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  1. Can anyone help me.. I cannot seem to get this menu looping
  2. Sorting substring?
  3. String Formatting on JOptionPane.showMessageDialog
  4. Manually recoloring buffered images
  5. i keep getting this error
  6. My AP CS Book Has Code Written in JRE5
  7. Simple curency convertor
  8. Issue with output format
  9. Program is attempting to change booleans yet the result is unsuccesful.
  10. I cannot get the right output in the right place. Where is my problem?
  11. calculate sum and product
  12. Studying for a test, can't figure out my code won't work
  13. Please help me with this question..
  14. [SOLVED] problem with time manipulation!
  15. need help to make my code flexible.
  16. New to Java : Need help with my integers rules
  17. Returning location instead of value?
  18. code issue, should be silple been working on it for four hours
  19. [SOLVED] How do I make my program accept letters?
  20. Help with a program..
  21. Why is it summing a long negative integer to zero????
  22. [SOLVED] isPrime Boolean Method returns true for squares of primes
  23. Prime Factorization Method: Won't reproduce all Factors every time
  24. RPN Help Please! (Order of Operations)
  25. Help with a java assignment?
  26. take a double, then round decimal to either to .0 or .5 only
  27. The program working fine but the "NO" button doesn't work
  28. Getting audio stream to play from jar file instead of system directory?
  29. Conditions and 'might not have been initialized' error.
  30. newbie help
  31. Problems with RepaintManager
  32. Making Coin Toss for Football game
  33. Help with pickup stones game
  34. Dont know how to recorrect
  35. Help with code that prints number of evens, odds, and 0's
  36. Noobie issues?
  37. How do I make this Palindrome tester ignore punctuation?
  38. i could use some help please!!!
  39. Separating Digits in a String
  40. Need help with java assigment
  41. Need help with some random java code.
  42. Java - Crypto ISBN number verification, GUI program
  43. DoubleQuadruple
  44. A chessboard with loops!
  45. Sphere (Volume/Surface Area)
  46. Can someone tell me how to fix this please
  47. Whats wrong with my code?
  48. Stack Practice: Evaluating Expressions Syntax
  49. Getting data back from a child form
  50. Java vending machine, minor thing.
  51. Confused..
  52. Easy Java Problem
  53. Please Help I'm stuck
  54. In Memory CD Database
  55. New to the complmunity, need some assistance please.
  56. Very Basic Java input Problem
  57. My 'if statements' are skipped after user input
  58. what is wrong with my code?
  59. Math Game? not sure whats wrong?
  60. My code runs forever without output
  61. Trouble with the use of isDigit and isLetter
  62. [SOLVED] Small problem regarding inheritance of classes
  63. assignment troubles polymorphism (guide for assignment included)
  64. I need join my code with the main metod, but i dont know how.
  65. [SOLVED] problem with accepting int!
  66. Newbie, Computing Student Help
  67. java.lang.NullPointerException
  68. can't figure whats wrong with my add method?? help!
  69. Help with methods
  70. [SOLVED] Using Stack Data Type to Solve an Infix Expression
  71. [SOLVED] Help figuring out why my method isn't executing as expected.
  72. Help with Average and Variables Please =)
  73. A logic / forloop question
  74. [SOLVED] Counting Addition "Carries"
  75. issue with arrays in Java
  76. Java Newbie..need help in guessing game program
  77. switch statement
  78. Don't know java ...Need help compare, explain 2 different versiosn of code.
  79. values of variables changing despite not modifying them
  80. Conversions Between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  81. Please help, thanks.
  82. Methodology to find bugs
  83. Help w/ my CPU Scheduler!!
  84. [SOLVED] Project Euler: Truncatable Primes
  85. Help with a makefile (javacc)
  86. Apache XML-RPC server creation problem
  87. JAVA1 - Final Project
  89. My code has error when its run....I dont understand what's wrong of it.
  90. Please help, newb with a simple question...
  91. Java USB detection
  92. help me , im confused!!!!
  93. Breakout Game Error
  94. keyboard listener not working
  95. Few questions
  96. beginer neeeds helppppp!
  97. Help with interrupting a loop without break or continue
  98. [SOLVED] (beginner) Switch Statement
  99. printing factors with 2 classes
  100. org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element
  101. getResources
  102. Why am I getting StackOverflow errors?
  103. How to repeat a while loop?
  104. [SOLVED] help me how to convert it to "2d to 1d"
  105. Bank Account HELP!!!! PLEASE.
  106. Need some help on my HS Project
  107. Help with instantiating a class within a switch statement
  108. Need help building a simple calculator
  109. Return Object does not return the expected output
  110. check all purchase using methos equals without operator if
  111. Printing out numbers from an Array.
  112. How do you edit an array?
  113. array problem that i need help with
  114. Histogram Java Program
  115. Try, catch? array help
  116. Need help with classes and constructors!!
  117. Version issue? Or what else can it be?
  118. Need help with a "missing return statement"
  119. Variable Error
  120. I'm either doing this entirely wrong or I'm missing something simple.
  121. Connect Four FAIL....
  122. Am I doing it rite? Using netbeans GUI builder
  123. Need help on the pyramid number!
  124. Simulated Linker with Scanner
  125. missing something so simple....help!
