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  1. [SOLVED] Not sure how to work with multiple delimiters. Also, there is random tabbing.
  2. event does not occur
  3. Not prompting string user input.
  4. repaint not updating screen
  5. login; txt file database
  6. '{' expected error please help
  7. Please help! Need help with class project!
  8. Code just stops when string is initialised
  9. Java program (beginner) help?!
  10. Urgent Class Project Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. help with java class (deposit and withdraw problem)
  12. All help would be much appreciated!!
  13. My first rpg with a custom data type
  14. Help with MyString class!
  15. Help with logical operators
  16. How do I use try-catch to validate input?
  17. How to calculate & return highestmonth and lowestmonth as string in interactions tab?
  18. Loop through JLabel and change JLabel
  19. Working with $
  20. Input file Not Opening =/
  21. Working with Interfaces
  22. Simple Java Poll - Please Help
  23. what's problem with this code?
  24. Scanner not finding text file
  25. Integer set in void, is being called upon.
  26. New Programmer working with generics!
  27. Simple swing GUI code....Plz help
  28. I am making a silly mistake but I cant find where! PLEASE HELP!
  29. [SOLVED] Please help
  30. Netbeams having a mysterious glitch about a work directory not existing.
  31. [SOLVED] Cant find stupid bug.
  32. can anyone help me please to debug my simple payroll java file?
  33. It is possible that not using array to list the positive integer <100??
  34. ArrayList<Class> is returning null
  35. Dealing with two Classes : Using method from one Class as a parameter to another
  36. Java Programming Loop Execution Problem
  37. Inserting Large XML file into Oracle Database through java
  38. Sudoku: wrong output?
  39. Java Issue / Cache issue
  40. LWJGL texture applying problem
  41. I have a problem with my code of a simple game
  42. user input going to wrong ArrayList
  43. Help incorporating a Joption Pane
  44. Java phone book with array PLEASE HELP
  45. Get points along a line in Java Swing
  46. Need help with Java's Paths class
  47. [SOLVED] Cannot get out of do-while loop
  48. Problem with running random class
  49. Trouble loading elements into a queue
  50. Big Integer help
  51. export statement
  52. Having trouble figuring out how to recursively do this.
  53. [SOLVED] Finding biggest files, making list
  54. Set Class
  55. Problem creating a new object
  56. Draughts using mouse listener problem
  57. could anybody fix my problem? resultset is closed
  58. Invoke methods
  59. Implementing basic operations on sets using Array Lists
  60. [SOLVED] Thread/Double Buffer Help
  61. Brute force Sudoku algorithm is not working
  62. The method getList(String[]) not applicable for the arguments (String[], String)
  63. Arrays, code counts how many numbers in specified range
  64. Java BlackJack game
  65. [SOLVED] Simple Spaceship Shooting Game
  66. Need help with Question
  67. Help with making classes as a variable type!
  68. how to add .swf file in jpanel
  69. Troube Looping "try/catch"
  70. post collision direction
  71. Can anyone try this for me!!!
  72. Single Character Validation
  73. Finish up code and need some help?
  74. Help with Card Game
  75. [SOLVED] JFrame errors
  76. Question on do-while loops
  77. Evaluating two ints at the same time
  78. How to do the main ?
  79. Annotation on enum constant.
  80. HELP - placing picture on top of another picture in Java - JLayerPane
  81. Need Help With Coding
  82. [SOLVED] Memory issues..?
  83. [SOLVED] I'm having problems with removing arrays
  84. I am the most terrible file reader.....
  85. [SOLVED] Banker Deadlock detection algorith going haywire and likely a stack overflow error
  86. I need help with removing arrays or hiding them.
  87. toString method
  88. Final Project Help Please? Due Tomorrow.
  89. Dice score program
  90. This java program is adding up in a negative way....
  91. Re: Java Newbie Code Problem
  93. program will not end
  94. Working on a phdgets Project for Computer Science Need some Help.
  95. Beginner having some trouble with two parts in my code
  96. Having trouble ending a game
  97. Noob, Collision Detection and Score
  98. This Code worked on a separate class but does not work on another class
  99. Help displaying strings that appear in one text file but not another!
  100. Help with one-dimensional array
  101. Easy calculate coding needed.
  102. very hard algorithm implementation
  103. Method to take in a string sentence and reverse the tokens
  104. [SOLVED] Comparing Date Strings
  105. Problem with Binary Search Tree
  106. How do I do this:
  107. Help on Kmeans java
  108. Math.sqrt causing general havoc
  109. Timer inside loop
  110. help taking code from java class put it in JSP page.
  111. multiple file uploading and downloading
  112. previous tab's functions no longer working when new tab is created
  113. Exception problem...plzz help
  114. Need to find what could be the potential problem in this
  115. Array Issues
  116. [SOLVED] Help with Min Heap Implementation (with an array)
  117. Issues with JApplet and Text Fields
  118. [SOLVED] Searching issues.
  119. Having some trouble with my arrayList
  120. Kindly Review My Code :-) Thanks in advance
  121. [SOLVED] Sorting LinkedList
  122. Chatting application in java (PUblic And private)
  123. what's wrong with my code ? " server client socket
  124. Replacing parts of a String using line.replaceAll
  125. Please help me with the following code
  126. Dumping a file
  127. problems with equals method.
