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  1. Minimum Spanning Tree
  2. Stack implementation and shallow copy
  3. Euler Paths with dfs algorithm problem
  4. [SOLVED] Need help with IDEA Encryption
  5. Creating a TreeModel from SQL Data
  6. hello guys...I've posted a question before... but this one is more clear and logical
  7. Implementing a binary search tree using recursion?
  8. Blur Image
  9. Binary Tree Longest Increasing Path (Recursive)
  10. [SOLVED] Dijkstra's Algorithm
  11. Suffix Tree or something else to compute LCP array
  12. Help with solving Maze
  13. crowssword algorithms ??
  14. [SOLVED] flightpaths, finding lowest cost -- lowest amount of crossovers
  15. [SOLVED] FlightPath problem again [Using Dijkstra's Algorithm, but it's only allowed to go....
  16. KNN Problem
  17. [SOLVED] All the paths between 2 nodes in a graph
  18. [Help] Snake algorithm
  19. How to use ImageJ to implement character recognition base on Freeman Chain Code?
  20. Help with looking through a two-dimensional array.
  21. Factoring
  22. How to use Hasty pudding cipher algorithm to encrypt & dis-crypt data in java ...
  23. Sieve of Eratosthenes: Memory & Performance
  24. Help with 2-d arrays, tough problem
  25. Job Shop Production Scheduling
  26. I'm pretty sure this is a simple problem, but I have no idea whatsoever what to do
  27. Recursive Fibonacci sequence optimization
  28. Wondering if there's a way to make this more efficient.
  29. [SOLVED] Help with Math.tan and Math.atan
  30. Finding the count of a letter in a String?
  31. programming the Fibonacci number
  32. trying to pass default params to tail recursion function
  33. Rounding Question
  34. Circular prime checking algorithm optimization.
  35. Cannot figure this out at all... Someone mind giving me a helping hand?
  36. Placement algorithm assistance
  37. [SOLVED] Extracting whole number digits from a float
  38. Making number spirals
  39. What is algorithm used in StarDict program ?
  40. [SOLVED] O(log n): a simple question for Logarithm in Data structures & Algo
  41. URGENT HELPPP Design and write an algorithm that will read a single word from the key
  43. Booths Algorithm
  44. [SOLVED] Calendar class question.
  45. Need help with Assignment
  46. Please Help Me with thiss ASSIGNMENT :(
  47. Please I need a help with my first java class project
  48. Stackoverflow Recursive quicksort
  49. Need algorithm for generation of all variations of a 4x4 boolean table.
  50. Need a more efficient algorithm for prime numbers.
  51. Odd and Even Numbers
  52. how to do write this method with more efficiency ?
  53. Need a more efficient algorithm for finding the highest pth of a number.
  54. I have a problem about infinte loop? Can anyone answer me? Thanks!
  55. How to start a Java parser
  56. Depth-first search
  57. Markov model
  58. Binarytree in java
  59. Quicksort with median-of-3 partitioning
  60. New Programming Student Looking for Help
  61. How To Track A Moving Object
  62. data structures question
  63. Looking for help with java probability assignment.
  64. Height of a node in a binary tree
  65. Lowest Common Ancestor in Binary Tree
  66. Help in understanding this recursive method
  67. entering non-printable ASCII into text file
  68. Building Heaps
  69. [SOLVED] Cryptarithmetic Recursive Algorithm Help
  70. Extended Euclidean Algorithm
  71. Recursive Wood Puzzle Assistance
  72. Maximum Space Usage Recursion Problem
  73. Recursive Maze Help
  74. Quick Recursion question involving sum
  75. Print a string in reverse using recursion
  76. heap sort vs merge sort
  77. [SOLVED] Which sort method to use for a String Array to output the index?
  78. Alpha-beta pruning example
  79. shaker sort
  80. optimized selection sort
  81. How to know size and number of buckets in bucket sort
  82. String matching
  83. Weiszfeld’s Algorithms Help PLS
  84. DBSCAN connectivitywith database.
  85. Getting Every Point on a Line
  86. NSGA ii algorithm implementation
  87. Pseudocode help!
  88. how to find number of different combination of 100
  89. How to improve this algorithm's efficiency?
  90. Few things with my Cardano triplet algorithm
  91. [SOLVED] Number of permurations an memory problems.
  92. Linked list help simple little problem i need help with
  93. condition number help?
  94. condition number? what is it?
