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  2. Question. Lots of Maths!
  3. Flipping mechanism bug
  4. Idk what is wrong
  5. A few fixable errors. Please help :(
  6. help with tax program???
  7. Counter troubles
  8. beginner-urgent java help needed
  9. All Digits only
  10. Issues with clearing my JList?
  11. while loop wont exit
  12. Unscrambler, trying to get the last word of a dictionary...
  13. A password code
  15. describe this program code by code ....
  16. fncharts plotting buy sell signal codes please resolve it
  17. Array in constructor and deep copy.
  19. Simple code apparently too hard for me...
  20. Need help with looping!
  21. Difficulty with method headers.
  22. method undefined error
  23. Exception Thrown
  24. How to make this code even simpler
  25. [SOLVED] n00b having problems running code
  26. [SOLVED] Conditional Operator "?:" not compiling
  27. NoSuchElementException
  28. I have a logical error
  29. Jumble
  30. NOOB: Array Help
  31. A program with input and output on different method besides the main method
  32. Setting what currency i want with getCurrencyInstance()
  33. Priority Queue help
  34. Problem with getWidth() and getHeight()
  35. I need help with my FullScreen Code
  36. Java animation using pictures help
  37. need help with a function...
  38. Java error correcting, testing for a square issue i think
  39. Multiple nullpointerexceptions in my code.
  40. Need help int JTextField
  41. software can discover the errors of java codes ?
  42. why it is essential to use (int) ?
  43. Logical error and having trouble HELP!
  44. [SOLVED] wildcard delete
  45. Carpet Calculator Problem using aggregation
  46. Cumulative sum of entries
  47. finding the amt of words and chars in a give file
  48. parallel array newbie
  49. Convert Int to Doubel value without exponents and decimal value.
  50. Calculation error...very New to Java..please be kind.
  51. Checking 2d Arrays to Determine if they are Magic Squares (all sums are the same)
  52. Why does this program run?
  53. [SOLVED] Help using addAll without using listCopy
  54. Noob needs help!
  55. Exception when making window fullscreen
  56. display the generated Math.random number
  57. JSCI library (multiresolution function) to make wavelet
  58. New to java trying a GUI
  59. binarySearch troubles
  60. Error I cannot figure out for the life of me
  61. string==null or string.equals(null) problem
  62. Scanner delimiter
  63. Loop won't stop. Please help.
  64. [SOLVED] java.lang.NullPointerException
  65. Theatre Seating- program compiles but doesn't work the way it is supposed to
  66. FractionCalculator StringTokenizer with parsing DUE IN 4 HOURS
  67. How do I change my output to 1 decimal place?
  68. [SOLVED] Insurance Premium class not compiling
  69. Displaying Array Not Working.
  70. [SOLVED] Calculator Program
  71. Java Equation correct syntax
  72. Make brick wall using BlueJ
  73. rock paper si
  74. Very simple chat program hanging
  75. Phone Directory code
  76. Password Strength Meter
  77. Lucene Index Writing on SSD Drive
  78. 46: Unreachable Statement
  79. character problem
  80. Efficiency problem
  81. Changing Cursor Properly
  82. Designing an Account Class
  83. Newbie Java problem --->"Cannot make a static reference to the non-static field data"
  84. [SOLVED] cannot find symbol error
  85. How to make Eclipse work with txt file?
  86. Hey 16 year old only started Java this morning, what is wrong with my code?
  87. Help Please!
  88. Help! Can't make it print right!
  89. My random generator isn't working. Please help!
  90. How do I connect 2 method headers to make it recursive???
  91. Calendar.MONTH return wrong value
  92. i'm getting th error, when i put a method to get the position of the smallest no
  93. i'm getting th error, when i put a method to get the position of the smallest no
  94. Baseball stats error
  95. GPA Calculation Program using an input file
  96. [SOLVED] Least Coins Needed For Amount class
  97. HELP!! Phone Directory Program
  98. Cannot find symbol
  99. BankAccount assignment problem
  100. HELP! Confused at why I'm not getting output
  101. [SOLVED] having a little trouble
  102. Help with Clock (advance and reverse day,hour,minute)
  103. Java program which finds an approximate solution to an equation f(x)=0.
  104. [SOLVED] Confused on what tokenizer to use and how to use them.
  105. [SOLVED] getting the end of the month for a given date
  106. Java error
  107. HELP! Constructor and "toString" method...
  108. Help determining which day a particular date falls on.
  110. no error when compiled but when the program runs .. help this !!!
  111. Calculating Percentile
  112. Assembling a Home System....
  113. Checkout line Simulation
  114. file won't compile
  115. Threads priority: low priority run faster than high priority
  116. Simple code, cant get it working.
  117. Scaling a graph in console
  118. [SOLVED] Making Binary Converter script from scratch, running into math issue.
  119. [SOLVED] Null Pointer Exception-Freecell
  120. Java Calculation Incorrect
  121. I give up. Need help changing color of JTabbedPane selected Tab. I've Googled so hard
  122. Need a non void method to return the first three characters of a string
  123. Matching Pairs game - something's not right?
  124. dynamic web project run from double-clicking icon
  125. Code compiles fine but doesn't run Properly
  126. Why cant I use toString() with vector?
  127. variable might not be initialized problem. Can someone tell me whats wrong?
