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    Re: How do I include an "iostream" parallel?

    Sorry for the late response.
    blasts. I thought I managed to get this.

    Java penguin. Isn't system() only used for debugging anyway? I d on't see why the console would be used in a public product.
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    How do I include an "iostream" parallel?

    Made some last minute "business" decisions. I am no longer going to try programming in Java. It's a dead end for my ambitions. ... so many changes us youth go through -_-'

    This is my basic C++...
  3. What unique/innovative game ideas did you like?

    I'm trying to find a pattern behind Innovation || "newness".
    I'm requesting that you guys post references (preferably videos) to games that you found to have INNOVATIVE & FUN mechanics.
  4. Java101. 4 years PHP experience. Headed to Game Dev. Any Good Reads?

    I have 4 years of PHP experience.
    9 years of OO scripting experience.

    I want to make a 3D game.
    Multiplayer online game
    In this game I to make my own 3D renderer. I want to learn that. I know...
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