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  1. can't open jar file
  2. Having trouble loading variables from a file
  3. Drawing to a Java BufferedImage's graphics producing inaccurate results.
  4. Can anyone help me to check my error
  5. I have an error i dont knwo how to fix.
  6. Inheritance trouble understanding how to use it?
  7. trouble with add and remove method on doubly linked list
  8. trouble with add and remove method on doubly linked list
  9. help me pls (beginner)
  12. [SOLVED] need help printing single error
  13. Properly releasing memory to avoid memory pileup/crash
  14. regular expression issue
  15. What is wrong with my code?
  16. What is wrong with this code?
  17. Why doesnt my constructor work?
  18. need help...
  19. Need Help with Null Pointer Exception
  20. I included the main method, but it keeps flashing that I don't have one included?
  21. dunno how to test this code so i dont know if it works help please
  22. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception
  23. Array toString
  24. Please help a newbie with a easy java assignment!!
  25. Button tryout
  26. Why is the output always "0"?
  27. [SOLVED] reading a stream of numbers from standard input
  28. java
  29. Symbol not found error
  30. Having trouble dealing with objects using abstract methods/classes and polymorphism
  31. Java error
  32. Initializing
  34. Program won't run help!
  35. substring
  36. Have trouble dealing with negative numbers.
  37. Help: Executing perl script from java
  38. [SOLVED] Trouble with fahrenheit to celsius conversion.
  39. [SOLVED] Need BookTracker Class
  40. What does this short part of a code do?
  41. I need alittle help with JD2XX Coding
  42. toString problem
  43. Recursion Stackoverflow Error help!
  44. Assignment help.
  45. Having trouble returning an array
  46. Help me PLEASe! I need to submit by 8.30am tmr!
  47. Casting java.lang.String to a custom class
  48. Problem with Session maintenance in IE 8
  49. hello
  50. computational number theory
  51. New frame should only show GUI once!
  52. Save results in an excel file
  53. How can i make my Player attack another Player?
  54. [SOLVED] Absolute Beginner Here, should be an easy question for anyone really.
  55. Instance Variables with Applet Reflection
  56. what's wrong with my code?
  57. Help me with directory copying code.
  58. Help with bouncing ball
  59. [SOLVED] Basic help with Constructors and Classes
  60. Counting a total and printing value from 2 arrays
  61. Need help with tic tac toe game
  62. I need to create a certain SHAPE with FOR LOOP.
  63. Anonymous class Example : What's wrong with my code?? :(
  64. Distance function help
  65. Multithreading Problem
  66. Scanner Problem
  67. Am I demonstrating composition correctly?
  68. How can I improve on this?
  69. Problem with import java.util.*; dont know whats wrong
  70. JSON Decoding help
  71. Swing & Threading ... Systen hangs
  72. Problem with running a GUI Form
  73. Problem with detecting Math operation.
  74. MySQL Stacktrace
  75. Compilation error
  76. run time error
  77. Java Programming Fix - using recursion to print integer in reverse order vertically?
  78. [SOLVED] Repeating infinite loop in prime number finder
  79. [SOLVED] Using recursion issues for basic program
  80. basic recursion problem - code needs to be modified
  81. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException help
  82. conversion d'un fichier doc en un fichier access (code java)
  83. Interview Question
  84. Java Native command Execution - Adding a login Item on Mac OS X Using java
  85. Hey guys!!
  86. Cant figure out how to reset my code
  87. have code - need one line fixed please!
  88. from java to javaFX
  90. [SOLVED] Trouble With Doubles
  91. Can't get the loop to work properly
  92. NullPointerException in a small project
  93. Help cleaning up my code.
  94. Implementing restartApplication method in Java
  95. [SOLVED] Reading pgm file
  96. Difficulty with understanding interaction between Classes
  97. returning a rectangle through an arraylist
  98. Help With Null Pointer Exception
  99. error Identifier expected?
  100. VisualVM: Monitoring the Images instances being loaded that causes Java Heap Space
  101. [SOLVED] Need Help Displaying Double
  102. Can't work out how to detect and incorrect input
  103. Null Pointer Exception
  104. How to call tablle
  105. Http 404 Error - Img attached
  106. [SOLVED] find nonletter characters
  107. Problem decrypting with AES
  108. Implementing an algorithm
  109. I need help! SQL Exception!
  110. weird errors in my code
  111. problem while changing file data
  112. Need help with my code .... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  113. Please help with code
  114. newbie Question.....
  115. Print out a triangle by character *
  116. problem with enumeration
  117. Counting element(s) appearance(s) in arrays
  118. class String replaceAll does not behave as i expected
  119. Get the lowest value from Object[][]
  120. Build a database using Arrays and external file
  121. Having problems with GUI Interface
  122. [SOLVED] Data Structures: Symbolic Algebra with Trees
  123. Please help me with my project
  124. Basic Question Need Help
  125. DEBUG SMTP: could not connect to host "host.domain.uk", port: 25, response: 421
  126. How to put a timer?!?
  127. Reverse a String
  128. Code for EvenCount
  129. simple multiplication exercise.
