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  1. How to Deploy Application With NetBeans 7.2

    I am very new to using Netbeans and JavaFX ....I was looking around the ide as to what is available and was wondering if anyone knew how to build the application so other people can run the app even...
  2. Style Sheet for JavaFX and Scene Builder


    I wasn't sure where to ask this question , so if it is in the wrong place ...please relocate it.

    my question is:

    I would like to learn JavaFX and Scene Builder ...more specific I...
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    Re: Hello from Sunny Florida, USA

    Thank You for the Welcome....

    I decided to move from C# to Java for 2 reasons. the first is , all the tools needed to develop in Java are free...Unlike the money hungry Microsoft....I use the VS...
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    Hello from Sunny Florida, USA

    Hello Java Community,

    I am Inked_in_Java .....I am a converting from C# to Java programming!

    I am looking forward to learning and helping others learn Java.I just installed JavaFX 2 and Scene...
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