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  32. Using a Loop and Nested Ifs to Count Number of Vowels in a String
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  38. help make trig values tables by using while or for loops
  39. For loop help
  40. Logic of Hangman
  41. Pls check my code
  42. [SOLVED] 1, 4, 9, 16 sequence
  43. Can you show me better a faster ways to accomplish these tasks.
  44. Syntax error on Token else?
  45. Stuck on this problem please help
  46. Http Request
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  55. Convert ArrayList to multi-dimensional array
  56. Loops with boolean variables!
  57. 0-10Factorial table
  58. Counting Loop and Outputting
  59. How would I iterate through an array 'in chunks'?
  60. nested for loop
  61. Searching with keywords in a sentence
  62. Question - implement insertAtPosition with the signature
  63. Dealing With Overflow?
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  66. Need help STUCK
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  68. Simple looping statement
  69. String in java
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  71. Intersection of two loops
  72. Random Boolean in an if statement (tricky, can't seem to figure out)
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  76. Temperature
  77. Print odd, even and zero digits from an int
  78. Vacation Switch
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  80. Making a Graphics Drawing Loop More Efficient
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  85. how to display a bar chart using loops
  86. Login bug
  87. Limiting Letters in a String
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  89. Switch case problem
  90. [SOLVED] Issues with changing values in for loops
  91. if (x.equals("Hello")) or "World"
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  95. Endless Loop RokSprocket v2.0.2
  96. How can i create an option menu? Pease help
  97. Can someone please help me with creating a menu with while-loops and switch-statements?
  98. Array in java
  99. Re: how to display a bar chart using loops
  100. [SOLVED] Code Simplification
  101. problem with prime numbers
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  111. Please Help
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  113. If Else loop or do while loop
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  115. How can I produce this output without using the If statement.
  116. Searching ArrayList<Objects> for a name?
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  121. Can't find the out put
  122. do while loop, variable can't be found
  123. loop once or loop multiple times
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  125. Why is this in an infinite loop?
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  127. Cinema Seating arrangment
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  129. Reading until a Blank Line. File input.
  130. Max Element In Matrix
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  132. Re: Simple encryption/ decryption problem
  133. [SOLVED] The meaning of the characters "?" & ":" in for loops
  134. [Solved] Null Pointer Exception :: Switch statement not working.
  135. Help me please !
  136. [SOLVED] Help please??
  137. [SOLVED] A textfield to be filled before the update
  138. Searching a 2d Array for lines of 3
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  140. Very Beginner Questions. Loops. 2nd post
  141. Beginner Question--Sum of numbers program; Validation
  142. How to think about this Graphics problem
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  145. conceptualize loops, I seem to think about them backwards.
  146. [SOLVED] coding a sentinel-controlled do/while loop within a for
  147. Coding a statement that increments from 20-40 (only in even numbers) - fall-thru switch
  148. Beginner problem- Integer based exponentiation
  149. dont know how to describe the problem.
  150. [SOLVED] For loop problem
  151. My code is working correctly, but I don't know why it is working correctly...
  152. array+functions
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  158. Help please!!!
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  167. Help looping back to top if invalid
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  171. The IF control statement
  172. programming assignment
  173. Loop Assignment
  174. Largest Number Loop Problem
  175. [SOLVED] Java Noob - Terminating loop.
  176. Identical if statements behaving in different ways
  177. Discuss this code with me ..."Connect4 game"
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  184. Need help with array list, scanner and dictonary file.
  185. Loop Character Replacement Issue
  186. Creating a separate method for for loop
  187. Loops that work for the most part except for after incorrect user input
  188. Simplify 2 for loops into one
  189. For loops to figure a table of round robin, 8 & 16 teams
  190. Trying to loop actionListeners together for 56 JButton objects to reduce code size
  191. Two ArrayLists don't cycle thru formula
  192. Too many loops!
  193. A look and feel job scheduler that loops into date ranges and its job dependencies. Having difficulty in dates ranges and list.
  194. [SOLVED] Loop using Scanner with try/catch
  195. check a list based on the cell if there is a value
  196. It does not return data as it should in the cycle
  197. Choice condition IF based on value
  198. Negative condition does not work
  199. cell size excel and java
  200. Writing in the column excel
  201. Index error
  202. cell formula not get value
  203. [SOLVED] Program Skips the final if statement.