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  1. Re: Complete hangman game: Good example for seeing how everything goes together

    Thanks. It only took four or five hours to code that. If anyone would like an example that uses some other Java functionality then just let me know.
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    Re: help with the method

    This seems to be how Java works.
    The below link is to the forum thread where Martyr2 answers the question about calling methods from Main:
    How To Call A Non Static Function From...
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    Re: help with the method

    I copied your code into netbeans to look at it further. The following re-format let me compile with no errors:

    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class apple
    public static void...
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    Re: Making a WorldGrid

    You are obviously doing something beyond my capabilities, but you might be able to get what you want done by using the java.awt.Graphics2D class to draw the grid straight to the tutorial image object...
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    Re: Is it the same?

    There are no real rules about how to program, we aren't counting syntax errors and the such. If you take a different approach and your program's output is correct and your program runs without...
  6. Re: how could I output to a text area the output of a method

    I've never done something like that before. Theoretically, you would need to keep something like an object list or linked list that would hold a name or pointer to each thread. I'm not too terribly...
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    Re: Im a java beginner and I need help :|

    Other than having to fix your Am and Pm variables in the EmployeeProfile function, the problem seems to all be in the daily_hours_work function. That's where my IDE kept pointing to for noSuchElement...
  8. Re: counting the values in input file and and writing the output to a file

    You are accessing your String Array from the While loop, but you haven't populated it with anything. That is going to throw and error. The next problem is that you are breaking up the input line with...
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    Re: Reversing an Array

    The problem is that you are reversing the words' character order using the same Stack. So, this is what is happening:
    hello world is entered
    You take hello and put it on a stack in reverse order...
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    Re: Do while loop help

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you want the loop to continue until the user enters 0 and you want each iteration to prompt the user for an input, square it and display it? If so, this would be more to...
  11. Re: how could I output to a text area the output of a method

    This might not help, but I'm not seeing anywhere where you are calling IPScanner's getIPadd() function. I see that you are putting all the IP addresses into the the IPadd String variable, but I'm not...
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    Re: ArrayList problem

    This is not a problem with your ArrayList, but rather with your logic. The ArrayList kittyLocation is being populated with your locations exactly as you have typed them out. The entries in...
  13. Complete hangman game: Good example for seeing how everything goes together

    I learned a lot of programming through courses and on my own, but it took me a long time to really figure out how to use all that functionality together. When and where to put functions, classes and...
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