to create bullets in java
  89. java.util.NoSuchElementException
  90. Applet Calculator
  91. Disable past dates in datepicker
  92. Ugent pls help
  93. Please help me! i am unable to compile and execute java files in command prompt
  95. Monthly mortgage payment calculator
  96. Java homework
  97. Ill keep asking till i get an answer
  98. Error with case 51031:
  99. GCompound Object Help
  100. What is wrong with the call?
  101. Java Inheritance problem
  102. Java letter frequency
  103. GArc & move help.
  104. Trouble with getting middle characters from a string.
  105. JDialog not working properly
  106. Synchronized a integer variable in Java
  107. Problem with my program! Pls HELP!
  108. If Statements Using Elements in an Array
  109. Java program that reads a file
  110. Getting confused need to add a for loop
  111. [SOLVED] linkedlist concurrentmodificationexception
  112. Need understanding for public and private.
  113. Any One to help pls.I am Doing OOP on Distance ....I tried though! Thanks
  114. Simple Array Problem
  115. maximum of two numbers method problem
  116. Java abstract
  117. loading my image
  118. What is Wrong When calling the function using arrayList.
  119. Help
  120. Help
  121. Classes and Array of objects
  122. i need an api for record and placback feature in java
  123. JAVA API
  124. Regarding service adding
  125. Java sound functions + emails
  126. Palindrome
  127. using keyboard to move image
  128. Help java
  129. Java abstracts
  130. Need help converting from int to double
  131. Display text file content into the console in sequence order ?
  132. QuickSort Help
  133. get ground postion
  134. Need Help Comparing Arrays
  135. Help Fixing Code and Painting(Java Applet)
  136. Simple Encoder/Decoder issue
  137. Cow and Bulls Game Help (Urgent)
  138. compile errors when creating a 2nd array the same size as 1st array
  139. removing special characters from a string, and help finding an extra space in string output
  140. Runtime Exception -java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  141. Trimming, parsing, verifying grades entered are valid
  142. [SOLVED] Create shutdown or Sleep using java
  143. Sorting parallel arrays
  144. missing return statement need help!!
  145. Code says I need while statement?
  146. Guessing game syntax help needed
  147. NullPointException errors in code?
  148. modifiers for variable
  149. Java printf
  150. Problem reading in the files
  151. CDI - NPE
  152. Error message java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
  153. org.openide.util.NbPreferences getPreferencesProvider WARNING: NetBeans implementation of Preferences not found
  154. org.openide.util.NbPreferences getPreferencesProvider WARNING: NetBeans implementation of Preferences not found
  155. Regarding service adding
  156. How to put in a "new" image in ImageIcon JFrame ?
  157. Blowfish Decryption gave exception "Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padded cipher"
  158. Java Practice !!
  159. Java abstract/implements
  160. Downloading file from website and saving it locally.
  161. Desktop ticker in Java
  162. JPanel
  163. Luhn Algorithm(Mod10) Help (Beginner)
  164. Help with racecar applet?
  165. Bagels game
  166. Java calculation application
  167. [SOLVED] Double Buffering Problem
  168. URGENT! Why won't my addToInvoice method work?
  169. Insertion sorts
  170. Inverted Right Triangle
  171. How to synchronised a variable in a class such that the variable will remain each time a thread is run
  172. [SOLVED] It won't display the invalid selection part
  173. Java Programming for beginner HELP needed ...
  174. how to remove NullPointerException
  175. stackoverflow
  176. [SOLVED] Tic Tac Toe - Checking for a winner
  177. Stuck, and i need this to be solved within 2 days.
  178. Program doesn't work!
  179. Help me find my misstake. Only 80 rows of code.
  180. Vowel frequency in a string, it compiles but getting error
  181. Java selection sort
  182. unexpected results to simple program
  183. infinity output and cannot return value
  184. Create JRadioButtons from HashMap by loop
  185. Need help with Methods!
  186. Need help with my code (physics pendulum)
  187. Need logic ....!!!
  188. [SOLVED] no suitable constructor found for JTextArea error
  189. Client Server Chat application
  190. Beginner Requesting Others To Critique My Code
  191. Email sending to more persons at a time
  192. help me in this question
  193. help me
  194. Help with Stock Profit Program
  195. static variable accessible in object b, not in object a?
  196. Need help with insertion method
  197. Cannot find symbol method getPrice()?
  198. Getting error in encoding file [ Image steganography ]
  199. my code will not return everything...
  200. Getting error in encoding file [ Image steganography ]
  201. Help w/ hw , help with panels layouts in frame.
  202. question about incrementing variables
  203. Image in Java will not display
  204. [SOLVED] Help resolving these errors? Please!
  205. Reading text files and the calculating averages from it
  206. Black Jack: How would it look?
  207. [SOLVED] Java sequential search.
  208. Need help understanding Java
  209. [SOLVED] Almost have my project done, just need help with one last thing.
  210. An exception occurred processing JSP page
  211. Need Help With Jtextfield inputs and Textfiles
  212. cannot return the value\
  213. Passing array method error
  214. help with this code please!!!
  215. Draw a flow char to print all the prime numbers between 1 and 100. Any one can help?
  216. Java won't compile
  217. print linkedlist
  218. I need assistance with a rectangular array?
  219. I need help with this file reader code
  220. Countdown timer
  221. Java compilation problem.. Please Help Me!
  222. defining a constructor with a scanner
  223. binary trees
  224. Game Logic
  225. Read a specific page from .doc file
  226. Java not drawing my string
  227. Reuse same Scanner to read another file
  229. Please analyze my codes.
  230. Queue Simulation
  231. Finding a character in acharacter array at specific index, without using the String class.
  232. Can someone help me with my Computer Science homework :)
  233. Trying to get an "if" statement to work in a "for loop".
  234. How to store webpage content into sqlserver
  235. video game project (shorter methods required) HELP!!
  236. Need help to format input.
  237. Can anybody explain this code in details
  238. Union Coding Hashmap
  239. Need help with write to .dat file code from textarea
  240. What it listens for and how can I see it?
  241. interface demo
  242. Poker Hand Program... Is this right?
  243. [SOLVED] Simple applet, but wrong
  244. I Want To Apply Currency Format To My 2 Dimensional Array?
  245. Creating an exact replica of an original instance?
  246. [SOLVED] Working with Arrays
  247. Building forum dyn-web.
  248. Java integer limit
  249. Boolean help
  250. java project doubt