  95. How would I create this solution algorithm using pseudocode?
  96. Divide and conquer Algorithm
  97. Huffman Algorithm Help
  98. Factorial calculation optimization
  99. Calculation of Reflection Angle
  100. big O
  101. K-way merge sort problem
  102. Genetic algorithim
  103. Using Regex to analyse Strings
  104. regarding programming
  105. Maximizing image size without perceived pixelation
  106. Java algorithm to print all the combination of the integer array
  107. Animating Graphical Sort
  108. Algorithm test question
  109. Need help with an algorithm for blending two images
  110. Binary Tree ( Family Tree)
  111. [SOLVED] sorting only 1 column of 2D array
  112. OCR - Chain Code Algorithm
  113. Why does this recursion work for this problem?
  114. A* algorithm help
  115. Special Functions and Computational Complexity
  116. Algo for number systems (bin,hex,oct)
  117. java code to create ticket
  118. Is there anyway to optimise this recursive algorithm so I don't get an OutOfMemory error?
  120. Help With Diamond Square Terrain
  121. How to specify the number of processors to use in each round of execution in a multicore environment
  122. Earliest deadline cpu scheduling algorithm
  123. [SOLVED] A linearithmic (at most) complexity algorithm to generate Pythagorean triples
  124. Waveform Generator?
  125. make own OCR
  126. Killer Moves Heuristic for Alpha-Beta (Connect 4), need some technical help
  127. Complexity problem
  128. Real world problem that can solve using algorithms
  129. Algorithm suggestion
  130. Find maximum working time [Urgent]
  131. Basic FFT to identify frequency
  132. Array List implementation(Buying and selling)
  133. [need help] I have problem with game algorithm
  134. compiler
  135. Math Fromula y=x2+6x+5 how to convert to Java Programming code
  136. Big O notation... can you check my answers for each code segment?
  137. Build a combination / sequencer
  138. How to find the time complexities
  139. GCD Algorithm... could you help explain what kind of code I need to write?
  140. How Best To Learn How To Develop Algorithms In General
  141. Java Perlin Noise seed addition
  142. Creating a data algorithum method that calculates the height difference
  143. Alternate Decision Process Needed
  144. Fibonacci numbers? How to define these numbers in some interval (diapazone)
  145. Time complexity and algorithms
  146. Exercise problem
  147. exponent recursion
  148. Help on Linear Support Vector Machine implementation
  149. If a method calls a recursive method, does that make the method recursive as well?
  150. Order of growth
  151. MarkovBot
  152. A few questions about encryption and decryption
  153. How to write algorithm to sort an array in ascending order and also measure the running time?
  154. Algorithm for building an dynamic dictionary and auto spell corrector?
  155. How do i copy this single dimension array?
  156. Can't understand simple Recursion:
  157. Print ruler info
  158. Converting merge method in c to java
  159. Find connection from one side to other
  160. Algorithm for Data Structure - Ideas?
  161. Add objects to the neighbors list
  162. [SOLVED] Whirlpool hash - weird output
  163. Data program advice
  164. Need help filling a jtree using recursion
  166. Help writing an algorithm for java that displays digit on the telephone
  167. [SOLVED] Algorithm for permutations
  168. Algorithm for card sorting
  169. Four color theorem help
  170. Sorting arrays using a recursive binary search
  171. Deque array base assistant
  172. Reversing My Previous Algorithm of Diagonals
  173. Sorting: Selection, insertion, bubble
  174. Sorting: Selection, insertion, bubble
  175. need ideas for implemeting special Binary search tree
  176. minimax for dot and box game
  177. Replacing Node Value
  178. Java light source simulation
  179. [SOLVED] Searching a Stach
  180. [SOLVED] [HELP] [HELP] Trouble To Understanding The Algorithm of my project
  181. [HELP] Trouble To Understanding The Algorithm of my second project (MONSTER DUPLICATE ATTACK :D)
  182. [SOLVED] I want to make simple Tic Tac Toe game, anyone can guide me?
  183. Find a "circle" within a matrix
  184. Looking For Help With Algorithm That Processes Numbers
  185. [SOLVED] Binary tree
  186. [Help]Reverse Polish Notation
  187. Need Opinions Pls!! Need Help Badly
  188. Please help for my homework
  189. Please help, how to convert a String to an arithmetic operation?
  190. how to convert Binary Tree from sequential representation to linked representation
  191. Password hashing & Salts
  192. Min-Max AI works only when depth = 1
  193. "Blastoff!" Recursion Dilemma
  194. AES image encryption decryption
  195. File Cryptography with Password
  196. [SOLVED] Algorithym to remove unnecessary points
  197. GCD Algorithm... could you help explain what kind of code I need to write?
  198. Grabcut Image Segmentation Algorithm
  199. Sum of Powers using recursion
  200. subsequences
  201. Simple Bitwise Encoding and Reversing
  202. hi friends
  203. Trying to Find Recursion and Loop Limit
  204. Binary Tree Insert
  205. embedding a watermark using 2d arrays.
  206. Find the the original indices of the sorted aray
  207. Some questions/concern when using adjacency matrix to implement a graph in Java
  208. FEAL Cipher in JAVA
  209. Please Help me to solve this algorithm for Java
  210. Java dictionary search algorithm
  211. Reduce the image comparison time
  212. How to implement about Pixel Counter
  213. Understanding the mechanics of swapping variables for the quicksort algorithm
  214. [SOLVED] Pin code generator with recursion
  215. Java recursive Fonction selenium
  216. Building fractal tree with recursion
  217. How to output a pyramid of stars from a recursive method using JOptionPane