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  1. Buffered Reader to display file content after calcuation
  2. How to Read a Portion of a File in Java?
  3. Display output from a file using regular expression
  4. SOAP Message Factory response error
  5. Java program to take new files from one path and sent it do another path?
  6. Details about Extensible Markup Language
  7. FileNotFound error while working with XML files in windows
  8. How to check that console input should be integer only?
  9. Java error while using BufferedReader class to read a .txt document
  10. Convert DOC,XLS to PDF with Java
  11. problem with Scanner nextLine() method
  12. [SOLVED] Problem in reading a file from java class
  13. [SOLVED] Problem in Coin-counter with scanner class
  14. Problem with overwriting a file using IO package
  15. How to delete records from a Random-Access File?
  16. [SOLVED] Program to read from created file
  17. Problem while implementing a basic user interface menu
  18. [SOLVED] Error of "cannot find symbol"
  19. Problem on reading file in Java program
  20. Printing xml to the console from .wmdb without printing junks
  21. New assignments for JAVA beginners
  22. [SOLVED] Enhancement in program of removing whitespace from text file
  23. [SOLVED] Java code to embedding xml tags at start and end of file
  24. How do I fix my program so I can use the keyboard to type in the numbers?
  25. Java code to to get files in a given directory from a server and do operations
  26. Java program for election voting machine
  27. [SOLVED] Tic Toe java code exists when we enter 0 row and 0 column
  28. Java program to reduce spaces between the words in a text file
  29. Object creation from a input file and storing in an Array list
  30. Export to excel
  31. Code to read a character in the file
  32. Multiple inputs in Java
  33. [SOLVED] Getting Exception " java.util.InputMismatchException" in scanner package
  34. How to change html data into excel in java?
  35. Use of scanner to return white space between the tokens
  36. [SOLVED] Error while writing Integer.parseInt(args[]) to accept a number
  37. [SOLVED] web client
  38. exception while Read very large file > 300 MB
  39. Best way to architect my java and XML project...
  40. [SOLVED] java password
  41. Redirect error and output stream using java program
  42. Pig Latin Translator
  43. How to save statistics of a game in a binary file instead of txt file?
  44. Reading IEEE float values from files.
  45. Difference between input.next and findInLine(".")charat(0)
  46. Java stock project help
  47. Probelm in Path and Paths Classes
  48. Creating A Count Matrix In Java
  49. SCOM connector using Java
  50. reading a sentence
  51. Intro!
  52. HELP "code needed"
  53. [SOLVED] Saving A File?
  54. how to get full path name from realtive path
  55. merging two tables from two diffrent htmls files using java
  56. merging two tables from two diffrent htmls files using java
  57. I can't key in the data
  58. Random Access File
  59. Text to Tiff Image
  60. Random Access File
  61. [SOLVED] File Reading from the specified location
  62. [SOLVED] help with console input strnig....
  63. Reading from RSS server
  64. Certain Chinese Characters not displayed properly.
  65. printing output to console & to a text file at the same time...
  66. he operator / is undefined for the argument type(s) String, int
  67. how to know user pressed a key in the keyboard
  68. Simple scanner problem
  69. Homework problem (scanner problems)
  70. Convert contents of JTextArea / JEditorPane to PDF
  71. Input file parsing to insert into DB
  72. How to make user press enter to continue in program?
  73. XML with SAX
  74. nextLine problems, any help appreciated
  75. Creating variables from a text file
  76. greetings and a file reader problem
  77. Need help creating this program
  78. MORE java homework help.
  79. Help With Scanner
  80. (.readLine() method) of BufferedReader class
  81. Reading from a file, multiple lines
  82. Importing excel data
  83. Java StreamTokenizer help
  84. write text to a file help
  85. Reading many files using a scanner
  86. Reading doubles from file
  87. Scanner vs BufferedReader?
  88. Timer?
  89. creating a controller to allow instances to be created from keyboard
  90. where can i get a Dom Parser jar ?
  91. DUE IN 10 min
  92. FileReader need assistance
  93. Buffered Reader is not reading my file properly... HELP!
  94. How to eliminate Junk charaters from the file...
  95. Problems with XPathExpression on memory built Document
  96. Need help with program please: getting symbol error
  97. java xml-rpc response parsing to xml
  98. Help with Java Application
  99. Stub Software
  100. quite small (make the changelog non-static, i.e. load its content from a file)
  101. Problem in BufferedReader
  102. Xml-Node Retrieval
  103. Problem in transporting Key
  104. Changing output from console to .html
  105. Reading from a text file. Help needed urgently.
  106. Reading and Writing Text Files
  107. Client input Stream
  108. File handling in java
  109. Problems with File Reader (Strings and 2D Array Storage)
  110. Writing Output To New File
  111. Run Length Encoding Problem
  112. reading JMF input streams?
