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  1. [SOLVED] Re: imageicon set frame position

    i gues i can use a timer and repeated loop is not that bad
  2. [SOLVED] imageicon set frame position


    anyone know if their is a way to set an imageicon frame to zero (or frame one) after it has animated and is not set to loop?

    i know my clip file i can do this with

  3. [SOLVED] Re: check entire list for colision

    i had to write my own method - it look kinda like:

    public boolean wolfcheck() {
    boolean variable = false;
    Iterator<unit> wolfiteratorthree = wolf.values().iterator();...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: check entire list for colision

    hmmm i just realized it might not even be a problem because i can turn off atacking if the player move

    now the player wil show standing, moving, atacking image or animation and the enemy the same...
  5. [SOLVED] check entire list for colision


    i am trying to see if my enemy (the wolf) is intersecting my player in my game. i am trying to reset my player. right now he is set to display an atacking animation if a wolf intersect him...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    hmmm i never got a chance to run that one

    i think what hapend was there was something wrong with my
    int[] i switched to ussing an arraylist i think that is what fixed it.

    i alway hear people...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    i canot even do a

    System.out.println("working"); at the first line of my main method

    --- Update ---

    here i took all the media file off so it should run in your integrated...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    hmmm now it is saying "null" again. like i said it doe it half the time
  9. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    i put it in a jframe

    i think it was in my unit clas where the null was. i aded
    unitrectangle = new Rectangle(x.intValue(), y.intValue(), wolfnorthern.getWidth(), wolfnorthern.getHeight()); to...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    people alway tel me i should not use try and i heard java graphic device doe not even work half the time
  11. [SOLVED] Re: "null" output in console after runing

    here is a picture of the eror

    i only throw eror. i wil try try catch and println eror
  12. [SOLVED] "null" output in console after runing


    i am working on a game and everything has been fine for like four month but now when i run the program i get "null" in the console. it seem like it run sometime and it was crashing my laptop...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: jframe hashmap image (rectangle) animation problems post two

    i fixed it by removing line #52 of the original thread.

    package test;

    import java.awt.Graphics;
    import java.awt.Rectangle;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
  14. [SOLVED] jframe hashmap image (rectangle) animation problems post two

    i posted the question at ( ) but realized no one uses the site much anymore so i am...
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    Re: Learn Java now!

    very nice michal!
  16. Re: Trial and one year license

    i read (or "talked") your post what more can i do haha
  17. java code looks like lifeform or city in eclipse

    if you turn your head ninety degre left or right. right to the city, left to the lifeform or the being the life. i like that the city give me inspiration for my video game i am tying to develop.
  18. Re: The best way to learn java

    i would recomend game programing. use the JPanel. hire a java developer.
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    Re: Beginner Java

    someone who has been smoking tobaco for two years or just got out of jail?
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    Re: coding meaning

    you need to look at the java classes or methods. get the java development kit, the java runtime environment or a java virtual machine. i got eclipse runing with a javadoc or made a JFrame visible...
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    prety cool site. what if i am wasting my time posting ten threads so i can get help or visibility to my problems. would i feel like a fool? is this imature?
  22. making a website in three years

    i want to make a website in three years but the domain / server costs are rediculous. anyone know of $1 - $2 / month hosting and free domain? i gues those kind of companies are out to get me. i had a...
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    Re: RFC - Development laptop

    get something for at least $219. $259 is good too.
  24. Re: What are some of your favorite methods in Java?

    i like the list method or what is a method? there is also clas, extend / implement interface, import, package, public static void main String[] arg or whatever. i would say system.out.println(); is...
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    helo al!

    i am trying to reach ten posts so i can get help with my program which i want to name when i complete it. i have been doing java for seven years. i had to stop four years ago because my computer did...
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