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  2. Run Time Error.
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  4. Need some advice URGENT! thanks!!
  5. Help in programming question. Bluej complier
  6. Saving and Loading
  7. JFileChooser save dialog box "access is denied" error
  8. HELP!!
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  10. exception in thread "main" java.lang.nullpointerexception (Knights Tour program)
  11. Important
  12. HI, could someone please tell me why my code doesnt work?
  13. Baffled by simple graphics
  14. please help first program
  15. [SOLVED] If a file extension is known, but not the name, how do you find it?
  16. [SOLVED] .jar file won't execute
  17. methods returning zero's ???
  18. Exception Handling
  19. Highlighted words Not resolved
  20. Help me with my code
  21. [SOLVED] inserting utf8 data into DB
  22. Declaring enum problem
  23. Need help figuring out the problem (GUI)
  24. Network communication hangs
  25. Finding String in ArrayList
  26. Rotating Image Along Y axis in JOGL so that its horizontal (Visible side faces upwad)
  27. bricks wierd problem
  28. HELP! Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details?????
  29. converging point clouds
  31. GUI: JButtons aren't visible until clicked
  32. Simple interface example giving erors
  33. I have got an assignment and I really need help or any tips..thanks
  34. Translating old program to java
  35. JAVA problem : Create a Fan Class
  36. What is the error is all about ????????????
  37. HELP PLEASE! How to save and call back user data input.
  38. My code is not working
  39. student CGPA
  40. Wanting to repeat my program...
  41. [SOLVED] cannot referenced <instance data member> before super type constructr has been called
  42. Why the error said "few parameters expected 7" while i only have 6 fields?
  43. API Jena - Fill textfields with values of DatatypeProperties
  44. Practicing before taking a class(Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointer...)
  45. Can not clear the contents of JList Java
  46. Tic Tac Toe ActionPerformed Issue
  47. Help with run time error
  48. drawImage() causes endless calls to paintComponent()
  49. e.get source button error
  50. Im trying to open a new GUI window by clicking on a button
  51. Declaring floating point number depending on an if statement
  52. Please help... Can somebody fix this for me?
  53. Please so me how this is done....
  54. please help? simple fix that someone who knows bout java can prolly help me
  55. Double always == 0! And a Javadoc issue! (Using NetBeans)
  56. I am trying to show database contents in the browser through servlets
  57. I have a problem with my code I think
  58. I have a problem in my JSP code
  59. [SOLVED] Turn Based Game run by Commands
  60. Why does this not work?
  61. What is wrong with this code?
  62. hi all. .i want to send data from login page on server and wants to validate over ser
  63. Very Simple Beginning Java Help Needed
  64. Sum of series program logical error
  65. i like to play this game with my phone and i wanted to make a program to help me
  66. i'm not sure whats wrong with the code for my button could someone help me with this
  67. Need help ASAP!!!!
  68. GUI temp converter program troubles
  69. Major Help Needed!
  70. [SOLVED] Method issues
  71. Frame not showing Image until resized
  72. Help with my application
  73. Code help, timestable
  74. [SOLVED] Error in constructor
  75. Java Image Problem! Probably easy fix!
  76. JAAD ADTS Header Exception
  77. Brand New/First Attempt
  78. Problem with subclass and superclass methods
  79. Addition
  80. [SOLVED] if statement incorrectly comparing strings
  81. Bluetooth Client & Server
  82. Beginner Problem
  83. I am new to java -could you please tell me why output appearing like this?????
  84. CaesarCipher
  85. Beginner Problem
  86. Java on command prompt
  87. Multiple Problems
  88. Help Please?
  89. [SOLVED] I am unable to read radio button actions in JSP
  90. [SOLVED] Testing Java EE
  91. Need urgent help regarding java word wrap function.. URGENT
  92. reply plz
  93. pls help me with word occurances program
  94. pls help me with word occurances program
  95. Java Applet Will Not Load.
  96. java null pointer and paint dirty regions error
  97. String and Bit Array conversion issues
  98. IllegalBlockSizeException Problem
  99. Help me Understanding Please...
  100. [SLF4J] 'java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/slf4j/LoggerFactory'
  101. .'class' expected - what to do?!?! URGENT
  102. Java Not Removing Panels?
  103. Command Line Argument - URGENT!
  104. It works!!! eureka!!! Java...Day 12.
  105. Reporting
  106. [SOLVED] I have a problem with this java code for database access
  107. How do i fix my code?
  108. Java Game Launching Problem
  109. My Game Sprite does not appear to be transparent with the background. Whats wrong?
  110. How to display error message box
  111. Method access problem
  112. Could not instantiate bean class
  113. Problem with threads
  114. Bubble Sort with random numbers
  115. what's going on? I tried to make a scrollable JFrame and it didn't work!
