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  1. Move code to class MainView (Spring boot and Vaadin 14)

    I have two classes 1)MessageConfigurator and 2)MessageInfoManager. How can these two classes be moved to MainView class. I just need to remove these classes, but move their code to MainView.
  2. Help please create Timer(TimerTasK) for Spring Boot and Vaadin 14 project

    I have a deadline. It is necessary to create the Timer class, which will run a certain function for a certain time, let's say every 1 second
    My Project
  3. How to provide access (Spring Security)

    How can you put the right, so that only the admin can go to the JSP pages using his username and password. Suppose a page (allStudents.jsp) is available only to the admin, for this he must enter his...
  4. Problem with authentication (Security + MVC)

    I want to implement one thing in my project, but it does not work. I have a jsp page with a list of students(allStudents.jsp), I want when the project starts so that the login page comes out and...
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