  128. help with array for creating and inserting reference to object in java
  129. Please what is wrong with my code
  130. Please what is wrong with my code
  131. Please help with my code
  133. [2 Part Qestion] Saving Game Data & Hiding GUI from taskbar
  134. [SOLVED] Sorting issues.
  135. The nth highest number from a list
  136. [SOLVED] Problems Display Unicode Directly from Keyboard
  137. please help solve this question
  138. Why do I get a null value?
  139. Connect 4 program
  140. JTextPane changing text color issues
  141. I need a little help with a boolean method.
  142. Need some help with a little project, i'm a noob.
  143. what is wrong with my code? need help
  144. Label preferred size problem
  145. Problem with my code, help would be appreciated.
  146. Jar Issues
  147. Title screen Glitch (Cant Bust ERROR)
  148. Issues with sorting algorithm
  149. How come 1 divide by 2 is less than 0.5 ?!
  150. How do I get this to work? Easy question, I'm just hopeless at it!
  151. Comboboxes in JFrame
  152. key input handler
  153. Hourglass using recursion
  154. Program not executing correctly
  155. Having trouble with Rectangle2d
  156. Which is out of bounds?
  157. 2 Dimensional Arrays: I cant manage to read/write them.
  158. Having Trouble Modify the code!!
  159. [SOLVED] Issue with converting a string to a date
  160. Stuck on this code!
  161. Tile Collision
  162. Array
  163. Cannot find Error in Beginner code!
  164. boolean method not checking to see if within given tolerance to be true.
  165. java.lang.nullpointer exception in beginner code
  166. Multiple newbie issues
  167. Need help with assignment (File Input and Ouput, Encoder)
  168. Has the ball hit my paddle?
  169. Need some help printing out my maze!
  170. A java question - Help Urgently needed?
  171. Major Help, SAVE ME!! Java Dice Game - Keep Score?
  172. Having trouble completing tester class!
  173. Implementing Iterable?!! Unsolvable problem
  174. How to Translate working code into code with a Tester Class
  175. [SOLVED] User selection problem
  176. bug on lightwave java game library
  177. Insert != null check issues
  178. Beginner Array Problem. Swapper
  179. using Java to program Engineering Designs.
  180. LAST issue! Random permutation array!
  181. Resizer image to rotate freely without effecting other panels of frame using swings
  182. Can anyone help me in coding Java for my GUI trials for Learning Button Commands?
  183. Stopping the entries in a JFrame
  184. [SOLVED] How can i fix and run my program?? Please help..
  185. Positioning problem HELP!?
  186. problem Comparing date and month from dates
  187. (HELP!! )Compressing File using Huffman Algorithm
  188. Please anyone can you fix my Code??
  189. Multiplication program
  190. Find Biggest Number in Array
  191. I am getting a null pointer exception. My application gets hanged up. i need to
  192. "Program execution skips the "if" statement"!
  193. [SOLVED] Selection sort not working
  194. Sorting an ArrayList
  195. Help Passing Variables
  196. morse code
  197. code to check two int arrays to see if mirrors of each other
  198. Website content extractor
  199. Using bufferedReader to write contents of text file into an object array.
  200. Inputting then displaying through arrays? Urgent...
  201. Program to run as Applet & Application - need fresh eye's simple mistake somewhere
  202. Reverse Polish Notation Calculator
  203. Another applet to program problem....
  204. [SOLVED] 2 Lines Stuffs.
  205. Creating and Using a Heap. Index out of Bounds
  206. Scientific exponential notation
  207. Program Problem Can some1 please help me
  208. How to read a 2 dimensional text file from an array?
  209. [SOLVED] Code from textbook not working and I don't know why--Event-driven programming
  210. GL11 quad not showing in LWJGL Display
  211. Lotto Problem logic error
  212. add.(Recall.getResource());
  213. Just Teaching Myself Java--Trivial Problem
  214. Using a Method from another class help?
  215. [SOLVED] I somehow can't find problems with a few lines
  216. Please help me figure out how to work with a linked list in a JFrame. Agh!
  217. Applet: Calculated variable can't be displayed
  218. Vampire Numbers
  219. exception in "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  220. Java Class : How do I set up a toString method for arrays?
  221. trying to write program to display details of employee
  222. Need an Idea: storing elements of two different arrays?
  223. Applet isn't showing up. Perhaps it's a browser fault.
  224. Storing color names and their hexadecimals in hasmap
  225. [SOLVED] JChooser save ---> Works but Can't see the saved image in the folder
  226. Whats wrong with my code??
  227. help with GUI .. read file and write file
  228. hey i need some help with the main of this methods that i made pls help
  229. program doesn't woerk
  230. EASY [comparing two vectors of strings]
  231. need help converting numbers to word
  232. cant solve the question by my self..
  233. Binary Search Tree Lookup Method
  234. setText Not Working
  235. Input into array.
  236. [SOLVED] Getting a null pointer exception.
  237. Cookie Jar Program Issues
  238. [SOLVED] For Loop not working correctly.
  239. [SOLVED] Alphabetical order
  240. Moving a shape across a panel
  241. Problems With Method Calls and Variables
  242. Searching
  243. Confusion about inheritance
  244. How to write code for writing fields into word documents using POI
  245. Generating a Batch File - Static Method Error
  246. String or Boolean help
  247. What's wrong with my java code?
  248. Making a method to move blocks in a grid
  249. Using a JLabel to use html elements
  250. Parallel vectors synchronize