  116. Already defined?
  117. New working theaded non-system-crippling Starscape
  118. java code not working right. loading.. not using plugin on computer
  119. Sending integers through a socket
  120. Getting my paddle to move left and right in a straight line-STUCK
  121. Generics warnings
  122. JGrid and JButton issues.
  123. Editing open source code- tracing a value set to a concrete variable
  124. Grid movement randomly not working
  125. Image Reconstruction
  126. java game, both players move for player 2 but not player 1
  127. java game bullets hit player 1 but not player 2
  128. Login Page error
  129. New to programming
  130. problem with the MouseListener
  131. Beginner programming- strange problem
  132. Frames - Using and creating (+another question)
  133. Address Book Program Issues
  134. Usig Images from the web in Java
  135. [SOLVED] UDP Port Scanner For Computer Security Module
  136. Code is working in Eclipse but when exported to Runnable Jar doesn't work
  137. execute a method over a maximum period of time
  138. constructor X is undefined
  139. [SOLVED] Cannot Convert from Void to JTextField
  140. [SOLVED] Refreshing Variables Displayed on a JPanel
  141. Java search - help
  142. [SOLVED] Nullpointer exception when sending string
  143. [SOLVED] Problem With Properties (+SSCEE)
  144. Game problem
  145. NEW TO PROGRAMMING, PLEASE HELP (cannot find symbol error)
  146. Brand new to Java and programming
  147. I want to store names and marks in an array. I am confused what should be the code
  148. Small problem, help please?
  149. Help with string output
  150. No Error in Code but Output is not desired...!!!
  151. I am having a hard time fixing this error
  152. [SOLVED] main error
  153. Anyone can help me with my code pleasee?
  155. Clueless on request.getContextPath()
  156. What is the problem with this following declaration in JDK 1.4?
  157. Double buffered Image is flickering
  158. Help with ImageIcon
  159. bit array and register problem
  160. [SOLVED] Need Some Help...
  161. Java need help!
  162. Analogue Clock Problem
  163. Rounding the numbers
  164. I need help (Sample code)
  165. Ho do we select Valid/Interesting values for a test case?
  166. [SOLVED] Things Won't Move
  167. Exit Status from Perl program called by java using runtime
  168. Formulas within my code aren't cooperating
  169. [SOLVED] changing datatype failure
  170. how come this program only loops twice? wheres my mistake?
  171. Can't run Game of Life programm
  172. Looping / OutOfBounds code problem
  173. Moving Average
  174. [SOLVED] Help me finish this program :(
  175. Issue with Base Changing..
  176. Remainder Assignment Operator Help
  177. Arrays
  178. java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Invalid descriptor in
  179. How to use final operator.
  181. Question about formatting output
  182. Windows 7 - jar file not opening a window
  183. Passing Arrays Between Methods
  184. Format difference in System.out Vs. file output
  185. isEnabled() method for Jtextfield
  186. Count Number of Each Letter in Given Word?
  187. hi everyone!! I'm new to java programming.. can you help me out? please
  188. I tried to do something with this code but I can't get it
  190. Students/Grades
  191. Student.java
  192. No idea how to fix it.
  193. Using enum, returning null
  194. New to Java I am a bit puzzled with my code
  195. First post, I have a question regarding this program
  196. Help On Java Homework (DUE TONIGHT!!!)
  197. [SOLVED] Seperating Strings
  198. Student Grading
  199. Formatting Output
  200. Problems with people opening documents concurrently in java based document viewer
  201. Java Software Solutions Graphics Example 2.10
  202. Cannot calculate. Please help me....
  203. Creating a new class and dont know how to generate a random number math code
  204. Wheres my devil?
  205. Why is my output not right?
  206. Help! im stuck!
  207. Base64 problem
  208. Help with Checkerboard GraphicsProgram (Due Tomorrow!)
  209. Unable to execute the program (no compilation error)
  210. Dice Wagering Game new to Multiple Classes
  211. Funny output
  212. How to make a program into a working .jar? (eclipse)
  213. why is this error?
  214. what is wrong with this code???plz help me :(
  215. AI Search Simulator Assistance
  216. To find the possible consecutive natural no.s which when added, give user-entered no.
  217. Primitive data type
  218. I can't figure out why i keep getting this error
  219. [SOLVED] Error: Class,interface or enum expected
  220. Else-if statment failure
  221. Not sure how to go about this...
  222. How to display the results + repeat to the number entered by user?
  223. [SOLVED] Replace String Method? Noobie :/
  224. Need basic String help
  225. Get "Object Moved" error when using url.openConnection and .connect
  226. Need help with this program
  227. Yes or No answers,
  228. [SOLVED] Generate UserID?
  229. Looking for help on two codes:
  230. please help!
  231. d
  232. So im making a freehand Line,Rect,Oval; but problems
  233. Test Fails but I don't know why, please help
  234. nested loop structure
  235. newby Questions - indexOf help with an ArrayList
  236. How do I implement a login system in java using arrays
  237. Sending an email of the results from 1 Class to another
  238. Frog jumping code (AP comp science help!)
  239. [SOLVED] RSA encryption based from a Sample Alice and Bob's key.
  240. Troubles with toString and static and non-static
  241. Can I pass character array to new method?
  242. String Manipulation.
  243. Error in code
  244. quick question, please HELP!
  245. Syntax for 3D array enhanced
  246. Need help with an Octal Numbers program
  247. Hello guys need help withe the following, doesn't work for some reasons
  248. Logic issue(I believe) stumped
  249. Why do I get a "class expected error, when trying to pass a char ary through a parame
  250. Java Error cannot be applied to (java.lang.String), phone book entry program.