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    Re: How much per a month?

    wth? USD73000? Is it real? if so, how to get such a job? And is this the reason people are becoming software professionals? Have I missed it all these years?? bad for me.. :(
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    Re: Programming Courses

    Bob, i'm also interested in learning java. What is your $/hr? And i'm adding you in skype, we'll discuss there as well if you are available.
  3. Is it easy to learn java for someone who never know anything about progamming?

    I'm an online marketer and I've a client now who insists me to learn java for one of the project. I'm cold and afraid. Seriously this is how I feel. I'm 26 and it's been long long time since I've...
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    Re: My New Website | Feedback Please!

    @above, it's down. I think it's not live anymore.
  5. Re: New forum, in need of progammers and others for CC

    I find this to be a old topic, but do you have any job for me? i'm an online marketer and i'll help you to get off to the world quickly.
  6. Re: Is programming a very time-consuming process?

    haha, great question. I myself not a programmer but willing to learn java for my marketing client. I find it too boring, too time consuming. But one of my programmer friend said they are just copying...
  7. Re: Do even programmers with the most expertise need help at some point in time?

    Definitely. There are new things happening everyday in the world of technology. So no one knows everything. It's better to master what you know best, updations are inevitable in the world of...
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    Re: Hello to All

    Rekha, nice to know about you. Can you teach me Java? I need to learn from the very basic. Please let me know how shall we proceed, i'm ready to pay provided you teach me dedicatedly.
  9. I'm willing to Java with all your help

    Hi guys!

    I'm new to the forum and i've been safe all these years by keeping myself away from programming languages :)

    But, there are two reasons now for me to learn java:

    1.I'm a net...
  10. Thread: hey!

    by romanticDale

    Re: hey!

    Hi zayne, i'm new to java. Will it be easy for me to phuket start? and where did you start it from?
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    Re: Hello to All Java Programmers!

    I also want to learn Java for getting. But i'm a new face to java and know nothing about it. Hope to share and learn here. Btw somehow when I was searching for things to do in phuket, I found this...
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