  126. [SOLVED] convert int to String
  127. Problems with "/n"?
  128. need a bump in the right direction
  129. okay, i'm getting REALLY upset
  130. Help with prog please.
  131. random problem
  132. Social Planner-Arrays and Super and Sub Classes
  133. Trouble wil XML Encoder/Decoder using linkedlist<parameter>
  134. Bucket Sort Help
  135. Intparse error. I have been trying to fix for hours.
  136. What's wrong with my context.xml ?
  137. Small problem in big code, not sure why
  138. Playing a .wav file in SplitPaneDemo code
  139. Amortization Loan, works, but need suggestions please.
  140. "Error: Variable might not have been initialized" mmm... I'm pretty sure it was
  141. httpServlet response
  142. why could this happen?
  143. Am I doing it right?
  144. Re: okay, i'm getting REALLY upset
  145. toString method
  146. i cannot figure out what's wrong
  147. my code isn't working an i can't figure out why
  148. Decimal To binary Recursive conversion java?
  149. Starting one class from another class.
  150. linked list
  151. Getting Error in code pls help
  152. InnerClass troubles
  153. PDF iText code frustrating
  154. Having problem to stop reading strings
  155. [SOLVED] Nested Loops & Processing Strings
  156. Looking for help with assignment
  157. Help with Assignment
  158. Problem with Java code for Project
  159. type conversion error
  160. application that determines and prints the number of odd, even, and zero digits
  161. Help with Comparable interface.
  162. Beginner/Intermediate Java Code - NullPointerException and wrong output.
  163. Struggling with if and if else
  164. Cannot get Java to play a sound...
  165. How to separate ArrayLists in memory?
  166. Type magic
  167. AWT Desktop Open
  168. help with board game assignment
  169. Seaching an array confusion
  170. Beauty School student taking JAVA? doesn't work out so well, NEED HELP!
  171. Can anybody correct the code?
  172. Case Switch Help?
  174. help for this java question
  175. Inverted Equilatieral Triangle (Asterisks) - Not Equilateral :-(
  176. Aranging objects on a Gui
  177. Can someone please tell me why my do while loop isn't working?
  178. How do I do this?
  179. Help me with debuging this please!
  180. New to Java Need help with Homework
  181. Static Methods Problem
  182. Displaying the other
  183. help With Java SelectionSort numbers to display ascending and descending Order.
  184. un-expected error
  185. ()Method cannot be applied to ()
  186. beginner needs help with simple problem
  187. GUI error: is not abstract and does not override abstract method
  188. Lines in Graphics as an object?
  189. A program that counts the number of punctuation marks in a text file
  190. need help with my java program
  191. GUI problem
  192. what is -xlint message?
  193. Cannot find symbol ERROR
  194. unchecked or unsafe operations ERROR
  195. Checking Code: Getting the Unicode value of each character from a string.
  196. copying and comparing stacks
  197. actionPerformed not returning a value.
  198. Help with WMI
  199. get console to work
  200. HELP:Disposing a jframe
  201. High / low integer computation algorithm????
  202. Calling method cant get the parameters right
  203. How to call a value from a different method to main
  204. Simple Java Program
  205. use Delimiter, Scanner Class
  206. Method is not initiating formula
  207. One last question: How to get menu to repeat!
  208. pls.pls.pls.help with this
  210. assignment help
  211. final calculation after if statment
  212. Issue with arrays
  213. Copying Arrays
  214. Boolean method issue
  215. Simple Java Program - hasTeen [HELP]
  216. Newbie problem
  217. Trying to make a simple java program
  218. Beginner pleasee help with java code
  219. not a statement?
  220. Array List; How to pass objects into another arraylist
  221. New java student need help with code
  222. Need help with this practice java question
  223. What is wrong with my if/else statement?
  224. using java.util.InputMismatchException with try
  225. PLEASE Help With Ceasar Cipher Program!!
  226. Complete beginner to Java, problem with error message "non-static variable..."
  227. Help with code for converting 4 digit string to integer
  228. Cipher Program - Not sure what this error is - PLEASE HELP
  229. Infix to Prefix
  230. [SOLVED] Pong: Ricochet off Paddle Issue
  231. Creating an Intstance in an ArrayList
  232. Simple I/O Java Error
  233. URgh, drawing a square
  234. Can someone help please?
  235. CMD line is owning me
  236. Operator || cannot be applied to java.lang.String, boolean
  237. Trying to make a Car program and I can't seem to get it to compile
  238. [SOLVED] NoSuchElementException(), simple program not behaving right with Scanner class.
  239. Using char at to split up a interger
  240. Java deposit and Withdraw problem
  242. Validation based program that doesn't function properly
  243. Hey guys, my While loop isn't working correctly.
  244. timer.start() required identifier?
  245. Math.Random()
  246. simple arithmetic problem
  247. Need help with Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
  248. 1.7 JRE library error?
  249. not looping properly, please help.
  250. So Lost with void method