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  1. From Doubly to Single linked list
  2. Conditional statements on Array list objects
  3. Generics
  4. Method Help?
  5. Need help deserializing an integer array.
  6. 3 Arrays
  7. Need to find a Table like data structure to buffer data and insert with 1 command
  8. anyone know how to fix this ?
  9. HashMap : Simple Usage and Understanding
  10. From List<String> to a generic LinkedList
  11. Need help!!
  12. Taking Input in String Array
  13. override list add method?
  14. Reg: Collections
  15. Llist of words and frequency of each word
  16. how does gargbage collecton works internally ??
  17. array element declaring problem
  18. [SOLVED] Ok, I'm trying to make my own Map classes.
  19. Help with arrays
  20. Split a sheet of images into an array
  21. [SOLVED] Accessing && Editing properties of objects in an array. Plus a few more questions.
  22. Java Uneven 2D Array
  23. Comparator and "Equalator"
  24. Help: Bug with removing data from a Hash Map
  25. Do I HAVE to learn Generics?
  26. array troubles
  27. Array issue
  28. Double to string giving extra values
  29. Class JAI
  30. weekly hours for each employee
  31. Java help, passing/filtering a array
  32. Array List
  33. About Array
  34. phone book with linked list?
  35. Help changing int's stored in array to words ( 1 to one) and printing in reverse.
  36. Bubble Sort Int Array Problem
  37. Trouble passing array in parameters
  38. How do I combine two strings in an array?
  39. Java array and string question
  40. Array month/day/hour/min/sec incomplete java code
  41. Problem with array values
  42. [SOLVED] Problem copying an arraylist to an array
  43. LinkedList insert, remove and change
  44. Create an Array wich represent Classes
  45. Map compiler error
  46. Help with ArrayList ( Adding certain elements together)
  47. Matrix multiplication problem with different dimensions
  48. Linked List Help
  49. Deleting Array Records
  50. ArrayList of longs
  51. DoubleArraySeq Help
  52. help with array assignment ! urgent please :(
  53. Product of array values
  54. About add and remove method of ListNode, i don't understand....
  55. printing of array of characters vs printing out of numerical(primitive)arrays
  56. Linked list Schminked list help with Nodes Please
  57. Adding value to existing map key
  58. [SOLVED] manipulating collections as/from parameter/arguments
  59. converting array into arraylist
  60. Array Length: How to set an Array's lenght, before I know how long it needs to be?
  61. Reverse every pair of words in a string
  62. I need to convert String into array
  63. Please help me how to convert 2-d array to 1-d array in java :( here's the code
  64. key with 2 attributes?
  65. ArrayList (Inheritance)
  66. Append data from user input into array
  67. [SOLVED] Looping through ArrayList to remove elements
  68. Implementation of remove method in linkedlist Iterator
  69. Java TreeMap Simulator
  70. ArrayList Plotting Points
  71. Help with using iterator remove on double linked list
  72. Finding Multiple Equal Max Values in an Array
  73. java: adding array elements
  74. Eliminating Duplicates in an Array
  75. PhoneBook entries with ArrayList problem
  76. Can't Fix Array Out of Bounds
  77. Hi everyone,
  78. TUTORIALS TO LEARN JAVA TREESET & how to read from text and write into text
  79. [SOLVED] Iterating through an ArrayList
  80. map & set
  81. General Question
  82. How can I add two data arrays ?
  83. Multi-D array. daily max/min/avg, weekly max/min/avg, sum total (99% done)
  84. hash table probes
  85. sum of arrays and printing even and odd numbers in the array
  86. Reading file of floats into array list and sorting into subsets
  87. [SOLVED] Reading file and adding it to an array through a method
  88. Help with array
  89. Please help ArrayList Question
  90. Can Anyone Help With Arrays?
  91. Do you add objects to an array when using switch statement with a For loop?
  92. binary heap
  94. Using the ArrayList Class
  95. Help With Iterator code... please help me..
  96. Help printing from an array using outFile
  97. adding varibles to array and using Jlist
  98. Sorting Arrays
  99. [SOLVED] Map not checking for values properly
  100. Help with parallel array
  101. calling a changing variable from another class
  102. Type Erasure -- Sales pitch?
  103. add new element in array
  104. Creating Arraylist of Arraylist
  105. Error on myList.get(2) - When myList.size() is 8
  106. Storing data
  107. Error writing to an array with the static modifier.
  108. How to make set to allow duplicate values... Please help me!!!
  109. Laborer program
  110. New to Java: Arry of Objects
  111. Linked List of Class Instances
  112. Placing user input to a array and to then display it as a string
  113. collections
  114. Convert
  115. ArrayList Help
  116. Maps and HashMaps
  117. Problem with arrays and custom objects
  118. Arrays/Looping probelm?
  119. array size [10] need help!! any experts
  120. Array Operations
  121. first empty location in an array!?
