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  1. How to create a menu for the user which add new parts,search existing parts and display the table to view all in Java?
  2. Java program with abstract class along with two subclasses
  3. Java error in using Arrays
  4. How to assign values from a file to an arraylist of objects?
  5. String substring, concatenation operation on linked list
  6. convert arraylist to a hash map
  7. Retrieving BFS code's adjacency list
  8. Details about 'CopyTo' of Arrays in Java
  9. Comparing hash functions and collision resolutions
  10. What is 1D, 2D and Multi-Dimensional Array list? Also provide examples for each?
  11. Elegant and short way to implement my program on 2d Array
  12. Error of missing return statement while implementing Array
  13. Different operation on Array
  14. Java program to do Matrix operation
  15. Program of an Array in Java
  16. Recursive function based on Linked list
  17. [SOLVED] Java program to sort arrays containing dates
  18. Best approach to load .gif pictures into an Array then selecting few of them and attach to a lable
  19. ClassCastException in Double Linked List toString
  20. Java program for 2-D Array Maze
  21. [SOLVED] Problem in implementation of Fifteen Puzzle with 2D Arrays
  22. Problem in navigation in a txt file with specific direction
  23. Printing a Histogram Help - Arrays
  24. Getting an error while altering a source code
  25. ArrayList Problem
  26. [SOLVED] javabat example makeLast
  27. [SOLVED] Creation of objects of Array in Java
  28. Converting a method from ArrayList so it is capable with an Array
  29. [SOLVED] I am trying to shuffle up an array
  30. [SOLVED] help with sorting...(comparator)
  31. [SOLVED] Need help with a program.
  32. [SOLVED] How to dynamically create ArrayLists (or something similar)?
  33. Assigning variable to an Array
  34. All possible combinations of a 1D array
  35. [SOLVED] Extracting an How to ArrayList from an ArrayList and convert to int??
  36. circular linked list
  37. byte[] from vector
  38. Remove from array after a period of time
  39. Array comparison
  40. how to reuse method returned string ??
  41. Returning Random Strings from an Array
  42. Help with Sort arrays
  43. Arraylist or Arraylist Object?
  44. Arrays.sort or iterative search?
  45. HashMap usage in Java
  46. Reading .txt and storing into an array
  47. Garbage Collection?
  48. Storing an array into an array
  49. Any way to map method calls?
  50. Throwing arrays as objects
  51. Parsing By Prediction Algorithm(?)
  52. Having trouble insert/sorting array values w/ binary searching.
  53. 2D array help plz
  54. Filling an Array?
  55. Array Troubles
  56. Implementing LinkedList as a user?
  57. Fill array concurrently
  58. Help with ListIterator
  59. Having trouble redirecting nodes
  60. math quiz program
  61. 2d Array
  62. Iterator, with ArrayList
  63. Errors with LispList
  64. Substitution of Values in Array
  65. 2d Arrays
  66. Writing clone() method for LinkedList
  67. sieve of eratosthenes
  68. Convert Maps of String to Map of Maps
  69. A question about an array
  70. Object array to int array?
  71. Simple linked list
  72. Help please..
  73. Eliminating duplicate values
  74. Difference between Arraylist and Vector in abstractTableModel ?
  75. Explanation on Arrays NEEDED
  76. switches and else if
  77. Edit ArrayList Object
  78. Arraylist Save and Load
  79. Problem with 2d array
  80. generic class
  81. Need help with array comparison
  82. Storing in different types of variables
  83. Method parseIntArrayList
  84. help: union of two array,.. kinda problem
  85. Creating an Expression Tree
  86. Arrays: question about "removing" items.
  87. Constructors, Hash Tables, & Linked Lists
  88. Need help making program
  89. Lists of Sets and Sets of Lists
  90. array program assistance needed
  91. Method Adding elements to an array with certain restrictions
  92. Adding to Array from JavaSpace problem
  93. Adding to Array from JavaSpace problem
  94. java gradebook
  95. need help in my assignment guys :(
  96. array/string problem
  97. help me
  98. Stack Array..
  99. Index Out Of Bounds
  100. Assgining values to array indexes
  101. How to represent a chain of moves?
  102. Difference between Vector and Arraylist
  103. Grade Array Trouble
  104. IndexOutOfBounds.. Error
  105. Array to image
  106. ArrayList and making a Menu
  107. [SOLVED] Hashtable and Key Size
  108. Bitstrings vs Hashmap
  109. [SOLVED] Problem accessing specific data in an array and getting it to return properly
  110. Arrays.equals not returning correct answer.
  111. tile map help
  112. Implementing Multiple Interfaces with Generics
  113. Travel Agent
  114. How to return sub string from String
  115. How to create a StringBuilder object that cntains equal numbers of a string
  116. Doubt regarding LIST
  117. [SOLVED] Create new Array from old Array
  118. [SOLVED] Sets and creating a new set containing a common number
  119. IndexOutOfBound
  120. [SOLVED] generic arguments, binary tree
  121. Merging Arrays Vs. Linked List.
  122. [SOLVED] Maps and adding to sets as values
  123. Array help
  124. dynamically resizing 2d array
  125. Vectors
  126. Help needed on java array
  127. 2 D arrays problem
  128. Array help
  129. My Array. Help Please
  130. accessing elements in a 2d ArrayList
  131. Array help needed
  132. Help with queues
  133. Generics and Reflection
  134. How to create a sorted set from the contents of an array
  135. way too hard to explain this in short. please help guys!!
