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  5. flight reservation code problem...
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  7. Switch problem. How do I return to my menu?
  8. Why wont my program calculate sales tax?
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  10. Array
  11. Problem with the loop ..... ;(
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  14. Need help with my hangman program!
  15. Random suit and card with arrays
  16. A deck of cards
  17. Syntax error on token ";", { expected after this token please HELP
  18. [SOLVED] Help reading a file to decode or encode
  19. Unisex batroom
  20. [SOLVED] Beginner, stuck on implementing while loop, compiles fine but still won't run
  21. Putting codes in order......
  22. simple translator GUI ??
  23. Wheel of Fortune - Simple Game
  24. non-static method getDimensions() cannot be referenced ...
  25. I'm confused
  27. StdDraw Cannot be Resolved??
  28. [SOLVED] Printing an ArrayList of user-defined Objects
  29. About loop
  30. Need help with making a menu that sits on left side of JFrame
  31. Need help
  32. JOptionPane display on seperate lines
  33. Help with conversion
  34. Temperature Converting Application
  35. Memory Card Game JButtons Array
  36. Screen is flippering / flickering.
  37. code not returning sum
  38. Java Maze Problem (Please Help Guys)
  39. Help on developing code for autoform fill in website
  40. [SOLVED] homework troubles, any help would be appreciated
  41. Trouble with writing/reading array to/from file
  42. Unwanted appendices
  43. A GUI issue.
  44. Complete Noob -- A little help would be appreciated...
  45. Password writing file
  46. Java Homework Help
  47. Check OS
  48. Begginer Java - Bug in my code?
  49. HTML Parsing
  50. Help using String and character analyzers such as isDigit() and isLetter()
  51. Run Time Error
  53. I am having major issues with layouts
  54. [SOLVED] where I'm wrong?
  55. Java GUI not working
  56. Initializing a downloaded class in another class
  57. Java Multithreading Example - Issues
  58. Midi message from an input device. Help needed with the messages I'm receiving.
  59. extract selected text out of a pdf file using java
  60. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  61. Need help with what to do next
  62. Help writing the IF statement for Y/N
  63. [SOLVED] Linked List (adding alphabetically)
  64. [SOLVED] how to format double value?
  65. Creating a javadoc help please.
  66. LinkedList : Adding elements in constructor
  67. Couple compile errors for dice game
  68. [SOLVED] java calendar
  69. Java If Statement
  70. Code help
  71. Need help on access encrypted folder
  72. substring StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  73. Code help with reset button error
  74. i need help
  75. [SOLVED] Not finding main class
  76. Trying to make 3 images become random in an Applet. Need help
  77. Eclipse not recognizing my method for class.
  78. What am I missing?
  79. Elements in double array (java)
  80. [SOLVED] Printing A Histogram...
  81. Initializing and Receiving Variables, Creating Methods
  82. Help with inserting into a b-tree
  83. I'm stuck on my Camelot game
  84. [SOLVED] Please help with my while loop that turned into infinite loop!
  85. Check if 'int' is empty
  86. Scheduling algorithm
  87. Creating object everytime object is called
  88. BlueJ trouble or program trouble (Combining Arraylists)
  89. [SOLVED] Traversing two different linked list
  90. Reading ints into a multidimensional array
  91. Auto Update JLabel on JButton Press?
  92. Please Help!!!
  93. Strange boxes appearing
  94. Arraylist input help, quick question.
  95. Can't Figure out Why I am Getting Null Pointer Exception
  96. Please help me to do the search edit and delete. PLEASE :(
  97. Literation Code
  98. Help With errors. Please.
  99. String Arrays []
  100. Need help with a Java Assignment regarding enums and arrays
  101. Help! | Slecht/niet runnen van .java
  102. Help with assignment about a board game (enum and array question)
  103. Popout Jframe, Everything is STACKING!!! Help!
  104. help creating a virtual Object
  105. help with circular linked list
  106. Need help with Huffman coding, please?
  107. Seperating String with comma
  108. Why isn't this code working?
  109. File Input Trouble
  110. How to get rid of this?
  111. GUI Help
  112. Threads in BankAccount program
  113. More GUI help
  114. Google Chart from database Servlet not working
  115. applet is not initialized. Help will be appreciated
  116. repaint in a JButton while loop.
  117. Network connectivity issues with my project
  118. Need direction on how to get the output desired from Parking Ticket Simulator
  119. Seeking help with a program.
  120. Total Sales Error
  121. [SOLVED] URLConnection inconsistency + SSCCE
  122. How do I add Junit package
  123. Happy Pi Day ; a Pi Game!
  124. fcntl.ioctl equalient code in java ?
  125. Exception at main...
  126. Matrix multiplying using separate input classes and a GUI
  127. [SOLVED] Array Population via .txt File
  128. [SOLVED] Using variable across methods
  129. [Newbie] Method will not execute.
