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  1. Showing JPanel error
  2. The car/vehicle application will be responsible for providing a car simulation.
  3. Passing session ID over HttpURLConnection
  4. [SOLVED] error adding textboxes to panel
  5. ArrayList initial capacity problem (Index out of bounds Exception)
  6. [SOLVED] URGENT - Format a double?
  7. [SOLVED] non static variable this cant be referenced from a static context
  8. Problem printing a two dimensional boolean array
  9. "Static method cannot hide instance method from implemented Interface"
  10. How do I draw an image, knowing the co-ordinates and rgb values??
  11. [SOLVED] ArrayList object's elements confusing??? doesnt replace the elements? set() method?
  12. [SOLVED] Enum problem
  13. Which is the best place to get java tutorial online??
  14. [SOLVED] file deletion/renaming not successful, don't think I have any streams open
  15. Error In Printing. Perhaps a nesting problem
  16. Action Listener Error
  17. Collision
  18. Displaying an Image Problem
  19. TableModel problem Java
  20. [SOLVED] While try catch loop
  21. Singly Linked List of Integers, get(int i) function throws Null Pointer Exception
  22. Double.toString bug. Spurious right parenthesis and an asterisk replace digits.
  23. [SOLVED] Read double value from console
  24. Calling from one javabean object to other javabean object in a single class
  25. PrintJobListener Always Returns printJobNoMoreEvents
  26. try-catch block reports to have an Error that I don't know how to fix
  27. Please how do i extract youtube video id from these links maybe using Regex
  28. Problem understanding Java code modification
  29. Arrays
  30. Filling Arrays
  31. Getting Image reader to change source
  32. Is this correct.Am I close? Help please
  33. Exception in thread ... Help
  34. Processing Arrays
  35. Cannot find where extra brace is at causing my errors
  36. Help with formatting spacing on a calender grid please!
  37. Array Problem
  38. Doubling The Array Size And Randomizing Array Return
  39. Comparing Two Dates
  40. jena code
  42. Store HexDecimal Color Code in .properties file?
  43. [SOLVED] JMS Example + netbeans = won't compile
  44. [SOLVED] Constructor and declaration issues
  45. Can't Call J2ee
  46. Array Search Method
  47. File.listFiles(FileFilter) won't compile
  48. Incorrect Key Input
  49. my code displaying some minor wrong o/p ....plz suggest me an answer !
  50. [SOLVED] boolean values are going against my assumption on execution of events
  51. Checkbox doesnt change when click on JTable
  52. using if statement on string System.getProperty("os.name") not working
  53. Create a file named .txt and store it in directory
  54. My buttons will not work
  55. Sorting problem
  56. Cant get the ball to bounce around the canvass
  57. MySQL reading, next en previous button
  58. Problem With Applet Connecting With Microsoft Access Database
  59. Issues with ascending number program
  60. Reversing an array
  61. copying 2dim array into 1 dim array
  62. Need Expect Help and Advice
  63. [SOLVED] Really simple program problem
  64. Hide/Show Form?
  65. help with GUI password generator
  66. passing object and storing
  67. Help!, newbie, interested in Java, Very simple code, completely stuck!
  68. LinkedList outputs ONLY last element
  69. link
  70. Merging 2 arrays
  71. New to applets
  72. do while syntax error problem
  73. Another Quick Question
  74. Image is not added when converting eml into htm
  75. Not sure how to deal with addActionListener! :3
  76. Help with array code.
  77. Error occured during attachment of file using java.
  78. Can't seem to understand whats wrong with my code! Help!!
  79. %20f problem
  80. [SOLVED] What's causing this Null Pointer Exception?
  81. Help stuck with building a Logic Probe for the Blackberry
  82. Help Me with my Program CompareTo!!!!
  84. Strings and Characters
  85. Reverse String
  86. TicTacToe 2D Array help
  87. Everything but JLabel is displaying
  88. Socket NIO connect not working under Solaris 10
  89. How to place a number in front of a string?!!
  90. letter pattern
  91. Reading from a txt file into 3 arraylists and save it as double
  92. Cannot find Symbol?
  93. assigning problem
  94. [SOLVED] Strings and Characters
  95. [SOLVED] Unable to encrypt using AES 256bits
  96. [SOLVED] Can't Get Network I/O To Write And Read Properly...
  97. Iterating a String
  98. JlList not getting updated properly
  99. my pointer's value is the same when referencing
  100. Need help with exception handling for a string
  101. No error, but I want criticism
  102. need some help please
  103. [SOLVED] My code-segment somehow executes again after I press RETURN, which isn't what I want
  104. Please help me with the solution
  105. I'm trying to open a "FileOpenDialog"
  106. What in pan-fried sea snakes is a "proposal computer"?
  107. space in the Name
  108. Applet throw ClassNotFound exception when one of the file is recompiled
  109. Ant Executes and Stops After a Certain Task
  110. [SOLVED] My string is not activating my if statment.
  111. letterGrade not print out on my code
  112. GUI Scientific Calculator. Please help! (Event Handling)
  113. [SOLVED] How to stop the same window from having more than one instance of it open at a time.
