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  1. Create Phonebook using inheritance
  2. Problem in merging two java classes
  3. [SOLVED] Java program using two classes
  4. [SOLVED] How to link two different class?
  5. Getting heap memory errors in recycling objects from multiple classes program
  6. Confusion in creating class with OOPS concept
  7. How to link two classes in java to use it method
  8. [SOLVED] Java exception "result already defined"
  9. [SOLVED] Method declaration in Java
  10. Applications of OOPs
  11. running a class from another projects, reflection
  12. HELP!
  13. adding get mothods to a class extending thread
  14. How to share variable values amongst different classes?
  15. PLEASE HELP!!!! simple java program...
  16. connecting two classes?
  17. dynamic method problem...
  18. final class, final <variable> or <data member>
  19. Java Code Help - Calling Method
  20. My doubt may be stupid
  21. could not find the main class
  22. Object o = new Object(); need help
  23. Having trouble printing object information in main class
  24. User Defined Methods
  25. what is the use of transient class and serializable interface?
  26. Arrays Of Objects?
  27. Passing objects as a constructor parameter
  28. why is this statement evaluating false??
  29. What is the matching mutator method?
  30. Private Constructor
  31. Working with Methods
  32. how to load a class and type cast to that class?
  33. Calling a void method into a static void main within same class
  34. new Vs composition
  35. Data hiding and maintainability
  36. serialization problem
  37. keyword Extends
  38. Creating new instance
  39. OOP
  40. Interface Implementation
  41. Static to non-static - Organization
  42. Declaring variables in constructor and compiling
  43. Help for java homework
  44. cannot find symbol - method
  45. [SOLVED] Word Scramble Using Objects & Methods
  46. Passing Information between classes
  47. A Question Regarding Abstract Classes & Packages
  48. static final object
  49. Can anyone explain this code for me
  50. speech redirection from one app to other; changing input from mic to socket
  51. unablissues wit type Date
  52. Problem with OOP - Inheritance
  53. Using variables from different methods?
  54. Problem with binary tree
  55. [SOLVED] toString() method
  56. A question about inherited methods
  57. PLEASE_HELP_ME_(i_have_no_TIME)
  58. How do I set a static variable??
  59. [SOLVED] Array Problem
  60. Class and Object
  61. Importance of interfaces
  62. Password Strength Checker
  63. making my code a little better, if needed.
  64. Object Oriented Programming request please helpp...
  65. Char cannot be dereferenced!! Please help
  66. Java: interfaces and abstract classes
  67. help with clock class
  68. object not accessible
  69. A Few Quick, Easy Questions
  70. string method
  71. need help with a list class
  72. Making a Craps game.
  73. Java for CUDA?
  74. Help with Error Debugging
  75. Canny Edge Detection
  76. the meaning of 'instanceof'
  77. CS201 Homework (Need help, not solution)
  78. Converting to String
  79. Limiting decimal places in a double
  80. The printf() method explanation needed
  81. For today...Very important please help me...you will be a genius one if you solve it
  82. Create a java small class for a bank account!!?
  83. contructors, arrays ?? help
  84. Accessability/Visability Private
  85. GUI
  86. interface
  87. new arrayList element overwrites all previous
  88. Interface and Extends problem
  89. Using Integer.parseInt
  90. FAQ: find variable in an array of objects
  91. [SOLVED] Handling Errors / calling Error-Catching Methods
  92. Help with this java program
  93. Java class probelm
  94. How to create a new object of another class within a method
  95. Two class program help
  96. [SOLVED] Abstract Classes Help
  97. Snake game in java
  98. [SOLVED] Exercise for study course help?
  99. TCP Client Server: Object Oriented
  100. Java object help(should be simple)
  101. help with project
  102. Object or Class?
  103. Listing the alphabet in lower and uppercase
  104. [SOLVED] Help with Class Methods(Probably simple)
  105. store a list/string for each object
  106. Create Objects on Demand?
  107. How do i create Sub Form
  108. Checking the Status of a checkbox
  109. Confusion about DAO in Three-Tier Architecture!
  110. arraylist, hashtable, and 1~2 dimension arrays
  111. Need Help on the Interface Function
  112. [SOLVED] Help with classes & instance methods
  113. JavaBean property TextPosition
  114. Timer class countdown
  115. Generating random numbers
  116. How To add my own Exceptions
  117. Help with Compiling
  118. [SOLVED] instantiate problems
  119. Object-oriented applet
  120. noob question on abstract classes
  121. "previously declared string"?... help
  122. Get CSS Attributes using Java
  123. New to this..so lost trying to learn...
  124. creating a package
  125. Doubts Over Base Class
  126. Basic Math Expression Java Problem
  127. inheritance help
  128. Help writing a Template Class
  129. composite and prime
  130. finding the largest object help
  131. How to create a pointer type of effect for objects
  132. Vectors
  133. Java cirkel
  134. [SOLVED] Array of objects, invoking constructor for one changes others
  135. nextint() Method !
