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  1. JavaFX - creating an editable Jasper Report/or any report on FXML file

    I'm currently working on a project to create invoices (I have the template of the invoice ready) and I came across Jasper Report which I could potentially use. I was just wondering if what I'm trying...
  2. Re: JavaFX NullPointerException when creating a new stage.

    Hi Norm,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes you are right the GridPane this.pnClient is null.
    But is it possible to define and give values to Panes in JavaFX? If so, how would you go about this?
  3. JavaFX NullPointerException when creating a new stage.

    Hi guys,
    I'm fairly new to JavaFX and I've been trying to create multiple stages in my project.

    So what I currently have is a main java class to open a Login Page under the Start Method, a...
  4. Thread: Hi Guys

    by seok96

    Hi Guys

    Hi Everyone

    I've just starting learning java about couple of months ago, finding it really hard and interesting at the moment!
    Hope to get some help from the experts out there.

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