  122. Traversing ArrayList of superclass, help? :[
  123. PriorityQueue Enquiries
  124. Array List of Array Lists working for first item but not for second.
  125. Problem with Two-Dimensional Array Program
  126. Search for the Array
  127. Tower of Hanoi Implementation
  128. Arrays and array list
  129. Searching and displaying results in a multi-dimensional array.
  130. help with delete method of linked list
  131. Do Class Casts Work With Arrays?
  132. Use a Method in Java to find the Last name of any given name
  133. Use a method to find out if any last name is "Doe".
  134. java LinkedList problem........plz have a look and tell me the reason
  135. i need to create a program with array list and 3 file classes but it is hard HELP
  136. Removing duplicates from an Array
  137. Re: Arraylist help
  138. Comparing Generics; Quick Question
  139. Weird problem with my linkedlist
  140. ArrayList question
  141. Dymaic Casting of List
  142. How to up load java file when you post??
  143. Arraylist pass/fail values problem/confused.
  144. Exception when creating an array
  145. [SOLVED] array not shuffling
  146. Comparator interface question
  147. deleting with shift ?
  148. [SOLVED] I need help with saving state data.
  149. Adding key/value pairs from a HashMap in to an ArrayList
  150. array program help
  151. How to properly make this ArrayList?
  152. Singly Circular Linked List Error
  153. Array Lists filling for loop
  154. [SOLVED] Extracting data from data base (yes)
  155. Create Vector of Object
  156. how to sort array by object string member value?
  157. ArrayList implementation
  158. How to sort a Map.Entry in a for loop?
  159. Iterator & ArrayList
  160. ArrayIndex problem
  161. how to compare 2 different type object list
  162. [SOLVED] Returning ArrayList via user input
  163. [SOLVED] Return all values in an ArrayList from a method
  164. Array Index Out of bounds?
  165. retrieve data from database using Hashmap (multiple values in one key)
  166. Problem with array initialization
  167. Arraylist of averages of two arrays list
  168. Help with ArrayList ? ....
  169. LinkedList of String
  170. addInOrder LinkedList
  171. NullPointerException Error in Code that Prints Array Elements
  172. Array question
  173. ListIterator with LinkedList to search a value .. I want to modify code to do that?
  174. Vector implementation
  175. Help With Moving A 2D Array Of Rectangles
  176. Creating classes with generic objects
  177. How can multiple substrings of a String be replaced with multiple values in java?
  178. Need help with an Array problem!
  179. My program reads a file and must be read into 3 arrays, I've done that, but,
  180. How do I compare between the array of char and array of words !!?
  181. High School Java Programming Class
  182. get element of ArrayList.
  183. Question on Set
  184. Project ideas
  185. Maps Question
  186. Hello! parallel vectors nightmare
  187. Initialize Map size
  188. Help with initializing Lists
  189. Map implementation.
  190. [SOLVED] ArrayList.get() Returning "Incompatible Type"
  191. collection problem
  192. Integer class
  193. split a paragraph
  194. Using Restricted Generics
  195. Creating a Simple, Beginner-Level Vowel Counter
  196. Array in Constructor
  197. Importance of a counter in a linked list
  198. How do i remove a substring from an element in an array
  199. Help im a java noob!
  200. how could I display a stack as FIFO instead of LIFO
  201. Java beginner - cant calculate median from an array of integers, please help
  202. Game of Life 2-D matrix random seed boolean array PLEASE
  203. Game of Life Matrix...Needs troubleshoot, specific output
  204. How do I reverse an ArrayList ?
  205. Game of Life, help with Array Object? Quite puzzled
  206. Help with dynamic array method
  207. help with using Java ArrayList
  208. Best way to approach this problem
  209. Simple Adjacent List implementation
  210. Trying to create an array of stacks that contain objects
  211. Search closest distance to an array of objects
  212. acessing ArrayList
  213. Labelling Number Array
  214. Finding a Smallest Integer
  215. [SOLVED] Parse then analyze with an array?
  216. Tic-Tac-Toe (loops, arrays, and methods) help please
  217. Arraylist and LinkedList
  218. Need Help Fast - Please Help in Java ArrayList
  219. [SOLVED] How to create and use Hashtable, ArrayList (really urgent, please)
  220. URGENT: How do I store thousands of data into arraylists and use them for calculations???
  221. Avoiding concurrent modification exception?
  222. Help with passing arrays as arguments
  223. Sorting using Iterator
  224. usage of arrays
  225. problem with an assignement: creating collections class and use them
  226. Family Tree in Java
  227. Trying to test some basic hash functions using generic LinkedList and I'm having null pointers
  228. How to print the same 2D Array Vertically and Horizontally
  229. Help with error on second run through array
  230. String to Array?
  231. [SOLVED] Algorithm for all possible combinations?
  232. System.out.println Error when using Iterator
  233. String array problem
  234. JComboBox and array problems
  235. T and <T>
  236. Help understanding Command-Line Arguments
  237. Collections vs. Objects
  238. How to find indexes of ALL occurrences of object in ArrayList
  239. Help With Multidimensional Arrays
  240. ArrayList Errors
  241. How do you make a list that contains another list?
  242. Adding an array to an arraylist
  243. Fill in Container Class using another Class ?
  244. collections
  245. Need a way to Find a way to dermine if all elements in a Boolean Array are True/false
  246. Arraylist elements in Treeset
  247. class type paramaters
  248. Output sentences using keywords in java
  249. How to create an array of Map<String, Object>
  250. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException...Help!!