  113. Problem with Japanese Encoding
  114. Find the password with dictionary attack
  115. Regarding File Handling
  116. CPU throttling at 100% during I/O read
  117. Working with MAC .DMG files
  118. java.io.IOException: Premature EOF
  119. JTable in JScrollPane
  120. Does this still hold true?
  121. Java refuses to play sound on my machine
  122. How can i add a new count to this source code ?
  123. Help writing some Scanner code
  124. Retrieving Meta-Data from a File
  125. Code for parsing .c file in java
  126. Trouble writing some code...help?
  127. How to read from all files in a directory & plot the contents?
  128. Getting information from a folder
  129. cmd.exe DOS Window
  130. Problem with Console Input from Clipboard
  131. Splitting File into Array
  132. How to capture standard output from another program ?
  133. [SOLVED] reading only certain lines from a .txt file
  134. New person Just trying to read a file of ints
  135. java program to copy a text file to onother text file
  136. Problem with Brute Force
  137. Printing A TreeNode/Node To Console..
  138. file.txt and ReadLine issues
  139. Reading Chunks of Data
  140. Moving files in a Directory
  141. end of file \ file offset
  142. what happens when you supply the same name of a nonexistent input file?
  143. How to change File Type of a File Using java
  144. Read file until EOF from offset each time
  145. unable to get the o/p for xml file
  146. outputing to a text file from sound API
  147. PDF to Tiff Converison
  148. problem for writing to parallel port LPT1 on windows by RXTX library
  149. I need ideas on how to read this
  150. make dir using mkdir() in java io
  151. counting words of a text file
  152. Counting Vowels and Prepositions in a text file
  153. How to write to specific part of an html file using java
  154. Java JTextPane Save
  155. ProgressMonitorInputStream never pops up
  156. Anyone Help me in XML file Reading??????????
  157. How to append data to an already existing file?
  158. Reading the size (height and width) of word documents
  159. CycleChars
  160. Copy folder based on latest date
  161. Crude method of using offset whilst using BufferedReader - Correct way?
  162. Trying to create videogame, have a serious question
  163. url input stream returning blank
  164. The positioning and alignment of the text on the paper to be printed
  165. IllegalArgumentException: Pan not supported
  166. Help writing to a text file on a website!
  167. Help with reading from file
  168. how to copy cells to a new sheet of excel with JexcelAPI??
  169. How to write 2 dimensional array of float numbers to binary file?
  170. FileNotFoundException!?
  171. [SOLVED] Compressed data from XML file
  172. how to read a PDF file?
  173. Creating a binary dump of a file
  174. Problem Using DataStream
  175. Reading a writing binary file
  176. Help needed for "java.io.IOException: Not in GZIP format"
  177. How to read a text from an Image file?
  178. Reading input from console (greek chars)
  179. Writing long variables to file
  180. Java File IO question :confused:
  181. question about default of outFile()
  182. [SOLVED] XML get/set node by attribute value
  183. Java Parser
  184. Output Alignment
  185. [SOLVED] FileReader.read() reads garbage
  186. Image to file and contra
  187. Making computer independent file path
  188. how to import excel file to database table using java
  189. [SOLVED] File.createTempFile() throws exception on Win7
  190. empty response received
  191. Reading a lines from text file
  192. live feeds and jtables
  193. scanner problems
  194. Some Theory based questions
  195. Open Text file
  196. ZipInputStream Throws Illegalargument exception for diacritics
  197. Stream Tokenizer
  198. [SOLVED] Giving Java the name of a file to be read via command line?
  199. UTF - 8 / Byte Stream
  200. Reading ant output when exec the command
  201. Moving files to a single list iteratively
  202. [SOLVED] Windows Cmd Prompt streams
  203. [ask]input data from java file to another java
  204. [SOLVED] T_T [hellllppppp] Input/Output
  205. how to make program log in to get access to subscriber only content?
  206. Audio capture (TargetDataLine) latency
  207. Reading lines of a text file into a string array
  208. finding pi
  209. PrintStream not printing in file
  210. Write ascii in a specific position of the file
  211. need help with 'org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPClient'
  212. Running a external exe in Mac OS
  213. removing stopwords from a word list
  214. Help With File Problem Please
  215. [SOLVED] parse txt file
  216. Creating Methods for Input/Output Files
  217. [SOLVED] Redirect command prompt output to log file.
  218. [SOLVED] Reading a file with bufferedreader
  219. reformatting java code problem
  220. Need help outputting the array to a .csv
  221. File I/O Modify Text Problem
  222. Automate files input
  223. Placing files in jre bin...
  224. reading string in from text file
  225. how to read file name inside .gz file....
  226. Reading in entire contents of text file to one string
  227. Reading from Text File and Processing Information
  228. Java Code to connect remote server
  229. Listing files in a folder in a .jar
  230. help
  231. reading stream of bytes from serial port
  232. reading content of the text file, splitting it into strings
  233. Help Remove file from pad directory
  234. problem with output
  235. search file by id
  236. java GMAIL smtp with attach
  237. Any way to write html form data to file?
  238. client/server socket
  239. Help Please - Rewriting text
  240. command prompt, acquiring input without enter?
  241. Can scanner read the specified line?
  242. File IO Compiles, but wont work?
  243. How to combine these 3 void methods?..
  244. Reading file Data into a "struct"
  245. Create Multiple Arrays from a text file
  246. JUNG loading grpah question
  247. String Tokenizer Help
  248. reading file into a hashmap?
  249. I/O and byte arrays.
  250. [SOLVED] Write an xml dom to a xml file