  128. Error when adding ActionListener to JButton
  129. Need some help with this code - Asap
  130. Notepad is opening on click of submit instead navigating to other page
  131. [SOLVED] Can someone help me with this code asap
  132. Need help with simple class and demo program
  133. need help .. what is wrong with my code.
  134. Need help!!! Asap PLEASE!!!!
  135. Is there any way to control all browsers functionality using java program ?
  136. Implementing a Driver to following code
  137. Java Program to Check whether a Expression is Valid using Stack
  138. Using CharAt statement
  139. NOOB problem here.
  140. PriorityQ and MaxHeap
  141. [SOLVED] Noobie equals() problem.
  142. Please help with array code
  143. PLease help, I am trying to...
  144. I am having a hard time with my code
  145. Icons not visable?
  146. having bad time with basic calculator code
  147. How to replace dollar signs with ""?
  148. Checkers game code
  149. please help, simple problem
  150. 0 seems to be comming out as 48?
  152. Help needed for beginner. Im so confused
  153. Help with code dealing with parallel arrays.
  154. Generating array (or arraylist) matrix from txt file
  155. Little help with this project please
  156. Liitle help with Jmenu
  157. Making sure I answered this question completely.
  158. Crawler has trouble logging in.
  159. How do I fix my program?
  161. Fixing the scan input
  162. Need more help, this time requiring the Comparable interface
  163. Help with Sudoku function please
  164. covariant return type
  165. BlinkingLabel-StackOverflow Error
  166. bingo ticket loop problem (doesn't compile like it should...)
  167. [SOLVED] Error Message: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException etc.
  168. Java assignment help
  169. What do i have to do to fix my code?
  170. Hello Everyone. Need Help if possible
  171. Nested for loops and array
  172. sumone help me with y code
  173. Saving to a text file
  174. Does this code meet the standards set forth?
  175. Code is giving an error in console, but there are no errors apparent in the code!
  176. Null Pointer Exception?
  177. Finding Chromatic Number of a Simple Graph w/ Brute Force Algorithm
  178. .java File not found
  179. What's wrong with my code?
  180. validate XMl by using XMLUnit and JUnit test?
  181. LinkedList Iterator
  182. Strange errors with java.nio.file
  183. [SOLVED] Linear array search(without Arraylist)
  184. Code for Decryption
  185. HELP: I have problem casting from Vector to Integer in Java
  186. [SOLVED] Replacing dots with spaces
  187. How to change a String value into a number and then back into a String.
  188. I'm creating a sudoku program that is somehow in an infinite loops.
  189. Please Help Java Stack
  190. board of galton,simulation.
  191. Alright guys, I am having some serious trouble with this one.
  192. [SOLVED] Troubles with My code
  194. Need help coding Dice rolling simulation
  195. help with keeping client connected to server
  196. I need help with my code
  197. Need major help with a program for class
  198. Check numbers with characters like a phone keypad? Help!
  199. Help with get and set
  200. Creating multiple objects with a for loop
  201. [Help] Arranging Objects please help
  202. not sure where to go with this code, need to make it into an AI code
  203. Issue with reverse engineering what format this guy expects. Out of ideas
  204. Java Game - Alternate between players
  205. Help with simple enum problem
  206. guessing game assignment
  207. Dice game code creating help!
  208. Help with Program
  209. Not sure where the error is coming from
  210. MaxHeap/ PriorityQ HELP PLEASE!
  211. Need help correcting a JFrame program for class!
  212. Need help correcting my code for calculating sexy prime pairs
  213. Printing a Diamond shape Problem.
  214. [SOLVED] Not initializing
  215. Kill the Mice!
  216. help to find the error of coding
  217. Need help making an image move from one side of screen to the other.
  218. Pacman issue with walls
  219. Need help with a program
  220. Traffic Light problems
  221. Start: Applet not initiallized
  222. [SOLVED] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  223. can't compare class fields
  224. Polynomial LinkedList from Text File (Modification)
  225. Why do I get this error?
  226. Building a binary search tree
  227. Why does this equal that?
  228. not sure what the issue is here
  229. Comparing Input to array
  230. Need help with Tic Tac Toe assignment
  231. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError incompatible with
  232. whats wrong? help to newbie
  233. Exporting to an Excutable Jar
  234. Simple Java Homework : Due Wendsday Afternoon PLZ HELP!
  235. Entering objects from a file into an array
  236. Question about my project
  237. Null Exception Error & Help with PrintWriter
  238. Memory related query
  239. Something wrong with really,really simple code.
  240. Make a Cluster for given number of node
  241. MySQL Syntax Error
  242. Sorting and Searching: Most Efficient Code
  243. [SOLVED] Uploading a Java Applet embedded in HTML to a Web server
  244. incompatible types!!
  245. JToggleButton's icon won't show up when pressed!
  246. issue with logging!!
  247. custom GUI (Synth XML file) Question
  248. thread priority and eclipse
  249. beginner programmer trouble
  250. another assignment from beginner programmer trouble