  136. Populate an Object with Other Objects
  137. Calendar date
  138. help with dis
  139. help me draw a triangle....
  140. Using loops and control statements to draw lines
  141. Date Of Birth Revision , Class please help
  142. Need explanation of the code
  143. Why do we use the "this" keyword?
  144. Class design
  145. Accesor and Mutator help
  146. Creating a quiz (really basic doubt)
  147. password.java
  148. [SOLVED] Random 0/1 with given possibility
  149. System.out.print -align
  151. praser languege java
  152. cant run the program with 2 classes
  153. Address Book Help
  154. Java Mp3 player.
  155. Sounds to play during action performed
  156. how do i make my program to do......
  157. how do i make my program to....
  158. can someone help me debug plzz
  159. Object as a Reference into Object's Class
  160. [Method] Help ?
  161. Java Picture Processor with PGM files and Multi Arrays
  162. [SOLVED] [Method] needing some help
  163. Multiple class instances ??? But how ???
  164. how to creat one source multiple receiver
  165. User creates objects. How to?
  166. [SOLVED] Drag and drop in MVC
  167. XML InputSource class and the retrieval/browser type
  168. How do get and set methods work??
  169. Password Tester GUI HELP
  170. Method & Class confusion
  171. Helppppp!
  172. Drag & drop MVC: deleting an object
  173. HeeeY
  174. To Create and Admin an database
  175. Need Ideas For OOP(Java) Mini Project
  176. HELP: how and where was this build?
  177. Method injection
  178. OOP graphics program
  179. An associations with copies instead of references
  180. Class design for GUI program
  181. I need ur help :|
  182. Banking Application
  183. taking information from one array into another
  184. How to use this 2d ArrayList class?
  185. about calling sub class
  186. how I can solve this program ?
  187. Java Dos Logic Test count all non increasing number
  188. Need a program using only for loop its urgent
  189. [Homework] Rational Class
  190. need your help -- Instances
  191. How do I create an object(function)?
  192. Doubt in Encapsulation concept
  193. Aggregation
  194. create file in java
  195. [HELP] How can I retrieve attribute/method?
  196. How to use SDF to display a future date.
  197. 'pass by value' and 'pass by reference'
  198. Actual and Formal Parameters
  199. Enumerated Types
  200. call super method outside of 'this'
  201. Inheritance - Testing Point, Square, and Cube Classes
  202. Help on 2D Multi Table Array
  203. class interfacing to new server question
  205. I am really stuck...my friends have no idea how...
  206. [SOLVED] Can't get output HELP
  207. Calculating Price with Command Line - Please Help!
  208. Need Help with Accessor and Mutator Methods
  209. need help with my idea!
  210. [SOLVED] Help with prefix and postfix(increment&decrement)
  211. Can't understand why Interfaces are there
  212. help me to solve my problem
  213. Yahtzee code help
  214. Repressable button in GUI
  215. Inheritance and Overriding help!
  216. Testing equation of a line
  217. Identifying invalid calls
  218. Completely lost, creating a bar graph
  219. random uniform distribution with probability assignment
  220. writing to an output...
  221. hi my dear experts
  222. Need Help on Updating a GUI Java
  223. In serious need of some help.
  224. Help with a line of my code.
  225. [SOLVED] Picture won't go with the .jar (Wrong code or compile error?)
  226. Problem with sending a GregorianCalender HELP
  227. Instantiation from within Methods
  228. Using Protected Methods, in a Java Library
  229. Can someone help with my Assignment
  230. Class Design Problems (BlackJack)
  231. Hey! I'm new and I want some help...
  232. Reusing Panel code in each tabs on a tabbed pane
  233. Assignment help; Feeling lost.
  234. Unstructured Data Model
  235. [SOLVED] Send a F5 command
  236. data structure assignment .. help me : |
  237. Help with problem.
  238. help pleasee
  239. eclipse java simple example
  240. [SOLVED] Compiled .jar won't work (Error-sound)
  241. start fisrtly form log in the window
  242. Credit Card Problem (While and Switch will be used)
  243. Problem with inheritence? arguments not applicable
  244. [SOLVED] Creating A Class
  245. Magic Square Checker
  246. How to store objects from a class inn an array?
  247. [SOLVED] BlackJack.. Random Card Assignment?
  248. img flowlayout
  249. Object oriented programming
  250. help with a programing assignment.