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  1. Re: How to stop a while loop thats reading text files

    Enter student's First name, Last name, or Student ID Number to SEARCH:
    Student not found. Please try again.
    Student not found. Please try again.<<Here
    Student not found. Please try...
  2. How to stop a while loop thats reading text files

    I have a program that searches through text files for whatever the user wants, if the program cant find i want it to stop and say "Student not found. Please try again.".

    Currently Ive been trying...
  3. How to override abstract methods and use variables without making them public

    So I have a class called student and one of the variables is tuition rate, i want to set the tuition in the other class but i dont want to make the variable public, (Its not that big of a deal at the...
  4. How to add to a string format from another class

    I have 2 classes, the first class (person) has a string format and in the second one (Staff) i want to add some more variables to that string, how do i add to the string format?

    Class Person, this...
  5. Questions with scanner print multiple at once

    Ok so my program is call TaxPayer, it takes information like social security, name, income, etc. I decided i wanted to get a user input, and my first idea isnt working quite right.

    When i run the...
  6. Method in class cannot be applied to given types

    Im trying to make a program that takes taxpayer information and their tax dues.
    The tax due depends on income and marital status (single, married, or divorced and 0-20000, 20001-50000, or 50000+), i...
  7. Is there a way to make an array with different variables

    I want to make an array but i don't want only words or only numbers, i want to have multiple variables, there might be a better way of doing this, but i really dont know what im doing
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