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  1. Retrieve pixel array after an image is taken

    I am working on an app that needs to access an array of pixels from a picture after it is taken. The main Activity is below. I have a good amount of java experience but extremely limited experience...
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    Re: Android Camera app

    I found the problem. I said android.permissions.CAMERA I should have said android.permission.CAMERA.
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    Android Camera app

    I am working on an android application that will need to take and store pictures. I'm familiar with java but not with the Android APIs. I tried to start by just including the functions for taking and...
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    Re: Get information from browser

    Someone pointed out to me that javascript has the requisite handlers for these functions. However my program is written in Java. Is it possible to execute javascript in a java program as well as...
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    Re: JButton open new window

    1. for the class with the JButton put "implements MouseListener" after it says "extends JPanel" and import the mouse listener class
    2. in the constructor write, this.addMouseListener(this); and for...
  6. Re: Java Socket - Server, how to implement in GUI?

    I did something similar to this with a basic chat client. Here is the code I used for the Client. The host uses the same method for displaying information received in a GUI.

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    Get information from browser

    I'm working on a program that automatically fills forms out on a website for work. It uses the tab key to navigate the page to the different fields. However I do not know how to make it pause for the...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: How do I save a bunch of images in a JPanel as one?

    Ok thanks a lot. That worked.
  9. [SOLVED] Re: How do I save a bunch of images in a JPanel as one?

    How do I make the BufferedImage hold the same information that the Graphics object is holding?
  10. [SOLVED] How do I save a bunch of images in a JPanel as one?

    I made a program where the user selects imageIcons from a JScrollPane and then can place them in a different JScrollPane. They can then save the image they make. The way the program saves the images...
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