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  1. Persism 1.2.0 Released - a zero ceremony ORM for Java

    ### 1.2.0
    * Added support for Views
    * Added query 'select *' method to session
    * Finalized support for Informix (Tests added)
    * Changed query statements to make explicit forward only and read...
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    Re: Websites to learn Java for beginners

    JavaRanch :)
  3. Persism 1.1.0 Released - with support for Records!

    Persism is a zero ceremony ORM for Java

    What's new:

    Added support for Records! (Java 16)
    Added preliminary support for Informix (looking for help to set...
  4. Persism 1.0.1 Released - a zero ceremony ORM for Java

    Version 1.0.1 is available on Maven.

    * Added support for UUID as generated key for PostgreSQL
    * Added support for UUID for other supported DBs (mapping to String or byte array)
    * Added support...
  5. Announcing Persism 1.0.0 - A no nonsense ORM for Java (

    Hi everybody!

    Persism is a wood simple, auto discovery, auto configuration, and convention over configuration ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library for Java.

    Grab it from here:...
  6. Re: Can't figure out why my program isn't outputting.


    Well first showInputDialog returns a String, not an int. It returns the value you entered.

    Also, you need the guestsString value in more than one method so you need to move to the...
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