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  1. [SOLVED] Help with Methods
  2. [SOLVED] Needing a little advice on a method in my circular linked list.
  3. [SOLVED] need help with basic jump command
  4. Why isn't this rectangle moving?
  5. Java Program Help
  6. Swing (Problems)
  7. A method not being resolved?
  8. My output is in the wrong order! (if-else) PLEASE HELP
  9. [SOLVED] shooting fire ball 2d
  10. help java prog
  11. having trouble getting full average and splitting a LinkedList
  12. advice needed on storing string into arraylist and printing it out.
  13. It seems i have an error with my array but i'm not sure why any comments appreciated.
  14. Need help developing a basic credit program in Java
  15. It seems i have an error with my array but i'm not sure why any comments appreciated.
  16. [SOLVED] gravity in 2d game
  17. [SOLVED] is there any good formula's for 2d java game - to make ur player move right or left?
  18. [SOLVED] am i using the right structure for applet?
  19. My program will compile but wont run
  20. Logical operators don't seem to work in a very basic class
  21. Java Weighted interval scheduling
  22. Beginner Assignment help, election simulation
  23. My if statement seems to be getting skipped over
  24. A For loop that calculates every possible outcome for 2 AND 3 chars...
  25. [SOLVED] Passing 2D array to method
  26. QuadTree insertion based on string
  27. why am I getting NullPointerException.
  28. collision between player and enemy
  29. help java prog. adding do{ while()
  30. Source from a JComboBox
  31. Lunar Lander
  32. how to set up level class in 2d java game
  33. Need help with putting restraints on my text area.
  34. Trying to learn some swing.
  35. Counting # of 7's in an integer
  36. how can i access java list box .?
  37. Can't work out how to read object from .txt file
  38. Java error discovered?
  39. [SOLVED] shoot in 2d java game applet
  40. setting image to panel
  41. Having problems with Queues, any help ad I would be great full!
  42. [SOLVED] using the return of a method to initialize an ArrayList
  43. Having trouble writing insert method for Ordered LinkList.
  44. How to write my output to a text file :( ?
  45. How to schedule this to happen daily?
  46. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  47. Does anyone know how to display an image from a file on your screen?
  48. Adding if statements.
  49. Hey guys I need some help
  50. Image won't work!
  51. Can't make this circle disapear!
  52. [SOLVED] Boolean or If?
  53. how do i split a string into two parts and test if the second part of string is empty
  54. Big problems with my hasNext method and outer loop! Please help!
  55. Problem of retrieving pdf file from database using tomcat server
  56. Java3D - Colors mix up
  57. Slot Machine game in Java. using Net Beans.
  58. Java giving me anomalous results again
  59. Error: Invalid method declaration; return type required. Related to JFrames.
  60. New Line in swing
  61. [SOLVED] Why do I need more than 1 class? - School project help.
  62. java Bluej Exercise
  63. Star Loop
  64. Why can't I state the values of the constructor??
  65. grouping jcheck button's
  66. Program that gives exact change of quarters, dimes, etc...
  67. problem while compiliation
  68. End of line error.
  69. Can't seem to get this image to be displayed!
  70. The infamous palindrome problem, or i heard so.
  71. Having trouble compiling a executable Jar file in Eclipse
  72. [SOLVED] Collsion Not Working Between Player And Enmey ...Java
  73. problem of remove student from list
  74. What am I missing?
  75. For Loop and String Problem - Console Hangman Game
  76. If arraylist value is null
  77. Format Precision Exception? What's going on?
  78. Overriding a method, semi complicatedly.
  79. getBounds() method
  80. Why so many decimal points in my basic code?
  81. Urgently need help with counting total of cities/fines for an output file!!
  82. Can't get this image to appear!
  83. Java Hangman!
  84. Having trouble with getting line of text to print to the console from an input file.
  85. dbscan algorithm
  86. Implement 2PC Protocol - Unable to Compile and Execute
  87. Hey guys need abit of help please stressing like a mad thing
  88. VERY URGENT!!!! (XML Parsing)
  89. Java help
  90. getDocumentBase error
  91. Arraylist/string array?
  92. Help i dont know how to make it work!
  93. Only if one method is true does it call the other?
  94. How to display variables in HTML?
  95. Hey guys need help kinda stuck
  96. Why do I get an exception in this simple loop?
  97. Null Values...
  98. [SOLVED] iam not beeing printed to screen
  99. Help i cant get it to work any ideas thanks
  100. How to implement a hostel management application for more than one apartment unit?
  101. Why do I get 0 in the outputs?
  102. java.lang.NullPointerExpectation:null (in java.awt.Container) when adding a JPanel
  103. Will someone help me with code? Creating classes, getters & setters. Beginner :(
  104. Infinite loop?
  105. I have tried making a simple random calculator and its not working?
  106. calling a method in class
  107. Converting?
  108. Counting and comparing elements in an array
  109. I'm getting a random, stringindexoutofbounds exception
  110. [SOLVED] collision between player and platform
  111. code is right but i dont understant how its working
  112. Issues with IF else Statement
  113. Issues with my ordering program - if statement issues?
  114. Other possible issues with if statements - book return program
  115. Stuck at Writing in Txtbox
  116. Switch problem
  117. Java Applet Doesn't Load on Web Browsers
  118. Adding integers from a file
  119. Writing at the EOF ( end of my file)
  120. Cant fix this error... Help!
  121. How to split Web log file from a server so that it can compare IP address and last box details?
  122. [SOLVED] How to write Java applets to create 2D games?