  130. [SOLVED] Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius
  131. NullPointerException stopping me from deploying. Help please?
  132. [SOLVED] Help with an Array
  133. scanner and int issue
  134. Needs help in my program of a bank account!
  135. publishing an applet
  136. Playing sound each time mouse is clicked (not working)
  137. No sound in executable jar
  138. want to add unlimited RRS feed urls
  139. Input a single char.Comparisson failed
  140. STACK USING LINKED LIST------------HELP !
  141. I'm new to JFrame and need some help
  142. .class compiling error
  143. local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID Problem
  144. Creating new Object Help!!!
  145. Simple Commission Calculator
  146. i want my code to read the content of a html page... and am getting this error.
  147. need help with the code will not close window buts opens the right window
  148. LinkedStack - need help fixing code; should be quick fix
  149. [SOLVED] actual and formal lists differ in length
  150. [SOLVED] Need some help with creating a new object
  151. BMI calculation
  152. awt cardlayout help
  153. Hello I'm new to this forum :)
  154. hello i am new i java please some help!!
  155. Problem with Action Event
  156. double to int conversion -- 3 simple lines of code -- prints wrong answer 1664 - why?
  157. Simple Collision with no Rect package import
  158. if....else statement
  159. [SOLVED] Merge two 1D array's into a new 1D array. Trouble appending last index
  160. need help with my program, not clear on diagonals or methods 3, 4 & 6 logic
  161. Turn off/ignore win, alt, and ctrl keys
  162. Need some help with removing and finding items from an ArrayList
  163. Please help with calculator program
  164. Problems with GUI, seems simple fix but I can't figure it out
  165. [SOLVED] Why is in Java 9/2=4 ??
  166. Graphical Issue
  167. Arraylist indexof problem
  168. Add drawing function MouseMotionEventListener program?
  169. Array Merger
  170. What's wrong with my code? Are there any errors? Is the idea right? Please helpThanks
  171. Java basic Example
  172. drawLine problem, lines not connected
  173. [SOLVED] Sinple GUI Program which uses the BorderLayout.
  174. How do I expand this code? I have no idea what my teacher wants.
  175. Write an applet with Eclipse
  176. Key Handler not working
  177. How to catch exceptions in Java
  178. [SOLVED] some help in my code
  179. Hi need some help!!
  180. Passing command line args from main to another class
  181. Including images and font
  182. Need some help, need to emulate days passing everytime i run my script.
  183. change java code project to exe file
  184. A simple mistake I can't fix
  185. JTable
  186. Trouble with Collision Detection
  187. Need help with Enums and setting costs
  188. [SOLVED] Grading Program
  189. Encryption password by java MD5 and UTF-8
  190. Stop Slideshow from starting automatically
  191. Having a hard time to solve this (probably easy for the rest of you)
  192. Some simple help please!
  193. Trying to get Jogl to work
  194. How to read a file in java.
  195. A peculiar performance problem: Application get's faster after adding more logging.
  196. [SOLVED] Have I lost it?
  198. Wrong with my Code i think. it's not supposed to be like this :(
  199. Simple Division not working heeeeelp
  200. NumberFormat class, rounding decimals (Beginner needs help!)
  201. [SOLVED] program compiles & executes, but the numbers ain't right :O
  202. Program not compiling + calling methods help
  203. Real noob here.... javac is not recognized as an internal or external command. ??
  204. stacks
  205. Question regarding objects
  206. How to compare variable with multiple variable?
  207. wmi usage or PC info in java
  208. JGraph problem
  209. Circular Array
  210. Need help fixing
  211. Empty ByteBuffer size?
  212. Zellar's Congruence error
  213. Why does java not honor my if/else statments
  214. My pseudocode is apparently wrong, and I can't figure out why...
  215. what wrong with in my progtam?
  216. How to solve this?
  217. [SOLVED] Math Remainder Issue
  218. Almost woring bot!
  219. I may be over-complicating this...
  221. Need some help with my code
  222. My code is not displaying on the console. In need of much help!
  223. Need some help with my Banking program
  224. Java ... I Need Your Help so I Can Help My Son
  225. Can anyone help get me started?
  226. Calculator
  227. Need Help, Not sure how to fix basic error!
  228. [SOLVED] My program skipping a for loop
  229. Help me to troubleshoot the errors
  230. Help me get started
  231. [SOLVED] PLZ HELP! Somethng wrong with code, assignment due today! Print if multiple of...
  232. Java Table
  233. Spell checker using bags
  234. Help with returning variable from method
  235. Please help about data structures.
  236. [SOLVED] I need help with my coding
  237. What is Wrong with my Code? I m new To Java But i have Done this before Months ago
  238. Using the same scanner multiple times in code help
  239. Need help with Code
  240. Problem getting code to print string after numbersn that qualkify for it. WHATS WRONG
  241. Please HELP! my code is wrong somewhere.
  243. Can't call paint() method from another class
  244. My text input file is not working correctly?
  245. Implementations!
  246. Java program inputting month name and outputting month number and number of days
  247. MultiHashMap - won't give the values back.
  248. Int not adding up right.
  249. Help with Fast Matrix Exponentiation
  250. time complexity qustion