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  1. Re: Get static method to know which class it was called on

    Not simple. If you know all possible Classes that extend BaseModel, you can test with the instanceof all possible Cases.
    For Example:

    if (this instanceof Person) ...
  2. Re: Get location of main class file on disk

    Use following Code:

    package schachfiguren;
    public class Locator
    public URL getURL(String pfad)
    URL url = this.getClass().getResource(pfad);
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    [SOLVED] Re: Code won't compile

    I think it must be:

    double cost = Double.parseDouble(coststring).doubleValue();
  4. Re: I'm getting a Fatal SQL Error which is probably easy to correct but I'm stuck

    I had the same Error some Time ago, but only with the 8... JDBC Driver Series. I use now an older JDBC Driver 5... This is a workaround for me. But I did not understand the Problem.
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