  136. how to initialise set in a constructor
  137. how to compare two set values
  138. initialise set that holds value of array
  139. Multi-dimension ArrayList example
  140. please help! *find and remove "outcasts" in supposed to be alphabetic sorted list
  141. Generic method using an int[] argument
  143. Problem about Vector
  144. [SOLVED] Passing arrayList inside class
  145. Array of contacts (address book)
  146. Fill & sort an array
  147. Expanding the capacity of an array
  148. [HELP] Iterating through a jagged edged array
  149. how to find an element in an array
  150. help please
  151. College Assignment please help
  152. [SOLVED] 2D Vector
  153. Help with object
  154. Problem in HashMap
  155. Array object and constructors
  156. Taking an element out of an array
  157. How to populate a switch statement with a linked list
  158. [SOLVED] Problem with Ordering an Arraylist of Comparable Objects.
  159. Array List Doubt
  160. Buffered Reader to J Option
  161. Ordering ArrayList by 3 conditions as you add to ArrayList
  162. Listeners, CopyOnWriteArrayList and removals
  163. Help with Arrays - Counting elements
  164. ArrayList confusion
  165. Transferring elements between arraylists
  166. Help with ArrayList<Integer>
  167. Instantiating a SuperClass Map from a SubClass
  168. Help, Want to make a BASIC min value Method with Generics
  169. Arraylist help
  170. Storing data
  171. How do I let the user choose how big an array is...
  172. Help with sorting numbers
  173. Looking for Collection class to do first if first out
  174. ADT list help
  175. Need help with Vectors
  176. Pick random objects from array/arraylist. Newbie.
  177. Encapsulation question regarding ArrayLists
  178. Need help with project that uses arrays
  179. Operations with lists
  180. Confused with Arrays
  181. ArrayList<String> convert to lowercase
  182. home work ..
  183. Importing data from .csv into array
  184. Design Java Generic Container-please help!!!
  185. 2d (4x4) array insdie a 1d array. (Block cipher)
  186. Print Distinct Numbers help
  187. Partitioning the array
  188. What is the fastest and most memory-efficient data structure?
  189. Need Help with main arg for the project
  190. prininting out a 4x4 array according to an order by a 1d array
  191. HELP array cmdline argument
  192. [SOLVED] Display 2d array aligment
  193. Help with linked list
  194. SpinnerListModel setList(List<?> list)
  195. hashmap & arraylist mapping
  196. Generics collections and reflection
  197. Having trouble with linked list
  198. Array index out of bounds
  199. Find total number less than average
  200. java.util.ConcurrentModificationException Issue
  201. Help me to Choose Collections
  202. Priority Queue using comparable
  203. Changing Array variables from different classes
  204. What is the fastest and most efficient for 3 dimensional structures?
  205. Creating multiple arraylists with a loop?
  206. Create a polygone
  207. Need Hlp with my prg.
  208. is there a better way to extend an array?
  209. Error by Using DataInputStream
  210. [SOLVED] How to declare an object of multi-dimension array?
  211. Loading array
  212. Generics problem
  213. Collections
  214. Error in collections
  215. Computing Arrays...
  216. converting HashMap to a Bean
  217. Timing a sort
  218. Character Array
  219. [SOLVED] Return randomized String to other class in project
  220. filling an array with strings
  221. Spreadsheet data - linked list or hashmap
  222. Problem with TreeSet.
  223. Help with Finding Max and Min Values of ArrayList
  224. Reading CSV file to take min, max, average of various stats
  225. Generics and Dynamic Instantiation Problem
  226. TreeMap vs HashMap
  227. Variable Type-Checking
  228. [SOLVED] Help with array of Strings...Linear Search?
  229. Array - Random Numbers Progra, Help
  230. Grades project/arrays, loops
  231. [SOLVED] Four arrays 32 line characters from text
  232. Need help merging arraylists and sorting
  233. Principle of Truth in Advertising
  234. Assignment please Help :(
  235. max length of an array?
  236. Figuring Out Object Arrays
  237. Unchecked or Unsafe Operations
  238. Array list returns null
  239. Duplicate elements in 2 Arraylist
  240. Hi
  241. Sorting an array
  242. [SOLVED] Assigning Values to Multi Array
  243. Duplicates in Arraylist
  244. Unsafe cast
  245. copying numbers stored in one 2d array into a new 2d array with different dimensions.
  246. Error for a simple array
  247. Comparing elements of an arrayList with an array?
  248. In a class create an array list of elements of another class, help!
  249. [SOLVED] Should i use a hashmap?
  250. java program with array's....need help!!