  123. Simple Calcular Program, But not working!!!
  124. error with "Scanner" class in basic calculator program.
  125. Having trouble writing the methods for this program
  126. array bubble sort
  127. How to write body methods
  128. Someone help me with my code it has some errors? Thanks!
  129. Controller for date class
  130. Need help with simple calc java program
  131. Please compile this program and see if it gives you an error
  132. calling this method
  133. Need help with simple calc java program
  134. [SOLVED] how to send variable to different class by using extends
  135. code doesn't compile/run. It's supposed to show the total votes for both candidates, regardless of which button the user clicks on.
  136. I need help with Enumeration in hashtable
  137. [SOLVED] Newbie, why is my program printing output twice?
  138. Can you help me decipher what these two conditions mean in pseudocode?
  139. In Class Problem
  140. [SOLVED] My chat program's multi threaded server keeps on throwing exceptions when calling nextLine();
  141. [SOLVED] Need Help Generating Loan Repayment Schedule
  142. So confused, I need help!
  143. Boolean and String Trouble...
  144. Reverse the order of Strings in an ArrayList?
  145. Having trouble getting started testing for matching delimiter sets.
  146. javax.jnlp.UnavailableServiceException: uninitialized (PROBLEM AT RUNTIME)
  147. Inheritence and problems with static methods.
  148. Help come out of inifinite loop
  149. Help with collision!
  150. Why won't this image display?
  151. Newbie, treating two inputs in a method and returning them?
  152. Parsing a full date/time/timezone date to "yyyy-MM-dd"
  153. some help please
  154. I need some help
  155. collision in applet game
  156. Need help storing user data in hashtable
  157. how to create multiple objects
  158. Input and Output files?
  159. Why do layouts never work the way I want them to?
  160. i want run app as windows service.
  161. read csv file in java
  162. Reading a particular string and printing the line that contains the string from a text file
  163. Sequence with linked list and Generics *2 Errors*
  164. Program to check how many people are born on the same day of the month
  165. problem with my JFrame; JFrame not closing and stay in background
  166. how to flip image vertically
  167. Getting collision correct..
  168. Please help this is strange.
  169. Need help
  170. Simple Java Web Service - help
  171. [SOLVED] Multiple questions - Java beans
  172. No idea why this program doesn't work
  173. Help with designing a library programme
  174. Help with inheritance
  175. Temperature Conversion Chart
  176. APpending a file with an Integer(Question Inside)
  177. I dont know why its giving me this error with eclipse!
  178. [SOLVED] program reads file and prints runs of the same numbers in the form (number of times * number)
  179. Understanding Classes and Objects
  180. Using methods of one package in another package in same application? To import or not?
  181. Program goes into infinite compilation. University project - Library Program.
  182. ArrayOutOfBoundsException
  183. Hi guys..I need some tips in creating a library programme for my Uni project
  184. Please help with cumulative sum code...
  185. How to delete several data in database using java?
  186. help
  187. Problem with CPU Task Scheduling Code
  188. Array help
  189. Problem with Arrays in code !!!!
  190. I need help with java
  191. Implementing a Linked List into a Queue class?
  192. Help with java char Array
  193. Re: Help writing the IF statement for Y/N
  194. Need Help with a do while loop I'm not sure if right Please Help!!
  195. Pacman ghost help
  196. Operation on a txt file..
  197. Another in Class Problem
  198. Can't figure out JTextArea. Please Help!
  199. Full House help?
  200. How to create Media Player Application on eclipse: Helios?
  201. How to use Array
  202. [SOLVED] Unable to send a mail with attachment
  203. Help with Encapsulation and Value Methods! Please and Thanks!
  204. Poker question: How to give two values to the Ace
  205. Number Programming NumberFor
  206. Remder multiple tiles with arraylist
  207. Trying to out.println of random selected record
  208. stoping frame after 3 slides
  209. reporting to excel file using servlet and jsp problem
  210. "Reduce" Method and Adding Rational Numbers
  211. java programming loop problem
  213. [SOLVED] Would Really Appreciate Some Help!! Trouble Writing XML File From GUI :(
  214. AffineTransform not working right
  215. testing is player is jumping or not jumping. falling or not falling.
  216. Making an input dialog box appear after closing a combo box
  217. Customer counting program - while loop
  218. How to make this method more efficient?
  219. How to Format output of a BSTree depending on the traversal being used?
  220. TimeLag between private internet provider to my EST timezone server
  221. How to fix error on Queue when using it with a Stack for a Palindrome?
  222. Help!
  223. Coin
  224. Scanner (death loop)
  225. i need help.....
  226. Compile Errors
  227. Can somebody help me to answer this? Thanks!
  228. scrollpane is displaing on screen
  229. "New" not clearing textarea!
  230. Error: class, interface, or enum expected.
  231. error
  232. (Beginner) Need some help with display
  233. Quick question with JButton.
  234. is my code correct?
  235. Helping Understanding???
  237. Problem running applet, .hotjava missing!?
  238. [SOLVED] Password Application I'm Coding Won't Work
  239. Binary Tree Search[HELP]
  240. [SOLVED] Fliereader/Filewriter (Need Help!)
  241. hey I need help, I can't see what I did wrong.
  242. Prints an extra character for this game.
  243. Need help with assignment
  244. Snapshot sequence
  245. Execute linux .sh file from Java + input.txt +output.txt files as parameters
  246. Java Operator precedence
  247. Shop
  248. Valid Java, compile
  249. [SOLVED] Easy error to solve in a minute. Help please, I don't want to fail Java Programming again.
  250. Java Date Format in Date Object