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    An online source offers project analysis

    Hi everyone,

    As most of us, I'm searching a website that offers documentation or project analysis for common web projects like MRP. I urgently need this to develop projects at home. I'll be happy...
  2. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    I'm using 32-bit OS. So all my softwares are 32-bit.
  3. Re: Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    Well, truly I have just installed my OS & so JDK.. Everything is new, so I don't think that it's a software problem. Here's my eclipse.ini file which includes some configurations for Eclipse:

  4. Eclipse is always locked [High CPU & RAM usage]

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using Eclipse Galileo RC2 (the latest distrubition of Eclipse), it is always locked.. After a little time from startup it starts to use too much CPU and RAM.
    And not a long...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    thanx everyone who read my topic. Eventually the solution was found. I want to share the solution here, maybe it can help others. The problem was occured because of wrong build path. JAR files must...
  6. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] "org.hibernate.Session" ClassNotFoundException

    Hello to all,

    Despite I added all necessary .jar files to project, I always take boring exception warnings that say "class not found". I added the code and exception output below. I'll be so happy...
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