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  1. Not Reaching If Statement
  2. help, help
  3. Trying to get 'frame.getContentPane().getCursor().getType();' to read outside frame
  4. How Do i add pictures to a jframe?
  5. Help with R.id error (New Boston Tutorials)
  6. String index out of range?
  7. [SOLVED] I Forgot how to set a size to a JTextArea
  8. Using eclipse JRE 6.0 don't know what's wrong
  9. using eclipse on fedora
  10. Reading XML File using DOMParser and have problem with accessing xml
  11. Simple Shopping Cart..... not so simple
  12. Java application works fine in IDE but not in windows
  13. new use of bufferedreader, uncharted territory
  14. [SOLVED] No errors, but output not correct? Only one loop performed correctly! Help please :)
  15. Java web app, Saving to desktop?
  16. java program on fedora
  17. Java program runs out of memory (-xms1024 -xmx1024)
  18. Trouble passing parameters!
  19. What's wrong with my code??? I have been struggling for 2 days !!!!
  20. [SOLVED] Issue when returning an array
  21. Arrays for mortgage calc
  22. Changing colours of objects
  23. [SOLVED] Jframe Pop outs when clicking JButton
  24. problem with a maze program
  25. Updating a text area from a JtextField! HELP
  26. Problem with Bearing calculation appearing as NaN
  27. JTable Row Color
  28. Multiple methods in the same inner class?
  29. [B]Null Pointer Exception[/B]-- Please Help!!!
  30. Help me...its urgent...its simple but no idea
  31. Turning a JSP into a JAVA file
  32. bubble sort problem please help!!
  33. Error: The import java.swing cannot be resolved [in drJava]
  34. A Card Game
  35. Pretty basic java program..need some help!
  36. Need some assistance please
  37. Tetris Mobile Game is not running.
  38. Creating Callout shape window
  39. Need some help changing the colors of a picture
  40. Employee Class Exercise... Code will not run!!!!
  41. Can't display an image...
  42. program not compiling
  43. Scanner not working properly.
  44. Enter in name ....need a little bit of help!
  45. BackTracking in a maze
  46. Drawing Polygrams
  47. problems with my code
  49. Print array with commas
  50. Not able to read from a textfiel the way it's supposed to.
  51. How do I put action with my auto-gen UI?
  52. Error in URL connection
  53. Primitive types
  54. How Compare Integers using the if statement and && operator? Can it be done?
  55. Somehow it's not adding to an ArrayList of ArrayLists.
  56. English to L33T Translator
  57. BufferedReader hangs when handling POST method data
  58. Help with game applet
  59. 2nd week with Java. Help with a few basic syntax errors?
  60. Base64 encoding is not working.
  61. Incorrect results
  62. Code won't compile, but can't find the error....
  63. Beginner question about for loops...
  64. Can't seem to align the numbers
  65. English to L33T Translator
  66. Printing 2d array
  67. Static? Void? Trying to display date...O_o
  68. Binary Search for an array of random ints - Can't find the target value
  69. Can Somebody check this code?
  70. Applet array paint/print question
  71. Random variable order.
  72. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  73. Please I Help Me for My Code
  74. JSP / Java Problem - Twitter search application
  75. What's Wrong With My Code?
  76. New to Java, Shape Won't Show in Console
  77. My bullseye won't show
  78. Family Income Project
  79. file flash on java
  80. [SOLVED] 2 dimensional array storing help!
  81. [SOLVED] Arrow keys to navigate a maze in a console program
  82. Declaring static character array
  83. Help displaying a new string to GUI
  84. [SOLVED] problem with instantiating object
  85. [SOLVED] A question about updates. (Program dosent update until refreshed)
  86. [SOLVED] Nothing really wrong but i cant seem to get past a stone wall
  87. cannot find symbol
  88. I had an old code it really sucked, so i now am making a new one
  89. Getting Exception Errors, But Not Sure How To Fix Code
  90. Finding the range of 2 integer inputs
  91. [SOLVED] stack overflow error
  92. String.split("") puts null in the first index
  93. Help with a lab!
  94. mp3 file cant be resolved
  95. Strings in switch are not supported in source 1.5...
  96. Any ideas?
  97. GUI HELP
  98. [SOLVED] Having Issues Wish this Program
  99. Not sure what to do next!
  100. 2D Array with Strings
  101. Decimal to Hexadecimal, Without Java Libraries.
  102. If-Else Statement and Math
  103. [SOLVED] Can someone help with my code and psuedocode.
  104. beginner developing android app to stream radio station needs help!
  105. variable might not have been initialized...help appreciated
  106. Using JFrame interfaces
  107. First post, very new to Java, don't kill me...NEED HELP
  108. Pascal's Triangle Program
  109. Problem in passing an object class through socket
  110. What do I need to do?
  111. I need help starting my pseudocode. My book doesn't explain it well at all.
  112. Bit Strings in Java
  113. Need help with chars/or's/if statements
  114. Need help using Arrays!
  115. If stament
  116. Can anyone help with my code please??
  117. How do I stop my answer from looping?
  118. Find prime nums from 1-100 algorithm
  119. Abstract class variable help
  120. [SOLVED] JFrame Menu bar errors.
  121. I am a beginner please help :)
  122. tic tac toe single array code help
  123. Prime Number Code Help!
  124. Can someone help me with this please?
  125. Hexadecimal to Binary WITH leading zeros???
  126. [SOLVED] help pulling information from different classes when you have more than one
  127. Can anyone help with my code please?? (Reading the Registry)
  128. code to refresh and check the code of a webpage..
