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  1. Simple game problem
  2. Options window for game
  3. Help, Building List & finding min and max
  4. Removing Duplicate Values From an Array
  5. Need Help Understanding Where I went wrong
  6. Need help with a beginning level stock program
  7. get vowel character from strings
  8. Program works fine but with friend it doesn't work
  9. Need some Input on an application
  10. Help! ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  11. How to run a "Add"-method from a method?
  12. My GUI is EWWIE please help!
  13. Reading a File, using Scanner, then assigning all values in the file to an array
  14. Infix calculator problem
  15. Can multiple servers share one RMI Registry?
  16. can't add a file
  17. How can I create a jigsaw puzzle with Array multi-dimensional?
  18. Help with storing objects in array? :(
  19. Recursion Guidance
  20. Translate Turbo Pascal code in Java
  21. Simple Google Maps like Image viewer in Java
  22. [SOLVED] Converting primitive data types causing NumberFormatException
  23. Returning to a loop after showConfirmDialog.
  24. Check Password Program
  25. Java Quick Sort Optimization
  26. how can i pass objects into a parameter and display them in the method
  27. Simple Proxy Server, Bypassing. Help
  28. Comparing a character to an array of strings
  29. Looking for duplicate birthdays program
  30. How do I sort strings without using the sort method?
  31. Error with code to implement sound
  32. something strange
  33. Array with null (same for Arraylist)
  34. [SOLVED] problem in simple program, new user
  35. Variable error help
  36. Counting the amount of zeroes, odd and even numbers in an integer
  37. [SOLVED] need help with this loop
  38. [SOLVED] Need Help ASAP with my code. should be an easy one for you guys!
  40. Program to calculate pay and total sum with daily increment. Urgent!
  41. i'm making a logical error here but i'm not seeing it.
  42. Program to compares two text files!
  43. Bank Account Program re-post
  44. Help needed with Comparator objects and Collections
  45. guessing game
  46. Automatic Solver
  47. Serialization of lists
  48. Time taken for execution is more
  49. Help me write this program.
  50. Help moving the ship in Space invaders
  51. Numbers moving that shouldnt be
  52. ISBNValidator
  53. [SOLVED] Problem with OpenGL via LWJGL
  54. please help with if-else statement, loops and beginner stuff
  55. [SOLVED] String problem
  56. How do I display the contents of this array?
  57. Help with tic tac toe java program?
  58. Variable might not have been initialized
  59. User input and calculations problems
  60. Problems with a code
  61. Scope problem
  62. Checking whether a string is a substring of another string without using indexOf
  63. Running into a problem with my program.
  64. MultiSet - Enable assertions.
  65. Beginner Project
  66. java buffer problem florida tech
  67. where to break array sorting?
  68. Problem with FileReader
  69. ...differ in length error; homework starter code not working.
  70. collision detection not working...
  71. been many years since I programmed in java
  72. I need help with my methods please?
  73. Address Book Program in java
  74. Help with methods?
  75. Image not responding to keyboard?
  76. Programming Problems Need Help
  77. Throwing Null Pointer Exception
  78. [SOLVED] Cannot find symbol - Calling method passing array Pets
  79. How can i improve this code?
  80. Wordguess program wouldn't run
  81. Need help with my assignment
  82. Remaining compile errors: no suitable method found for & cannot find symbol
  83. "Cannot find symbol" compilation error
  84. simple program for reading text file
  85. REVERSI aka OTHELLO GAME HELP. I need help with this program. please
  86. Doubles are somehow Strings?
  87. Need Help with this Java Calculator
  88. Input/Output help if possible
  89. need help with validating results
  90. Trouble with Java payroll program
  91. g.setColor or repaint is not working
  92. Help in putting actions to buttons
  93. Problem with scope, please help!
  94. Parent JSP Page is not refreshing properly after modifying a child Jsp.
  95. [SOLVED] Directions Buttons needs picture
  96. Noob needs a bit of help
  97. Mini Search Engine Help
  98. Character Count Frequently
  99. BASIC program help
  100. Need Beginner Calculator Program help!
  101. Let's build tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) together...
  102. Need help on a basic matter
  103. Subtracting each element from an array
  104. [SOLVED] Flesch Readability Index Code
  105. Classpath override not working correctly in command prompt?
  106. TimeApp
  107. Help with this names program
  108. Splitting String
  109. Top ten most frequently occurring characters program
  110. Actionlistener and actionperformed question
  111. Null Error
  112. Java formatting assignment.
  113. Help with using pre-created objects and Vectors **First Post :)**
  114. Adding to a string array?
  115. compiler error regarding method call
  116. Coursework help!
  117. Output alignment help
  118. Two Problems Try catch and If
  119. [SOLVED] Access Denied when extracting zip file.
  120. Having trouble over here, sorry if the answer is obvious.....
  121. Need help please
  122. How to do simple formatting in java times tables?
  123. using ArrayList to hold double, convert from object
  124. Trying to create Triangles with Characters and Spaces
  125. tictactoe client-server game
  126. Multi-Dimentional Array: I can't seem to print out the variables please help.
  127. tic tac toe game problem with X and O
  128. today is 1st day with java and i am screwed...
