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  36. some error
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  40. Convert from 'C' to "java" (switch)
  41. switch with Enums
  42. Need Help with my hmwk! Java noob!
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  44. what is charAt(0) ?
  45. literal Loop
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  59. loop or what
  60. Problems with If validation
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  65. Hey Guys new to Java.. Got most of program done require a little assistance plz
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  69. Unreachable statements
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  83. hi. i want to rewrite this do loop into a while loop.
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  95. xml & java
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  100. ASCII Triangle
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  102. String manipulation help
  103. I am trying on how to print values from an array all to show up on a dialog using a f
  104. School Help
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  123. Output Alignment
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  128. Pls help me
  129. need a help
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  133. help with a loop (pyramid of numbers)
  134. Odd Even - For loop
  135. Determine the two smallest integers from a set of user input integers
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  147. Counting How Many Times Program Was Excecuted
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  152. disticnt numbers
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  160. Please Explain me how i got this output.. I am new to java .. so please Explain me...
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  191. Beginner Question
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  213. loop Help Please
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  218. Timeout method
  219. Out of bounds error, 2d irregular array of integers
  220. am i correct? please tell me im not sure for my program tnx for the help if any ..
  221. Constructing Strings
  222. loop in java
  223. Trying to create a loop for the user to press enter to return to main menu
  224. If statement help
  226. Problem with if statements
  227. Can't think of a more specific title than: Problem with if statements
  228. Error with OR operator
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  230. help me with my buffered reader please! whats wrong?
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  242. For Loops
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