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    Re: Increase the barcode width in Java

    As far as i am concerned, there are two methods for adjusting barcode size generally: within property panel and within Class. You can have a try. Good luck for you.
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    Re: Hey guys i am a new member here!!!

    I am also a beginner. We can learn programming knowledge together. And i know that there are free programming supports in many commercial websites. :o
  3. Re: Increase thickness of the line Drawn in java applet

    I have met the same problems. I do not know the reason. And this problem is still here. what shall i do ??
  4. Re: Java Barcode Program with Oracle database

    Do you still need to solve your problem? As far as i am concerned. is really a professional barcode solution provider. But you can use trial version by downloding from Internet. Here,...
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