  129. drawing is in the same postion :(
  130. JOption to JFrame HELP...messed my program up
  131. [SOLVED] Exception Handling
  132. Adding sound to program.
  133. Find the two largest number
  134. A basic calculator
  135. How to find the larget number on binary search tree
  136. [SOLVED] Program is running successfully but still getting error message..
  137. InputMismatchException try catch block not working as expected
  138. server and client
  139. "\b" not "back spacing"?
  140. repaint() event does not work.
  141. Why does it enter this if ?
  142. deleting all linked list elements using ADT
  143. i am new..hello^^
  144. Implementing Sha256 and not getting the result I should get
  145. How to get user's browser serial number using JSF?
  146. Late binding problem ?
  147. How do I access this value?
  148. Saving string value of an iterator Object into a variable.
  149. Problem with Controls because of buttons
  150. Looping method problem.
  151. keyPressed method not working?
  152. please correct my programme on swings
  153. LDAP Sort 2 attributes returns NO results. Works fine if sorted on one.
  154. Regex code to match character * in IpAddress
  155. Please held. What is wrong with my code? I am a beginner ;)
  156. Simple media type program
  157. Help with my game of life program
  158. Can Some one explain to me why the output will be like this...
  159. Help me to fix this code
  160. java code for fibonacci series?
  161. newbie question: Error: Could not find or load main class Java Result: 1
  162. [SOLVED] Help with concentration program
  163. Help fixing my first program
  164. My java program won't add up the numbers?
  165. Painfully simple Applet problem.
  166. Are these math statements correct?
  167. Screenshot wont draw to picture?
  168. Java delegates problem
  169. [SOLVED] Exercise that prints the cell phones' bills. Please help.
  170. (TOTAL BEGINNER)Stupid problem but still...
  171. WHAT IS WRONG??!?!? unknown error
  172. (Total Beginner): Any suggestions on how to do that?
  173. Array of Movies
  174. [SOLVED] What's wrong with my code?? (Total beginner)
  175. Employee class won't set salary and number values
  176. I need a hand in editing this game
  177. Components I add to JApplet won't appear!
  178. Need help please
  179. [SOLVED] How to make a class be static if it's the main class.
  180. Binary to Decimal Conversion
  181. [SOLVED] Jar File Not Working.
  182. Need help my values wont return
  183. Error while compile
  184. static &netbeans
  185. drawImage help! :(
  186. [SOLVED] Could someone help me with this code?
  187. [SOLVED] no main manifest attribute, in Exampletut.jar
  188. [SOLVED] Jar file only Works on my computer?
  189. [SOLVED] Is This Closing To Code Normal?
  190. FileWrite Over-Writing txt Files. D:
  191. [SOLVED] Help with SYNCHRONIZED
  192. Display a JTextField inside a JPanel
  193. What Wrong With My Code: IOException.
  194. How to execute a Callable Statement
  195. Class Casting
  196. Your input with written code (Sorting and searching within array)
  197. Why doesn't this work?
  198. [SOLVED] What's Wrong With My Code: If Statement.
  199. unable to add my array(Words[]) to PriorityQueue
  200. Cannot find symbol
  201. KeyEvent Running Twice?
  202. [SOLVED] (Total begginner) simple GUI program nt displayin
  203. Help me improve my code.
  204. [SOLVED] Arrays being initialized from another class
  205. What's the bug in this code?
  206. I want to improve my code.
  207. Cannot assign requested address
  208. I cant work it out!!!
  209. Please help i cant figure it out - problems with Location and Line
  210. Trouble sending an email from my program
  211. From python to java
  212. Why it is showing error??
  213. StackOverFlow Error
  214. First Go: I don't think my code is arranged properly.
  215. servlet refresh problem after database query
  216. Excel Text Box to string in a cell
  217. More number theory
  218. Need help with parameter passing in my project? (Beginner)
  219. please need help ... for the delete method in array
  220. JList Update and Clear + Other Annoying Crap... Up for a challenge? Lol (Help)
  221. Animation in JApplet
  222. Trying to display Unicode characters
  223. How to make a FontChooser return a font in a Notepad.
  224. Need help with a wheel of fortune game
  225. Calling / Updating class?
  226. [SOLVED] JPanel GridLayout isn't working
  227. Import Comma Delimited File to 2D Array
  228. need some help with this error
  229. [SOLVED] (Beginner) Program doesnt work
  230. MinMaxAccount
  231. what wrong with this??
  232. Recursion, arrays and greatest common divisor
  233. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException issue (Beginner?)
  234. [SOLVED] .propertie files...
  235. Just a simple one for a newbie!!
  236. Isolating a single word from user input...
  237. (beginner) if else code.
  238. How to check for shortage of command line arguments
  239. [SOLVED] Bad operand types for binary operator '<' error issue (beginner)
  240. (Beginner/Intermediate) Tic Tac Toe game issues
  241. startActivity error in for Android graph view
  242. Where are all the symbols!? Poor Java can't find them... :(
  243. Error Check Not Working
  244. beginner question--boolean expressions
  245. If/Else Statment Help
  246. Key Listener problem!
  247. Need help playing sound in backround of a program in a loop.(Please Fix my code!)
  248. finding the most repeated name in a stack
  249. [SOLVED] Writing into ViewBuffers!! need help
  250. Please Help me Find the Error