  130. My code return null, Why?
  131. Super-beginner needs help! URGENT
  132. n00b asking jspinner question
  133. Overloading Method
  134. Type mismatch: cannot convert from void to ClassX.MethodX
  135. JAVA LOOP HELP!!!
  136. replaceAll() help
  137. Need Help! Out of bounds error on ARRAYS!!
  138. [SOLVED] Help with my Java program: Making change from an entered double.
  139. Not Reading From Text File
  140. Help needed to figure out why I keep getting error messages in Eclipse
  141. [SOLVED] Simple Library Program / Need feedback.
  142. How to use GNU Crypto LIbrary in Matlab via Java Interface
  143. Switch Case Problem help
  144. Java Programming - Dice Game Help!
  145. Decimal Bianry Converter - Certain Expectation for assignment
  146. Why isn't this code working?
  147. [SOLVED] Can't reassign boolean value!
  148. Begginer : help would be much appreciated for this exercice!
  149. need help on my project..
  150. Error In WavFile.....
  151. [SOLVED] Array Index out of bounds Exception
  152. How can you get the compiler to run more than one public class?
  153. JSF - input field is not updated
  154. Need helpt with sorting arrays?
  155. Trouble Creating a DFS Maze
  156. My polymorphism code won't work
  157. problem with enum (int to months)
  158. What did I do wrong here?
  159. [SOLVED] Help with my Java program: Applet that draws 5 random circles.
  160. Leap Year/Calendar Program. toString() method error.
  161. [SOLVED] Error in calling JFrame's super.
  162. Count number of 'coin'p coins in a "machine"
  163. Inheritance not working!
  164. Sorting a Linked List
  165. Search Term Program Problem
  166. Trying to print a method for a table
  167. Dijkstra's code help
  168. Help with understanding simple GUI Code
  169. [SOLVED] Need help with Pick A Card Program Please
  170. Passing variables with void methods
  171. [SOLVED] System exit command is not working properly
  172. need help with phone number program for homework
  173. "Variable not initialized"
  174. Can my board and rent fees be set up like this for a monopoly(Multi array for rents?)
  175. i am having a problem with the distance formula,help needed!
  176. Need help with calculating stock code.
  177. Accessing Private Int in a Subclass
  178. Need help with calculating stock with joptionpane
  179. null pointer exception on extending a server class
  180. Jquery issue? dont know if I can ask on thsi forum.
  181. [SOLVED] Try Catch Problems
  182. hi its mery , and iam new i have this code
  183. problem with Random()
  184. urgent help!
  185. problem with printing to text area
  186. Warning when I do a build
  187. Problem with my poker program
  188. Java Code Help on Draw method
  189. Modulus with BigIntegers
  190. Problem: Grabbing Ints from JTextField
  191. [SOLVED] Combing println with for loop
  192. How to use Get and Set methods
  193. char problems
  194. string identifier symbol not found
  195. cannot find symbol error with defining a string
  196. Am I doing this right? (demonstrate TWO sorting algorithms)
  197. creating a simple console menu
  198. [SOLVED] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  199. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  200. Error with taking float numbers from an input dialog box.
  201. Starting a Path
  202. Adding add/remove button to add/remove tab
  203. how to add a JFrame listener for a JPanel
  204. Formatting white space to 3 characters in parentheses
  205. Help with using mergesort to sort a list of names alphabetically?
  206. Problem of Making Jar
  207. NullPointerException trouble
  208. new to java, and need help with assigment
  209. [SOLVED] Translate sentence to morse cod?
  210. Regular expression handling
  211. System.out.println("Message");
  212. this is easy for those who know java!!
  213. Hello Hello
  214. Game for Small Children Program
  215. Image Doesn't Display with Qualified Image Path????
  216. No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost/books
  217. won't load png
  218. png problem continued
  219. how to plot the line graph using jfreechart reading from text file
  220. java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Hashtable
  221. Help with Group Layout
  222. Matrix Generator
  223. Java Script or HTML
  224. Read input, read file, find match, and output... URGENT HELP!
  225. What is worng in my java code
  226. Please help me solve this problem, this is really urgent!
  227. HTML Unit Help
  228. how to plot a line graph by reading the values from database?
  229. [SOLVED] Char Array Increment + 1
  230. JOptionPane menu and multiple methods
  231. [SOLVED] A little help please~~How should i fix it??
  232. I need a little help
  233. Help with Bounded Buffer problem
  234. [SOLVED] (LWJGL)openGL arraylist rendering problem
  236. problem in plotting graph for same x-axis values
  237. JDialog from JFrame button (GUI)
  238. Switch position of nodes on list
  239. AS Assignment project - Creating a game in Greenfoot
  240. Needing some help with array getter and setter methods!!
  241. Need help finishing my program
  242. Problem w/ Hashmap. Null Pointer?
  243. Chaos Problems.
  244. Inheritance; Problem with Test class
  245. Using a HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery website template, can't get the Java pop-ups to work..
  246. Problem with sorting by alphabetical order
  247. [SOLVED] Write a program that merges two files containing alphabetized lists of student record
  248. [SOLVED] Keyboard Listeners and ImagePanel
  249. TFTP Server not allowing data transfer
  250. How to load specific .midi (music) files from the cache?