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    Re: Set headers for HttpServletRequest object?

    thanks, I can write a class to implement that interface but what methods do I then call in order to set the values of the request headers? I can see there's a getHeaders() method of...
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    Set headers for HttpServletRequest object?

    hey, I've written a web application and I have methods which take in
    a HttpServletRequest object and process the request headers.

    How can I test my methods which take in HttpServletRequest...
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    newbie question about Abstract methods

    hey, I'm working on a web application that I was given and I'm a little confused about
    some of the code in some of the classes. These are some methods in this abstract class. I don't understand
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Why can't I write to file inside a doGet() method?

    I figure out the problem, I was missing the dependent class which did the writing from my web.xml file.
  5. [SOLVED] Why can't I write to file inside a doGet() method?

    Hey, I've made a very simple java servlet in Eclipse and I wrote my own logging class which opens a file and writes to it.
    This logging class works fine, however when I tried to use it inside the...
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