  114. help with errors
  115. reversing text in a file then putting it to a new file
  116. [SOLVED] Simple error that I can't figure out how to fix
  117. [SOLVED] Help Please
  118. Simple beginner's password guessing program
  119. [SOLVED] jar file Built(clean and build) perfectly, but not running as jar
  120. Wrong current working directory
  121. somebody help me .... *.*
  122. [SOLVED] JSP tags
  123. Timer expires invoke method
  124. Trouble with getX() and getY()
  125. GUI Only Works Sometimes
  126. [SOLVED] Issues with a test driver file
  127. Using JAd to decompile my java prgram
  128. Java:Evaluation of Mathematical Expression only from left to right only.
  129. Java IO File Reader Question???
  130. Implementing a two-dimensional boolean array
  131. java web start not working
  132. MP3 problems
  133. (Real beginner) Removing space before the first word when switched
  134. Chinese Remainder therom
  135. Having problems with output to console....help!
  136. Trouble using enum in constructor when creating a class
  137. [SOLVED] Trying to add scrollbar to gui
  138. [SOLVED] Will this keep staying at 0 like I fear it might?
  139. Random Number Generator Always gives 0
  140. StringIndexOutOfBounds Exception
  141. [SOLVED] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  142. numbers to words using do-while & if-else & JOptionPane
  143. java run time problem?
  144. java web start still not working
  145. Connection pool and Datasource Implementation Is Not Functioning
  146. lotto ticket generator help
  147. [SOLVED] 2 dimentional boolean array problems!
  148. serato_sync command .. doesn't work
  149. Monthly Mortage Payment Calculator
  150. JExcelAPI Error
  151. output to a specific location in html code
  152. Creating an iframe (First post)
  153. Number Format Exception
  154. Printing an array
  155. erase
  156. Using Queue, cannot find symbol method enqueue
  157. Instantiation troubles
  158. (Beginner) Hopelessly lost on Temperature converting (C to F, F to C)
  159. Sets
  160. Car racing
  161. Ok Im stuck where has my code went wrong
  162. [SOLVED] Recursive Methods ; StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  163. Random Password
  164. What's wrong with my code for remembering JFileChooser's Last Directory?
  165. calling a method from other object: thred
  166. Accessing an external JAR file using Applet
  167. NullPointerException with java.io using a gui
  168. Need Help with Game
  169. Constructors
  170. substring with negative endIndex
  171. Reading wrong value from serial port
  172. Two dimensional Arrays
  173. Implementing .txt readfrom and write to in a current program
  174. how to compile java and import it as package
  175. Running an Applet With JAR file
  176. Please help!!! Adding java app to a web application
  177. Printing Job
  178. Generic Inheritance
  179. Executing commands throws an InterruptedException even with waitFor()
  180. someone can help me ?
  181. Calling a nested class from a different java source file?
  182. Game Program HELPPPP
  183. Help...so lost where and what did i do wrong?
  184. Need help please
  185. I can't understand the error.
  186. Not displaying
  187. Code wont run. I know there is no main class, but this is from a book. Is it wrong??
  188. 2 questions(an error and line breakpoint?)
  189. [SOLVED] Array random numbers
  190. HELP Error Parsing File
  191. Variable Division Issues
  192. Array and Menu
  193. [SOLVED] Need help with displaying items with my program
  194. send image file from java to php broken pipe exception occured
  195. problem with paintComponent
  196. Basic OOP having trouble determining how to handle methods
  197. [SOLVED] Help with method returning a double
  198. Help Huffman Coding>>
  199. Help in printing trees
  200. Problem with tables !
  201. Whats wrong with my code!!
  202. New to Java..
  203. incomparable types
  205. I am new to Java and wish to print the square of numbers from 1 to 10. thanks
  207. New to Java: Adding Functionality to my Buttons
  208. Very new to Java basic question
  209. C/C++ programmer doing Java encryption project
  210. exception question
  211. java ceaser cipher stanford lectures
  212. Java Child process cannot execute properly for telnet command
  213. [SOLVED] Processing Decimals <1 & >0
  214. [SOLVED] I don't know what's wrong
  216. Error while running Applet
  217. hello, i need help with this code, i dont know why i am getting this error
  218. static context
  219. i need help with xml
  220. Having an issue reading files to create two arrays.
  221. Trying to figure out how to make a screen saver.
  222. User-Defined Methods
  223. Merging PDF Files using PDFBox in Sub/Directories
  224. Simple inventory System. Sometimes it doesn't update my added book.
  225. ClassCastException with Enum Combo Box
  226. GUI Calculator: Adding Answer Button? Please Help
  227. JPA problem: org.hibernate.MappingException: Repeated column in mapping for entity
  228. Not able to check-in the files to CVS using JCVS api
  229. How to test all files in a folder
  230. ActionListener help
  231. Creating a slang translator
  232. Exception Coming.... Whats wrong with my code....
  233. Returning a value with an if-statement
  234. please help me out
  235. [SOLVED] Need help with code
  236. Please need help with this code, please!!
  237. Need your help to display correct data by date
  238. package config problem?
  239. Optimize/Improvements/Suggestions for my code
  240. Code snippet pls?
  241. Help needed with code
  242. Need help with my double return function.
  243. issues with a float
  244. Issues with selecting a drawn circle on graphics
  245. New guy needs help
  246. Need help with this code urgent please, i appreciate it.
  247. Scanner.useDelimiter("\n") Problem
  248. Void Class in Java
  249. stack project-runtime error
  250. java concurrency problem