  129. Problem with My Leap Year Calculation
  130. a recorsive method to get level of a certin leaf on a binary tree???
  131. [SOLVED] working with BigDecimal and MathContext
  132. JTextField returns a string, but I want an int
  133. Help camparing array elements
  134. Beginner needs help with a program
  135. How to get Present working Directory(Exact path) in java..?
  136. How do I get my answers to out with 2 decimal places?
  137. Refreshing from teh main class
  138. BFS Travel not in the sequence
  139. Help with beginner mutator method
  140. Estimating the adult height of a child
  141. Object oriented programming
  142. Sales not working
  143. user input mismatch problem
  144. problems running recursion, any help would be grealty appreciated!
  145. Finding the average of two double digits.
  146. Making a program that calculates how many days you lived.
  147. I am having an issue with my code
  148. help with code
  149. making a program that draws two circles and calculates the area and circumference
  150. "Separate Numbers"-Problem:Assigning Variables to User Inputs.
  151. sine cosine problem
  152. need help finishing up this project but I don't know the code...please help
  153. Strings not being added to arraylist
  154. Missing elements in array
  155. Struggling Student seeks Guidance...
  156. Java Program that plots point on a graph..need some help.
  157. GUI's
  158. How to graph the following code. I got the code but not the graph. ty for your time!
  159. [SOLVED] Stuck and can't get past it!
  160. [SOLVED] I don't know why this error using get() method from the ArrayList class
  161. Problem Finding Value from List
  162. Ignoring cases
  163. Beginner for Java, need help with this code I wrote
  164. Help with UTF-8 characters into Oracle database
  165. Code won't compile
  166. Trying to modify class so when toString method returns in different format than given
  167. Tree java
  168. Coding Problem
  169. Alternative to thread.sleep?
  170. Trying to learn Java programming
  171. Problem with School Assignment.
  172. GUI help
  173. Trouble with bounding values Assignment
  174. "Game of Life" help
  175. I'm making a program that recognizes cards say for poker
  176. Need help with probability assignment
  177. First real program help
  178. Cracker Barrel puzzle solver using Recursion
  179. In desperate need of help. Making an exponents table.
  180. downloaded file from HTTP look like damaged but file size in bytes is the same
  181. why i cannot use this class if working with another workspace?
  182. Password Hash - Brute Force Test - SHA-1
  183. Cannot Find symbol error! On new Object
  184. Help needed with java coding!!
  185. JOption Output Message
  186. Interesting task with regular expressinos
  187. Arrays (Beginer)
  188. Jar not WORKING FOR ANYONE BUT ME!!!!!!!! HELP
  189. simple prime or composite numbers
  190. Uppercase and Lowercase in a string
  191. callin a class from antoher class
  192. [SOLVED] Card Program"War" Class help
  193. Can anybody help me fix this, what I am supposed to do is at the top
  194. linked list null pointer exception
  195. Where did I mess up?
  196. Won't display calculated fahrenheit and celsius when running.
  197. might not have been instilized
  198. 1st Assignment Sem 2 Counter + GUI
  199. OSGI - missing imported package=org.apache.commons.collections
  200. Loan Repayment
  201. [SOLVED] nullPointerException, but doesn't look wrong to me
  202. help with code
  203. Sierpinski's Triangle in Graphics
  204. Creating a Sudoku Program Assignment
  205. Having trouble with my program, can someone please help?
  206. Code having problems please help - Invalid method declaration, return type required.
  207. Do while loop beak.
  208. Whats wrong with my java code? I really need help!
  209. Picture blurred to nitida in the profile...search code!
  210. Calculator dividing by 0 problem.
  211. Does this work?
  212. Problem with Memory Card Game
  213. Mouse Maze..Plz Help
  214. Need Help with code ...beginner
  215. Issue with running DataGimmick program
  216. I don't get why this code isn't working
  217. Why doesn't this work!
  218. How to align text? Printf?
  219. Best way to turn a single class into multiple classes
  220. Problem with Excelapi: Error: package jxl does not exist
  221. [SOLVED] Random Colors Problem
  222. Have user enter in 2 inputs instead of using -1 to end. Help appreciated!
  223. binary tree not building correctly
  224. Help with this very simple error
  225. return help
  226. ArrayList recursion return help
  227. How to notify() and proceed past wait()
  228. [SOLVED] Sorting strings alphabetically
  229. Help with my program please :) I can't figure this out.
  230. David
  231. please help me out
  232. Recursive Maze Help
  233. I am stumped.
  234. Help..Simple GUI needs help,can not sort out these red lines..
  235. can someone tell me what's wrong with my code
  236. Can someone help me with my code.
  237. Tic Tac Toe Program, Can someone help me out????
  238. Calendar from user input PROBLEM!
  239. Tic Tac Toe Program, Can someone help me out????
  240. Need help understanding math.random method.
  241. Beginner seeking help with quick problem in program
  242. Accessing specific class if condition is true
  243. Need help figuring this out its driving me Nutz!
  244. Gradebook error?
  245. Reusable classes.
  246. Need help with simple repetition statement
  247. Seeking help with minesweeper style program.
  248. Need help with my code for calculating monthly payment on a loan
  249. Can I change attributedstring into string?
  250. Needs help with code