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    Re: PDF to Tiff Converison

    Try this **link removed** java library for PDF[/URL][/B][/B], it can convert PDF file to tiff format and to many other image formats also you can also use this library to convert any image to pdf...
  2. Re: extract selected text out of a pdf file using java

    You can extract text from pdf file with Aspose.PDF for Java Library. ...Click Here... to view the code.
  3. Re: How to create my own pdf viewer (like adobe reader) using java?

    Try this ***Link Removed*** , its a cloud API where you don't have to do the coding yourself this API will do that for you.
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    Re: Convert DOC,XLS to PDF with Java

    You can convert your Excel document to Pdf in java using Aspose.Cells for Java here is the link of the API: **** Link removed ****

    It is one of many important products from Aspose which uses...
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