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    Since Java 5 working with RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is very easy. You don’t need the rmic compiler unless you work with legacy RMI clients. Now stubs are generated automatically at runtime. As a...
  2. Re: Java mail problem(working in intranet,but not working in iternet)

    How do you access the Internet? Any proxy involved? Is the SMTP server outside the Intranet?
  3. Re: Doubt About Socket

    What is your doubt about socket?

    To develop a FTP client/server pair first read the FTP RFC and maybe some other related RFCs.

    Make them work in command line then worry about the GUI.
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    Re: COM based component Project

    In order to access COM components from Java you need to use JNI. You have to write this (you need to know C/C++) or to use a generic Java/Com bridge written by somebody else. I didn't check those in...
  5. Re: Float to binary

    Your question is not clear. What do you try to achieve? What do you mean by converting to binary? The data is already in binary format in memory. All the data inside a computer is binary.
    Do you...
  6. Re: java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException error

    there is no need to post your question in all the forums. Better to ask the right question once than the wrong question many times. As I said to you in the other thread post a code excerpt - the part...
  7. Re: java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException error

    Post the code that trows the exception. It seems you use a printf call and the format you are passing is invalid (formats are in the form %something). If you post the code excerpt somebody might...
  8. Re: Strings

    In Java a String instance is immutable. This means that once created it cannot be changed. For example you cannot remove the trailing spaces at the end of this String: "abc ". If you do it by...
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