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    Re: extends question

    First of all, I realize this is nitpicky, but it kind of matters, I highly suggest you follow Java naming conventions. Your classes should start with a capital letter (i.e. GameChat and GameLobby)....
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    Re: OutOfMemory java heap size

    Where is the data stored? Or do you have to generate it? The smartest solution is to break it down into chunks, only 1000 rows at a time perhaps.

    The lazy solution (assuming your computer has...
  3. Re: Sieve of Eratosthenes: Memory & Performance

    But wouldn't it also take a lot of memory to store a hard coded array of prime numbers? Or if it was a file you would have to read the entire file each time, not to mention the size of the file....
  4. Re: Sieve of Eratosthenes: Memory & Performance

    But.... that's tedious. And we're talking every prime number up to Integer.MAX_VALUE. Not just from 2-100.

    Oh and I just wanted to add I'm also self-taught with a year now of experience. Last...
  5. Re: Sieve of Eratosthenes: Memory & Performance

    No this isn't homework. Programming is a hobby/planned career of mine and I love doing it.

    What I'm looking for is just randomly generating a prime number, and I would prefer not to fall back on...
  6. Sieve of Eratosthenes: Memory & Performance

    It appears to me that the Sieve of Eratosthenes, while easy to implement, is not at all scalable.

    If you have to create a boolean array to store all of those values in up to the limit, that begins...
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    Re: how to wrap a pre-generics library

    I would just add the generics, if you feel it is necessary. If the Maps and Lists are all internal and still work fine, just do @SuppressWarnings and forget about it. If they are public and part of...
  8. Re: Create jar with nested jars programmatically

    You don't have that right. Ever heard of something called respect?

    Respect | Define Respect at

    Read up on it.
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    Re: 2D Game Programming

    I agree. All I meant was that there is no use in even trying to create a Java2D game if you barely are able to create a JFrame. There will be much less frustration in writing the engine if you good...
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    Re: Reading From File Problem

    I would recommend using a BufferedReader to read each line and then using String.split("\\s+") to separate each section. You can then evaluate the values on each line in their own respective arrays...
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    Re: Not prompting string user input.

    I would read it all in one line and then either use String.split to get each section or define explicit positions:

    String bday = keyboard.nextLine();
    String[] strs = bday.split("/");...
  12. Re: Create jar with nested jars programmatically

    Instead of questioning the intentions and helpfulness of a valued member (and moderator) of the forums, why don't you read the damn documentation for once? The answer to all of you're problems is in...
  13. Thread: Sequence

    by bgroenks96

    Re: Sequence

    I really don't know what you're asking. I suppose you could make a simple program that loops through counting or decrementing paint cans as they are used, kind of like the 99 bottles of beer game.
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    [SOLVED] Re: [Help]How do I fix this?[Help]

    You should probably read up on the Swing and AWT libraries to learn more about managing GUI layouts and components.

    For what you're trying to do, I would recommend taking a look at Box and/or...
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    Re: Bundle the JRE with the program.

    If you only care about Windows, you can bundle it using a Windows binary executable wrapper. I use JSmooth.

    If you're looking to maintain platform independence, no. You could provide the...
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    Re: 2D Game Programming

    I would recommend getting a fully functioning Java2D (built in AWT/Swing APIs) game going before jumping into LWJGL or even JME.

    If you're new to Java, and especially if you're new to programming...
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    Re: Need help finishing my program

    I would recommend two buttons. One calls String.toUpperCase() and the other calls String.toLowerCase() on the text field's String value when pressed.
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    NIO Headaches

    I'm having problems with some NIO test code....

    I'm attempting to use a selector to choose a readable channel. The issue is, however, that the channel gets selected but reads no data. I'm...
  19. [SOLVED] Re: J2ME 3 Development Environment Won't Start

    I actually just tried installing it again... this time it didn't include an IDE and instead just came with NetBeans plugins. Now it works! Yay!
  20. [SOLVED] J2ME 3 Development Environment Won't Start

    I would love to try developing for J2ME.

    But I can't.

    Every time I've tried to install the J2ME software on my computer... it comes up with tons of endless errors when launching modules and...
  21. Re: What is the best way to read from a text file?

    How you go about handling this task depends on what the goal is. What do you want to do with the parsed information? Write it to another file?

    If you want to keep it in memory, I recommend...
  22. Thread: Constructor

    by bgroenks96

    Re: Constructor

    You aren't helping the OP much (regardless of how simple the question is) by posting unformatted code. Nobody wants to read it. Put your code in code blocks please.

    In response:

    Like qurtan...
  23. Thread: enums..

    by bgroenks96

    Re: enums..

    Enums do more than just hold random data.

    If you need something to hold tons of data just put it in a text file.

    Enums provide a way to make fields of a specific type (the enum type) and give...
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    Re: Drawing 3D images

    3D rendering isn't simple. It requires mechanisms such as shaders, z-buffers, etc. A LOT of complicated math goes into translating 3D coordinate space points onto a 2D pixel grid.

    If you want to...
  25. Re: How to make set to allow duplicate values... Please help me!!!

    If you tweak the hash codes and other values of two Objects, they are no longer duplicates. Therefore, the phrasing of the question is somewhat irrelevant and not answerable.

    Sets do not allow...
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