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    Re: Hey, whats up everybody?

    Thanks, its nice to be welcomed.
  2. Re: Problem regarding Android SDK and ADT update in Eclipse: Emulator response probl

    Hey man, I feel your pain... it did the same junk to me. I dont know any other way to do this, but you might have to just uninstall/reinstall, then pray that it works. anyhow, God bless, hope to help...
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    Re: Learning together

    Hey! I am too. you still up for another partner?
  4. Would like a simple how-to on making a theme for GoLauncher Application on Android OS

    Hello all, Metalshadow24 here, just wondering if any of you have ever heard of or use(d) Go Launcher on the app market. It's free to use,and it's a theme installer app. I want to make my own custom...
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    Hey, whats up everybody?

    Hey all, I'm Andrew, totally brand-new to eclipse, but some small background in c/c+, maybe c++, I'm not 100% sure if I remember everything correctly. but anyhow, its great to be here, nice to meet...
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